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Prime Continuos Rifle.


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Flux prime - bad and this is a corpus weapon

Glaxion prime - i dont know why the answer is no

Phage prime - no because its shotgun?

Amprex prime - who know

Quanta prime - maybe?

Synapse prime - ah give you static

Ignis Prime - Burn Burn

You know i like this on prime weapon -http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140223221408/warframe/images/5/59/Orokin_laser_trap_spinning.jpg

Edited: secondary:

Atomos prime - so new say no

Gammacor prime - why not

Nukor prime - its grinner weapon

And why i cant get a prime laser rifle

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Flux, Glaxion, Amprex and Quanta are Corpus weapons, the only variants they can get are Vandal and probably Secura.

Ignis is Grineer tech, leaves us with Wraith and Vaykor.

Phage and Synapse are an infested weapons, so no Prime either.


Oh god, Panthera...

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The orokin are already the masters of ridiculously OP radiation based laser traps, we just need the "dakra prime" of continuous rifles, doesn't even need a non primed variant :P


Though in the end it would pretty much be "flux prime" but that's not even really a bad thing. And frankly, the second most likely to be using bootleg orokin tech after the tenno are the corpus. The whole "tenno only" thing doesn't actually make much sense.


and yes, lol at panther prime

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You know how the Torid is clearly just an Infested Ogris, and the Mutalist Quanta/Paracyst is an Infested Quanta?

Maybe the Synapse could really just be an Infested version of "Beam Rifle Prime"?

Call it Transistor Prime. Because a transistor is like a non-organic synapse.

Actually, I like this idea enough that I might just make a fan-art of what I think a Tenno/Orokin preinfestation Synapse might look like.

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Would love to see a Tenno energy weapon but Theres two major reason i can think of why we havent seen any so far.


1. Our warframes might compensating for the fact that we dont need advanced weapons.

2. It could be out of old habbit that Tenno keeps thier weapons "simple" with the reason that the Sentients somehow turn thier enemies technology against them.


Still would love to see a Tenno beam weapon though.

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Panthera Prime - an Orokin weapon upon which the Tenno version is based - is of course silly (Panthera already being a derived design). But we've got a term for Tenno weapons improved by the Tenno. We could have... Dragon Panthera.

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You guys nailed it! ;)



Let's wait for DE to release a new continuous beam Tenno primary with Corrosive dmg, 30m range, magazine cap. of 100, 2.0 sec to reload and low critical chance/ multiplier (15% / 1.5x).


And later, the same in Prime :D (OPFreak here i comeeeeeeeeeee)

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Flux prime - Prisma/mara/vandal Flux

Glaxion prime - Prisma/mara/vandal Glaxion

Phage prime - Possibly wraith

Amprex prime - Prisma/mara/vandal Amprex

Quanta prime - Quanta vandal is a thing. plz.

Synapse prime - I have no idea

Ignis Prime  - Prisma/wraith Ignis



Yeah most of these can 't really turn into a prime based on the primes we already got.



Also I'm pretty sure synapse is a unique weapon. Just check how it works.

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None of these are Tenno weapons, so none will be primed.

At least not without a paper thin lore explanation.

DE already stated that any weapon is eligible to be primed.

And in regards to lore, the arid evisarator and crewman synthesis already tells us that they existed in their current form back in orokin era. If thats the case, weapons they used could also be derived from such time.

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