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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.1

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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.1

Fishing changes:

  • Take your fishing to the next level with a nifty “tackle box” gear wheel! You can now select the fishing spear and bait you’d like to use from a secondary Gear Wheel - Simply equip your fishing spear and re-open the Gear Wheel to make a selection from the spears and bait you’ve earned from Hai-Luk in Cetus. 
  • If desired, you can still equip all 3 fishing spears in your default Gear Wheel, but if you’re looking to save some gear slots all you need to do is equip 1 fishing spear in your Arsenal. 
  • The time in which fish bait is effective has been increased.  
  • Animations when switching between different fishing spears has been added. 


  • Reduced the frequency of Incursion missions occurring if you ignore them. When an Incursion mission is available, a ping sound will play, and the Lotus' transmission will play only if you engage it.
  • Made the smoke on Atlas Graxx helmet more visible, especially when in the Arsenal.
  • Bounties with only one stage will no longer display the Bounty stage counter.  
  • Updated the description text when hovering over a Junction to better describe how exactly you can unlock it. 


  • Fix several issues with Ostrons in Cetus and Konzu repeating redundant lines after returning from the Plains. 
  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to leave Cetus and enter the Plains. 
  • Fixed supply drop missions in the Plains not progressing if you resurrected the enemy that held the beacon using Nekros' Shadow Of The Dead.
  • Fixed Frost’s Snow Globe having visible holes when observed from the inside. 
  • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify unintendedly crystallizing Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Titania’s Razorwing ability. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Ember Prime’s World on Fire ability. 
  • Fixed a rare UI freeze when hitting tab the second you finish a Bounty that would cause a script error and prevent Clients from earning their rewards. 
  • Fixed a crash related to attempting to leave a squad before the mission has started. 
  • Fixed a crash related to a Client aborting a mission. 
  • Fixed being able to place two different waypoint markers by placing 1 each as your Warframe and your Operator. 
  • Fixed being unable to attempt a Bounty a second time (even if able to accept it from Konzu) after only completing the first portion of it and then returning to Cetus.
  • Fixed Operator hair losing bangs when wearing a Mache mask.
  • Fixed an incorrect material on Titania’s Unseelie Skin Tennogen skin. 
  • Fixed an issue with chat linking “Community Sigil” displayed the incorrect Sigil. 
  • Fixed all cases of Maroo’s Bazaar being located on Earth instead of Mars. 
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly equipping/unequipping your fishing spear could cause Clients to no longer use Consumables properly. 
  • Fixed several issues related to the animations for equipping a fishing spear. 
  • Fixed fish spawns piling up in large bodies of water.
  • Fixed a case where fish would move much too slowly after being scared away by a spear. 
  • Fixed the Teralyst unintendedly spawning in the Plains of Eidolon Captura scene during the night cycle. 
  • Fixed an issue where gamepad users playing with the Classic controller config couldn't use bait.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would have their fishing spear equipped but not have access to the correct gear menu after host migration and forced to swap weapons to regain access. 
  • Fixed Teralyst disappearing as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/867427-teralyst-can-turn-invisible-fix-pending
  • Fixed Madurai’s Void Strike not applying the damage increase on next attack to Warframes. 
  • Fixed a progress stopper in the Natah quest where drones would not spawn. 
  • Fixed issues with Syandanas clipping through Gara’s lower back. 
  • Made progress on a rare crash related to the gates to Cetus/Plains. 
  • Fixed Madurai’s Phoenix Spirit not increasing the elemental damage of Flame Blast. 
  • Fixed Void Traces not being obtained if the last Reactant you pick up is with your Operator. 
  • Tentatively fixed an Ostron being in a reference pose when you return to Cetus from the Plains (if you've played through The War Within and Saya's Vigil quests you'll know who I'm talking about ;) ). 

The following changes/fixes went live in 22.1.0 but were missing a mention in the notes, so we’re adding them here now:

  • Increased the Resource Theft defense target’s base health from 500 to 700
  • Added a health warning transmission to the Resource Theft Incursion.
  • Progress on fixing an issue where after finishing the first part of a Bounty the mission would not progress and no second marker will appear on the minimap. 

And a quick reminder before you head into the weekend that if you haven’t logged in yet the thank you gifts from us to you are still available to be claimed:


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Nice that we can switch between spears now, that is definitelly convenient.

But please look at the bounty rewards again, pretty please ^^"

Bounty 5 will take 10 at best and 20 mins at worst, those are 2-4 rotations worth of time that people spend in those missions and the rewards should feel and reward player as if they have spend that much time in any other mission as well, which 1 relic or 2 wisps or 1.1k kuva or one mod that they only need to own once, definitelly not fulfills.

