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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

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Adding to the chorus here. Please put Umbra back to before this hotfix. In previous cinematic quests, we were given new gameplay /features/, things that generally enhanced play (and the power fantasy of course). By making it so that WHENEVER we transfer back into Umbra, we get Transference sickness (I experienced this in Plains of Eidolon specifically), this MASSIVELY discourages the kind of play having a sentient warframe would entail. When we first got Umbra after the quest, it gave players the sense that it would enable TRUE dualism in how we could play. The idea of being able to /freely/ switch in and out of Umbra was a very fun feeling, as it meant we could really take advantage of the Ostron Arcanes to synergize, and truly become a new threat to sentients in a fun new way.


Please revert it so that Transfering into Umbra does not cause Transference Sickness ANY TIME we transfer back in, even when not dying. Also, it seems as though transferring back in brings us back to the warframe, rather than teleporting the frame to us as normal. These are probably related, and both breaking the expected and desired gameplay for many players.

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3 hours ago, Chalryn said:

Can't seem to progress in The Sacrifice.

  Reveal hidden contents

I made it up to Confront Umbra (Tycho, Lua), but the game seems to--
Okay, I just looked up Tactical Potato playing the quest, and this whole part of the game is completely different for me. As soon as the mission starts (cutscene of Orbiter arriving at Lua), everything has a golden hue to it, like the new UI. After that, rather than spawning as my Operator in, well, where you're supposed to spawn... I'm Umbra, and I seem to have spawned at a later part of the quest -- everything's a very ethereal gold, and I'm walking down a path with the tree and Umbra at the end of it, while Isaah speaks. (UI and all is intact, as well, which doesn't appear to be the intention for the correct part of this quest.) Upon arriving at the end, the cutscene of Ballas talking about the Tenno plays and when the camera zooms in on Umbra (Ballas: "And take away its pain."), the game locks up and won't progress or let me do anything (besides open the chat window).


...Basically, it seems the quest has mashed various parts of itself together in the wrong order, and it realizes this during a cutscene and freezes.
I restarted and logged back in just before going to Lua, but attempting the mission again yielded the same result.

Update: I somehow managed to get past this bug, seemingly by sheer willpower. I retried the mission something like 3-5 times, each with one of two results:


the same as in my previous post, or I spawned as an invisible Umbra and off the map, and any movement resulted in falling into the abyss and indefinitely respawning into the same fate. Oddly enough, whenever I fell, I noticed a sphere in the air. It seemed to be the area I spawned in, with a sort of Void-y environment until I was outside of it. Perhaps from the Operator death screen? I couldn't really find any consistency to yielding either of these results.


I made it through the rest of the quest okay, albeit whilst being pummeled by the enemies. It was... interesting. I have a few gripes with how things played out, but overall, it was an intriguing turn of events which leaves me quite curious about what's next.

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So this happens again...

Look, I could understand it for earlier - big patch and all that overloading the servers, but seriously? Will I have to use a VPN for every small update from now on?


Update failed!

Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers. 

Please restart Warframe to try again.

The update will be restarted shortly..

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Is there a reason why the game is so slow now? Before the update, it was running fast and smooth and a little bit after the update as well. but today, it's been nothing but slow and delayed actions getting myself far behind and killed faster while in each level. Please help me if you are confused as much as I am. Thank you

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Two bugs to report involving umbra but are not spoilers to the sacrifice.

-Transfering out of Umbra with the operator while Umbra is infected with the infested cyst shows the cyst completely grown on Umbra despite being either recently infected or on another growth stage.

-Transfering back into Umbra with the operator produces transference static, despite the operator never being downed in the first place.

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Well I'm glad Sacrifice was what it was. And I'm glad this stepping stone has finally been placed and stepped over. 



A bit of a jab about Umbra and the state of Eidolons. Will you guys be looking at reformatting the Eidolon fights to not be... well, what they currently are? I'm talking why are the fights set up to where 95% of the frames' abilities are lazily shrugged off by the Eidolons with "invalid target" or 100% immunity, instead of toned down to where they apply in a balanced manner?

It feels like artificially-enforced difficulty, and the existence of Umbra, a literally anti-sentient Warframe (sporting explicitly anti-sentient features in his abilities, coming with unique mods toting explicitly anti-Sentient stats) being irrelevant against the real Sentients beyond those footsoldiers encountered on Lua, only agitates this concern. That's a pretty big design flaw when such a major name, and conceptual flagship of the 'anti-Sentient' notion, is worthless against the very enemy he was made for just because you wanted to mandate a particular approach to handling them.

Redesign the fights themselves to not promote any rigid meta, instead of habitually nerfing anything prevalent from the meta that the design forces. When the hyped poster boy himself falls flat on his face against the very thing he's hyped up to be the bane of, it's time to take another look at the choices that lead up to this point.


It's basically a question of which means more to you? The sanctity and face of an icon synonymous with the game itself, or preserving the artificially-induced difficulty for a single take on 'endgame' that your dedication to appears to have waned since Sanctuary? 

On a positive note, we NEED those Sacrifice tracks on the Somachord. They're excellent.


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hotfix request : the host migration bug

1) i lost twice at 24h my reward and xp because of that

2) now no one can play if the host leave the squad 

if i want to continum to play in EOS and the host is the only one want to leave the squad not have a choice to leave


if i posted this request in the wrong place im sorry idk where to post it

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•  Make it easier to leave squad after a mission, tedious to drag to my icon and then have the option BELOW another option.

•  I wanna see the full detailed list of players when I hit ESC during a mission, not drag the cursor over every single one to see.

•  Add back the top left button to go from Navigation to Arsenal and viceversa without completely exiting the menu.

•  When deploying extractors, the only one with clear text is the last one, the others overlap on the one on their right when trying to see their health percentage.

Stop adding time-wasters in everything

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