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Devstream #61 Overview


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• 100% release date in November (hopefully early November)

• You can only use the whip attacks if the weapon is drawn

• Click
to see many of the Mios animations



New merch store statue: Nyx

• 3-D sculpt is complete

• Vor's presence inspired by Yuikami



Revive System

• There will be no more paid Revives

• You will still have the 4 Revives, and the additional ones from Arcane Enhancements

• Your Revives will be restored upon returning to the Liset

• Mostly the old system seemed to take advantage of players that don't know any better, so a change was desired

• Coming in U18


Login Rewards (Daily Offerings)

• The new system will count every day you log in, but it won't reset if you miss a day

• At large intervals such as 50 or 100 days, there will be greater rewards

• There will still be platinum discounts

• There will be unique Weapon Skins and Sigils from he new Daily Offering system

• This system won't be retroactive - when it's implemented, everyone will start at day one

• Coming in U18



New Chat System

• You will be able to create your own custom channels that you can pull players into

• You can join as many private channels as you like, but each user can create only 3 private channels

• Emojis are being added to chat, including custom Warframe emojis

• Clutter reduction and better UI in general

• Coming in U18



Destroying The Void

• The main goal of the change is to add diversity to how you gain Prime Parts

• This change won't remove access to any Prime Parts

• This change won't necessarily affect how rare items are - you'll still need to do a lot of runs to gain Prime Parts

• This is explained as Void fissures being opened in various locations by the Void Keys


Grineer Unit - Crazy Cat Lady

• Not coming in U18

• Will use the newly re-modeled Ignis

• Click
to see many of the new unit's animations



Rhino Touch-ups

• Rhino Charge will be changed to Atlas' style casting - you'll gain more damage for traveling further

• Possibly having Rhino Charge affected by melee mods

• Iron Skin will scale similar to Frost's Snow Globe, including a brief period of invincibility after casting

• Enemies affected by Stomp will take increased damage from Rhino Charge

• Passive Ability: Heavy Impact mod effect by default

• Click
to see a look at the Temple Guardian Rhino and his accessories



Saryn Revamp

• Venom will proc an explosion

• If the target already has poison proc, it will be transferred to all nearby enemies by Venom

• Weapons buffed by Contagion will automatically pop the Venom pustules

• Miasma will have damage increased against enemies afflicted by Toxin or Viral procs (which are inflicted by Venom and Contagion)

• Duration will play a large role to extend the debuffs and damage ticks

• As enemies damage Molt, it will build additional damage for Miasma

• Molt can also be used as a host for Venom

• 25% bonus to status duration Passive Ability

• Hopefully this revamp will be released in October

• Click
to see Rebecca demo the new Saryn


Charge Attacks

• Two Charge Attacks per weapon

• When you hold the attack key, you will perform a quick attack, and then flow into the charge stance

• You can then branch from one charge attack into another charge attack

• Still undecided if the Charge Attack will be determined by weapon, stance, or weapon type

• Currently, you need to have the melee weapon drawn to use Charge Attacks

• The idea is that you will be able to walk slowly while charging

• Click
to see some animation demos of Charge Attacks

• Click
to see Rebecca demo the new Charge Attacks



Dual Swords


Great Swords







Steam Workshop

• Hoping to launch next week

• Releasing with 10 objects for customization: Excalibur, Volt, Mag, Sybaris, Amprex, Gorgon, the new Grineer Axe, Syandana, Liset, and Mantis

• You will be able to create custom skins for these items that can be put in-game

• Content creators will make real money from the sales of these skins

• There will be guides available that will give walkthroughs and advice for creators

• All custom made skins need to be approved by DE

• These will be available to players outside of Steam

• Click
to see Steve demo the Steam Workshop


Umbra Warframes

• A darker side to something like Prime Warframes

• Seems to have some lore connections (Warped version of Warframes)

• Umbra Excalibur will hopefully be coming this year



• Newest build (up to 17.7) is scheduled to be sent for cert to-day


Other Stuff

• Trinity Prime's PBR was not applied correctly - expect it to be touched up soon

• Trinity is still being worked on for PBR and cloth physics

• Frost is also being worked on for PBR

• New Warframe Nexus app is hopefully going to be in the next 2 weeks

• Ignis is getting a new visual skin and a big buff to accompany it

• Along with the new Ignis, there is a new Grineer Dual Fire Axe being made

• Stalker is being revamped - be careful what you ask for!

• Probably won't be implementing crossplay with PC and Xbox One even though it would theoretically be possible with Windows 10


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Pretty excited about Saryn's rework as she won't be just "press 4 to win" frame.

Also, looking forward to seeing user created content in game via workshop!

Was anything shown for the grineer dual fire axe and remodeled Ignis? Concept art maybe?

Crazy cat lady won't be coming with U18 but will we see catbrows before that?

Thank you so much as always *-*

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Well brunette flabbergasted be switching from baton to the new fire aces?

Now for the version where Autocorrect doesn't ruin everything.

Will Grineer Flameblades be switching from baton to the new fire axes?

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>>• Duration will play a large role to extend the debuffs and damage ticks<<


Will it be a direct factor for it or just a transforming of -duration to + duration ability? The first could be useful, but the second will convert the ability into trash likely...

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Will it be a direct factor for it or just a transforming of -duration to + duration ability? The first could be useful, but the second will convert the ability into trash likely...


They didn't come out and say it, but I got the impression that the days of full -duration Saryn might be over.


Honestly though, I really am pleased with what they've done with her.

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