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Interesting SotR Easter Egg - Staff of Light


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So, a little background on this weapon for those that don't know:

There's a holiday in China known as Single's Day (or Bachelor's Day) which functions as a sort of reverse Valentine's - you celebrate being single. For Warframe China, a Single's Day Holiday weapon was released, called The Staff of Light (apparently the name is some sort of pun related to being single, but it's lost in translation). As far as I know, this weapon was functionally identical to the Bo Staff weapon in Warframe, and was pretty much just a gag weapon. Still, it looks cool enough. A release for the Global version of Warframe has never been mentioned.

The reason I bring this up now, is because I just spotted the weapon in my Warframe, wielded by the Trinity Specter:


This means that all the graphic assets for the weapon are in the Global client. Also, since Specters use the same rigging and animations as players, it's most likely already been coded and is completely functional.

Does this mean this weapon may release soon for us? If it were to be released in the global version, I'd personally prefer if it was a skin for the Bo Staff, since that would allow it to be applied to the much more functional Bo Prime. Still, I thought its very presence was intriguing, and I haven't seen anyone else bring it up yet.

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10 minutes ago, pauli133 said:

I'm impressed that the specter lived long enough for you to see what it was carrying.

I personally walk up to the specter while invisible just to take a look at its equipment... sometimes.

Excalibur Specter on the Neptune-Pluto Junction wields a Braton Vandal. I can't say I'm not jealous.

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4 hours ago, PsychedelicSnake said:

I misread that as "Mask of Light" and thought we were getting a Bionicle crossover and I got super hype.

*gasp* This would be amazing!!!!!  Why do you keep getting my hopes up?! ;)



Also, on topic.... I'd be celebrating this "singles day"... and that weapon looks interesting!  Would just increase my MR points :D

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Changyou change the translation from the Staff of Light(光棍儿) to possible transliteration kadus(卡度斯) for now.

So I think this weapon's real name should not be the the Staff of Light. This name maybe just time-exclusive.

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