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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 12


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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 12


  • Void Fissures now change location every 1-2 hours (down from 2-4) for more Mission variety.
  • Replaced the unreleased Rank-5 version of Link Health for Kavats with the proper Rank 10 version that is shared with Kubrows. This mod was only obtainable through Transmutation. 

Star Chart Changes
In order to improve the flow of progressing through quests, every quest mission is now in a location which was previously completed or unlocked, and only in regions which are unlockable before the quest completion is required. Below you will find a full list of each quest node location including the reordered nodes:


Locations are listed in the order they appear in each quest.

Vor’s Prize

  • Earth E Prime
  • Earth Mariana
  • Earth Mantle
  • Earth Gaia
  • Earth Pacific
  • Earth Cambria

Note: The first encounter with Vor is now on Earth instead of Mercury (his boss node is still on Mercury)

Once Awake

  • Mercury Terminus
  • Mercury MPrime
  • Mercury Lares

The Archwing

  • Venus Tessera
  • Venus Aphrodite
  • Earth Mantle
  • Venus E Gate
  • Venus Montes

Stolen Dreams

  • Mars Tharsis
  • Venus Unda
  • Mercury Pantheon
  • Phobos Roche (Also changed tileset to Corpus Ship)
  • Mars Alator

Howl of the Kubrow

  • Venus Unda
  • Earth E Prime
  • Earth Gaia

The Limbo Theorem

  • Mars Syrtis
  • Earth Cambria
  • Mars Martialis
  • Europa Ose

Hidden Messages

  • Mars Olympus
  • Saturn Calypso
  • Sedna Charybdis

Note: All nodes remained the same due to riddle solutions

Patient Zero

  • Eris Naeglar
  • Eris Brugia
  • Eris Saxis
  • Eris Kala-azar
  • Eris Xini

The New Strange

  • Ceres Nuovo
  • Europa Morax
  • Mars Alator
  • Mars Tharsis

Note: Chroma part crafting stages were replaced with cheaper to build Chroma beacons. Chroma parts are obtained from Junction rewards later on.


  • Earth Gaia
  • Saturn Cassini
  • Uranus Sycorax
  • Uranus Ariel
  • Uranus Desdemona

A Man of Few Words

  • Uranus Stephano
  • Uranus Caliban
  • Uranus Puck

The Jordas Precept

  • Eris Isos

The Second Dream

  • Uranus Umbriel
  • Uranus Cressida
  • Neptune Neso
  • Lua Plato
  • Lua Grimaldi

Sands of Inaros

  • Mars Ara

Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Fixed the Follow Through Mod not always giving energy on respawn in Conclave.
  • Fixed being able to click Cephalon Capture + Lunaro through the Challenges dropdown menu in Conclave.


  • Fixed players in the same mission not always given the same rewards at End of Mission, such as Spy, Derelict Vaults, choices in Void Fissure mission. 
  • Fixed not being able to progress through The New Strange quest as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/676594-unable-to-progress-in-the-new-strange/
  • Fixed a crash when casting Exalted Blade/Hysteria/etc while you have an active Glaive thrown out.
  • Fixed Itzal’s Penumbra ability not working properly.
  • Fixed Phobos-Stickney Survival not rewarding players as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/676980-phobos-stickney-has-no-reward-tables/
  • Fixed the Sands of Inaros quest countdown timer displaying the incorrect location.
  • Fixed the Crossfire mission on Mars - Augustus being Grineer vs Grineer. 
  • Fixed node displaying as "Clan Key" instead of actual Clan name when selecting Dojo from the Star Chart. This also fixes the Clan screen/nodes/UI components overlapping on top of the Clan Management screen. 
  • Fixed being able to move while casting Itzal’s Penumbra as a Client.
  • Fixed Lua not being zoomed when it's your last played planet.
  • Fixed Vor’s Janus Key beam missing its parry hit effect sounds.
  • Fixed invisible Sortie Season 8 rewards in the World State window.
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This time again!

This time please take a look at the JV raid, its a bit of a mess. Archwing and faulty hitboxes make it tricky as all hell to navigate into Jordas, and there are numerous crash errors forcing players to disconnect.

Also, perhaps think of changing Valkyr's Hysteria - since for newer players the '100%' scale-up to 15 energy per second is far too high of a drain for them to choose options within Valkyr's abilities, effectively forcing them to not use her 4 at all, or Only use her 4. 
The issue is invulnerability, so why not change it to something closer to Mesa's 3, 95% damage reduction with a flat drain per second along with the occasional health drain, every 2 seconds or so. Forcing Valkyrs to shift out of Hysteria when out of combat.

- I speak with 800 hours of Valkyr behind me, along with some great input from my low tier clan members and region in general.

Edited by Orthelius
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Almost fell asleep, then suddenly redtext, totally awake now o.o
So yay, thank you for the hotfix <3

Here, have a cat as a reward :3 He just woke up too^^

oh and redtext of course:
I waited for clem, nobody else above me waited for clem. redtext clem best clem....CLEM! :clem: 

Edited by Fabpsi
redtext is love, redtext is life.
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DE pls help me i cant do the mars Junction,(1 Pic) becaus i should finish the once awaken quest. No Problem for a mr 21 you guys think, but it is really a Problem. I have finished the quest and i got also all the rewards (2 Pic) but the quest is still in my quest task and is showed as an active quest.(3 Pic) I hope you can fix that soon.







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