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Update 18.5: Download size heads up + graphical improvements explained!

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58 minutes ago, AliGtm said:

And when will my graphics card will supported? (Nvidia Gtx960m) 

It might not be listed anywhere but warframe runs on my gt645m so if should run. If you get "your graphics card is not supported" message from the launcher then check if your driver's are installed for the graphics card. You can do it under device manager. 

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On 13/2/2016 at 3:52 AM, Danzen00 said:

I keep having game engine crashes and unintentional logouts. Following the logouts, I am unable to log back in so I had to restart my whole PC to be able to log back in.


This is really frustrating because I could not play in long missions like a survival or a defense without worrying about the crash or logout. Imagine playing 35 minutes into survival only to find all of your rewards gone and sometimes even the Void key itself consumed after an unintentional logout.


And even in short missions like a mobile defense, logout is possible to happen. This happens more frequently in the Void even when I'm going solo.


What gives?

I don't know.I admire you 

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49 minutes ago, MaxiTB said:

Okay, maybe I'm an elitist European white man, but honestly, 4GB download is not really that much.
I really don't see what the big fuss is about, considering that some AAA publishers put 10GB uncompressed audio files in their day-1 patches.

I'm not sure about other folk, but depending on the area one lives in, they might only have limited options in internet choices. Take me for example. I have the option of a 'decent' 5mb mobile connection with a 100 gb cap—something that my family can reach quite easily by the end of the billing period—or a completely insane slow connection with a 15 gb [not a typo] data cap with absurd overage fee. It happens 'cause our government allows it to.

That's why I'm hoping it'll not be until the 8th or 9th until the update, or else I'm going to have to stop playing until our next billing period, which sucks, because then I lose progress on the daily sign-in bonuses.

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1 hour ago, DE_Steve said:

Still in the works, not yet happy with it :(

i'll keep waiting patiently then, i suppose.
still have been waiting since when SMAA (seemingly 1x) was implemented into Evolution, as then you said you wanted Temporal Filtering too.
still waiting, over here, patiently. :p

50 minutes ago, Incursum said:

This is a completely unrelated topic to U18.5, but are you guys looking forward to Vulkan/DX12? Vulkan looks particularly promising.

the things that those two improve aren't bottlenecking Warframe in the first place, and current bottlenecks would still be, therefore pretty low priority to support.

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@DE_Steve I know this is a longshot to get answered, but I need to try anyways.

I work at a LAN center with 20 PCs that will all need to be updated, so I was wondering if you had an ETA on the update at all. You can inbox me if need be. I'm just curious if this week is when it's scheduled mostly, as we have a large tournament series of eight tournaments that we're doing this weekend, and we have at least six to eight regular customers that play Warframe on the comps (myself included). I want to get an idea of when I'll need to get to work in order to patch.

Our LAN center is Lansharx (http://www.lansharx.com), just so you know I'm not yanking your chain.

Thanks for the time, and I'm looking forward to all the new stuff!

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1 hour ago, sugarwall said:

How does this affect the minimum PC requirements?

PC Minimum spec remains unchanged. Combined with the optimizations mentioned, our tests are showing 18.5 as a better looking Warframe with 18.0 or better performance on an array of toasters and beastly GPUs!

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1 hour ago, motorfirebox said:


Does this mean stuff like the artifact lines on Nova's Immortal skin will be fixed?

should say artifact lines on every applicable frame skin :p newest is try all dark colours on  the strega's skirt

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  1. is steam going to reverify the entire game with this 4 gb everytime i make a silly mistake of verifying the game from steam. or is it going to download a fresh launcher only leaving the rest of the game to be verified from the launcher.
  2. it is mentioned that low end systems can perform better but so far the improvements suggests it is not going to. this is just a speculation of my own and is keen to find out 

I would also like to thank the DE and affiliated teams for the continuous stream of awesomeness. 

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