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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1


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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.10.1

Things we're still investigating for another Hotfix:

  • Sentinel Vacuum not Vacuuming up certain items
  • Harrow's Thurible animation doesn't automatically stop playing after you run out of Energy.


  • Removed 3 unreleased Mods from Mod Packs/Transmutation and made them untradable.


  • Fixed UI locking up when attempting to do a Focus Conversion with Eidolon Shards.
  • Fixed enemies not getting up from ragdoll if they survived Nidus' Larva Burst Augment being triggered.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing your Companion in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed a crash when your Kubrow picked up a ragdolled enemy.
  • Fixed a crash when casting Ivara’s Prowl.
  • Fixed not being able to Quick Melee after entering the Plains form Cetus.
  • Fixed some Alerts not appearing in the Alert Navigation window. 
  • Fixed missing Syndicate Syandana FX.
  • Fixed Fish clipping through the floor of their Codex diorama.
  • Fixed Vacuum not working consistently for clients.
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Found a bug after purchasing 3 forma while in the mod interface. 

It said that I had not polarized a slot yet, and asked if I would like to. 

I hit yes, and it proceeded to derank my akmagnus to 0 and didn't polarize any slots. 

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1 minute ago, Xephier223 said:

Love the new Nidus augment, kind wish it gave stacks though because it is severly making me choose between using it at all or getting more stacks with 1 ability.

That was the idea when they came up with it, it was designed to give him a way to help in missions where he cannot gain stacks easily. 

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