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Hotfix: Lunaro 6


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Lunaro: Hotfix 6


Mag Prime, Boar Prime, and the Dakra Prime have been added to the Void for a limited time: 


Lunaro & Conclaves Changes and Fixes

  • The minimum players per team for a Lunaro match to start is now 1. 


  • The Grineer have now trained their Kubrow and Kavats to attack priority targets even if their masters have been killed. 
  • Concentrated the Drekar Ballista drop-table slightly in an attempt to disperse more Toxic Flight Mods.
  • Increased the FX lifespan on Nova’s Molecular Prime as it can last longer than a minute when modded for maximum duration. 


  • Fixed Volt’s Speed trail FX disappearing when recasted. 
  • Fixed Lotus transmissions warning you of an approaching Prosecutor.
  • Fixed Vay Hek’s armour not being affected by Corrosive procs. 
  • Fixed numerous localization issues.
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Not quite there.

Also, will this be the update to return golden Excalibur to glory?

Just now, WaRsHooTer666 said:

How many Things received pbr now?

Depends on who you ask:

-According to patch notes: None

-Expectedly: Boar and Dakra :P

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