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  1. I don't know if there's a specific named psychological concept this falls under, but I've noticed that it's a pretty common phenomenon where if someone does something random and then gets the same result twice in a row, they doubt the randomness of it. And to a certain extent, that skepticism makes sense, especially if those repeat results are the only data you have. The human brain seems to have evolved to identify patterns, and by default it assumes patterns are not coincidental, and tries to find meaning in them. It's a very useful trait in many circumstances! But when it comes to statistics and probability, that's where our brains tend to fall short; we're just not wired to be innately good at it. In a system that is truly random, it's entirely possible to get the same result twice in a row. After rolling a 20-sided dice and getting a 20, your next roll is just as likely to be a 20 as it is a 1, just as likely to be 20 as it is a 2, just as likely to be 20 as it is a 3...and so on. That's true randomness.
  2. Rivens aren't NFT's, and you can tell they aren't NFT's because I'm still playing Warframe despite the fact that they exist in Warframe. Anyway, terrible idea, crossing my fingers that this is a troll, and if it's not...well, thankfully I believe DE is ethical enough not to go down such a route.
  3. You kept your corrupted keys, since those are part of the mission rewards, which are saved when the mission ends.
  4. Those aren't country codes, I believe they are the initials of either developers or founders. But they're certainly not country codes.
  5. From what I can tell the United Nations doesn't exist in the Warframe universe, so there's no need to be friendly to them. Unless you're concerned about your relationship with the real-world UN?
  6. This is a common enough thread to see in the forums. It's random, and different users will have different experiences because random. But it's just random, and anything you're experiencing is the result of luck.
  7. I can shine a little bit of light on that! Lutesque recently stated that they actually haven't been playing the game for the past year, just commenting.
  8. Without nitpicking definitions of factions, we can confirm that there is at least one other Tenno currently active in lore: the Stalker.
  9. I never said that and you know I didn't say that. Anyway, have a good one.
  10. But that wasn't now, that was a flashback to the Old War, which was a long time ago. It's not current data.
  11. This is a very incomplete count. Off the top of my head, there's every Tenno that was shown in the Rell comic, as well as every Operator of Warframes in stories such as Yareli's comic, the Leverian, and other in-game texts. The in-game New War diorama also showed an entire classroom full of Tenno, suggesting their numbers are higher. Regardless, having seen any number of Tenno doesn't get us any closer to answering the question of how many Tenno are currently operating. There could be any number of other Tenno out there that cutscenes and stories haven't told us about yet, and on the other side of that coin, any of the Tenno that we've seen in cutscenes could have died, etc. OP's question is unanswerable without an explicit answer from DE.
  12. Reworks have never stopped being a thing, they just don't happen very often.
  13. You can think it's pointless, but to players with less skill it's incredibly valuable and meaningful. Any player with sufficient skill can play any Warframe without dying, but there are plenty of players who lack that level of skill, and for them details like this are important. But regardless, being able to "stand still and not die" represents the upper limit of Warframe's ability to survive inflicted damage, which Xaku is well below. It's not a slight against Xaku to admit that Xaku can't tank like that.
  14. I know this is hypothetical, but to all those who might be too young or green not to know, you should never need to say anything to convince your partner that you are nice. The fact that you are nice will implicitly be demonstrated in every action you take. So please, don't try to convince someone you are nice; if you ever find yourself feeling like you need to do this, stop and don't do it, because this isn't how healthy human interaction works and it's more likely to come across as manipulative. Instead, just give them time to see that you are nice. And if they can't or won't, then that's their problem, and you can save your energy for someone who is willing to see you. (or if you are in a long-term committed relationship you really want to maintain, this means it's time to go get couple's counseling ASAP!) But anyway, in the spirit of the question, I would say that sometimes I bring Saryn to ESO. ^^
  15. Nope, in my opinion it's pretty middling. Though to be clear, I'm considering "survivability" to be the ability to survive when you're actually taking incoming damage, so I'm including Xaku's passive and Untime in this but not void status, which I'm categorizing as CC. (and I don't want to get into a semantic debate about categorization, so if you see it differently, that's fine) When it comes to surviving incoming damage, 75% dodge chance seems solidly in the middle of the pack when it comes to Warframes. There are a ton of frames who can take survival for granted, and some that actively want to be damaged. In a world where Rhino, Hildryn, Chroma, Gara, etc exist, the chance to not take full damage with Xaku's average shield and health pools seems right in the middle of the pack. And while that chance is in Xaku's favor for every single instance of damage, the possibility of unlucky dice rolls entirely foiling your mitigation ultimately makes it unreliable. In addition, this specific flavor of mitigation has an anti-synergy with one of the best patch-up mods for survival, Adaptation, since a dodged shot doesn't build any resistance; this means that you have to take the full force of attacks to build Adaptation's dependable resistance, and that the built resistance is more likely to fall off because statistically you're dodging many hits. Now, all of that said, dodging will statistically offer you some good protection, so that's not to say in the slightest that Xaku's dodge is garbage or anything. But compared to what's out there, I can't see it as anything other than middling, especially with its downsides compared to more reliable forms of mitigation.
  16. Part of what makes it middling in my eyes as opposed to great is that the CC only works on enemies that exist at the time of the cast. In Warframe even strong enemies aren't sticking around for long periods of time, and new enemies come to replace them. This is just my opinion, but I think a necessary component of great CC in Warframe is that you can sort of set it and forget it without keeping track of which enemies it's been cast on and which enemies it hasn't. So Vauban's Vortex, for example; when new enemies arrive, your CC is still working and you don't need to micromanage every individual enemy's CC status. But I do agree it's a diverse array of CC that can be helpful in a variety of situations, even if in my view all of those options are middling (which isn't bad, by the way).
  17. It sounds like you're finally free then, there are tons of other good games to play! Live your best life! Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial up to level 60 with unlimited playtime and includes the award-winning expansion Heavensward?
  18. We all have only a limited amount of time to spend experiencing the world before we ultimately die. To spend precious, irreplaceable moments of your finite existence on sub-par games that you don't enjoy is a grievous waste when there are more fruitful and fulfilling alternatives available. If you like Conclave, more power to you. But it's silly to suggest that people should do something they don't enjoy.
  19. I main Xaku and they're great and I love them, but it's a huge stretch to say they can do everything. On paper it might look like it, but in a mission you're going to have a very different experience. They're no Ember, they're no Rhino, and they're no Vauban. Do they still have great strengths and benefits? Absolutely. But I wouldn't even say Xaku comes close to having it all. They have middling survivability, middling CC, middling damage output, and great debuffing. Some of these areas can be patched with Helminth, but it feels like a big stretch to suggest they can do anywhere close to everything.
  20. I mean this is just a good suggestion.
  21. Honestly, it's so rare to get 4 of the same weapon, I would feel a special kinship with my flamethrower squad.
  22. Close! I just never use Chroma since I'm not a fan. Did they make it so his first ability chooses his element?
  23. If you really want to focus on the "Elementalist" aspect, then I don't even think there's a discussion to be had here. Lavos has access to ANY element at-will during missions. Chroma can only use one of four elements, and it has to be set in stone before the mission, meaning that in-mission he has access to only a single element.
  24. If people want to play Wukong, let them play Wukong. If you don't vibe with "a lazy and boring playstyle", then don't play Wukong. With all due respect, there's no problem here, beyond you beefing with other people's personal preferences in a power fantasy game.
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