The rewards should:

A: Always be usefull, regardless of which stage the player is at (if a player owns all primes, they don't need relics or void traces / if the player owns a mod, they don't need another one).

B: Be equivalent in worth to rewards given out in others missions, based on time spend in said missions (about 15 minutes can yield 3 relics in endless missions with 5 minute rotations and even more on excavation).


But untill then, let's get back to fishing with the new and improved spear swap~:satisfied:


And i'd be nice if all 5 different lenses are available to farm at all times, because currently only 2-3 different lenses abailable at any given time. you know, for farming convinience purposes. :heart:

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Thanks, but when universal vacuum spear will be released? Volt is not the solution.


  • Fixed being able to place two different waypoint markers by placing 1 each as your Warframe and your Operator. 

But it was useful in LoR to mark angry bird as operator and enemies for EV as carrier :c


Also please give us an option to auto/manually save progress while in Plains.

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  • Fixed being able to place two different waypoint markers by placing 1 each as your Warframe and your Operator. 

Why fix something harmless like this when it can be helpful in so many ways...

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Thanks for the fishing changes, they seem awesome, I'll try them asap. Also thanks for updating during PoE daytime. Finally, thx for shutting Lotus up. 


  • Fixed being able to place two different waypoint markers by placing 1 each as your Warframe and your Operator. 

Please, "unfix"


Still no fixes for:

1- Sometimes, when you go out of town, the bounty objectives don't start.
2- Sometimes, when you complete a bounty objective, the next one doesn't start.
3- Vacuum doesn't work with cores and eidolon (considering how often cores get stuck under the floor, they should be vacuumed).
4- When you reenter cetus, weapons that gained levels during the mission show as "unranked" on mission results screen and as previous level on top of "escape HUD".
5- Sometimes HUD, or part of it, disappears when you enter the plains.
6- Almost everytime i get a new bounty it bugs, showing the latest one. Need to drop it and get again to work.
7- Sometimes there are 2 objectives on the map at the same time for the same bounty part (got it in vault bugged thing, liberate the camp, kill the commander and escort the drone so far). Also if you complete twice the same objective, it counts 2 times towards bounty progression.
8- Sometimes the objective icon stays on lag portal (aka Cetus entrance).
9- Sometimes people that are not in your group randomly appear on your chat (this is actually fun, so you can fix this for last).
10- Sometimes, during the trully boring "liberate the camp" mission, after you clear the area you don't get the counter - mission progression still shows as "clear all hostiles" instead of "secure the area", eventhough you can progress the mission normally. Also happens in the vault quest, where it stucks with "insert the datamass" text.
11- Sometimes when the annoying drone reaches its final location, nothing happens, stopping bounty progression.
12- Sometimes the mission fails even before (!!!!!) leaving Cetus.

14- Norg and cuthol baits are broken, fishing hotspots duration is reduced by a lot and they seem to be appearing less often.


Also we need:
1- Option to enable/disable experimental flight mode on the plains (and averywhere else) so we can use the epileptic-friendly version.
2- Vote to kick option for all those leechers 
3- Marks on map for sentient cores/eidolon pieces (can't be that hard)
4- Decent reward tables ("begginers don't have those" is not an excuse, they can get the mods from normal drops all the time). Clean the common mods and credits from the tables.
5- Greater Lenses back on sorties (really? now that they have some use you remove them in exchange for a handful of kuva?)
6- Focus 3.0 (sorry, 2.0 sucks)
7- Reduction of PoE defense timers (3/2.5 min is nonsense for a single part of a 3-5 steps bounty) and all waiting times in general (finish a part of the bonuty, immediately starts next).
8- Maybe a "house" (base, cave, whatever) on Cetus (ship is too small to all the cool fish/noggles/sculptures/caged animals/etc.). Also I make this guy's words my own. Orbiter dock is an awesome idea.

9- A complete revamp on market, things are hard to find if you don't know their name. We also need a "new" session and a "limited time" session. Foundry also needs a revamp (new tabs, such as minerals, baits, etc.)

10- Options to order loadouts by alphabetical order, most used and most recent

On 28/10/2017 at 3:34 AM, Noblesse_0blige said:

I want this not just for decoration and what not but as an alternative to going back to cetus then back to the orbiter than back to cetus to pick up a new bounty then back to plains and rinse/repeat. And having a small solo instance as an option to exit and enter the map through will cut down heavily on load in/out times.

A home base that we can have our orbiter dock to to give us access to it and more room to place objects, and pick up bounties remotely would be nice for plains in general.

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Could the unbounded overlay map have a review? It was awkward before, but it's painful in PoE.
Mini map is too small, overlay map is too big. We need the ability to set map size, location, and bounds - or to provide a 3rd map option that's 2-3x the size of the mini map.


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