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Operators suits need to be reverted.

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Almost every piece looks worse now and basically only fits aesthetically within their own set. e.g the Zauba Greaves which used to fit most other body suits now makes you look pantsless with anything other than the Zauba suit.

I did not think this update would just fundamentally change the way all different suit combinations would look. I think I and a lot of people found combinations that they really liked and settled on before the update. Now many of those combinations do not look the same at all and the looks that they were going for are unobtainable.

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I agree with this completely. Look at my before-and-after pictures.




It made the Zariman hood all vibrant and soggy, the zariman sleeves cool shoulder-hooks are gone, the koppra suit looks WAY different and more flat, and the koppra faulds (not previewed above) don't even connect to the suit! They hover around it. I hope some devs see this and are able to revert some of these mesh/texture changes. I don't want to look like this!

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Before the update, all the suit parts matched, allowing for more concise mixing of suit parts. The Varida suit also lacked the hood attachment. I adored how it looked as it was sleek and simple.


After the update with no changes to my operator's appearance. The Varida suit now has the hood as part of it. The Zariman leggings texture also changed, becoming much more saturated and looking like shiny plastic. This completely ruins the image I had for my operator.

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Same here, using a different set of cosmetics.

The Vahd Cuirass / Vahd Greaves combo used to have a 'belt' of fabric (1st pic), but now it is missing and instead I have a cool neck scarf (2nd pic).

The scarf is cool, but I miss the belt. You can see the front 'flap' of the cuirass is now sort of floating without it.

Here is a shot of my Operator's suit before: OML2FuP.jpg

And here it is after logging in just now: R0tUDdc.jpg

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So after the update the cloth belt from the Vahd suit is gone…

Here's a picture showing the belt:


But now it looks like this (left customized suit, right full Vahd suit):


Without the cloth belt the front and rear loincloth are floating in the air not attached to anything, this requires a fix badly...

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Agreed. I lost the martial arts style red belt of the Vahd cuirass, which makes the "loincloth" part appear to hang in the air. Instead, it now has a scarf which clips _very_ badly with the Manduka hood and looks ridiculous. It's like the operator has a bad case of flu and is keeping her neck warm at all cost.

Not good. Wasn't this tested at all? Why was this change made?

Why aren't changes like these brought in as optional new items? I'd be entirely fine with two versions of Vahd, with the new one named "Vahd alternate" or something.

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YES. PLEASE. PLEASE change them back.

I appreciate that the Koppra faulds can now theoretically be used with other sets without looking like they are hanging in midair (except not really because now the koppra set's primary color is a lot brighter, and since you cannot color pieces individually, clashes horribly with anything else. It will be blindingly bright white even if everything else is a light grey)

But the changes to how suits and hoods work need to be reverted. They are a nightmare of clipping and brokenness. And the super cool koppra hood is now a floppy mess when opened. That cannot stand. 

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I'm shocked at how bad the changes are.

I was really happy at how my operator looked before, now it not only looks completely different but incredibly ugly and mismatched.

Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot to show the difference, these are the changes brought to my outfit with the patch:

  • I now have a huge stupid collar that clips like crazy with my head gear
  • I have what looks like some sort of infested crap all over my chest, previously a plain black coat
  • My tight black trousers are now huge angular white granny pants
  • My white boots are now covered in black dirt, it looks like I just crawled out of a fire
  • The materials and colours are all mismatched

In short my operator who previously looked really damn nice now looks like they got dressed in the dark, and accidentally got stuff from a dumpster instead instead of their closet.

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I really really hope this was unintentional and they fix this, I've gone from this:


to this:


If I'm honest I don't think I like any of the changes. The intention was good but it didn't quite work out, please please please revert this to how it was.

EDIT: can't get the second image to show, guess the forum has its opinion too... 😉

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Yeah, they've completely ruined the VAHD set. I really hope it's a bug and not one of their "planned" changes, but I don't think so. I read in the notes they've changed the way some of the pieces of operator armor look so they "fit" together with other sets better.... I don't think they needed to do that with VAHD. I liked the way the set looked just fine with a hood unequipped. Now I have a big fluffy scarf attached to the cuirass that wasn't there before that I don't want. I want the belt back. This really, really sucks.

I spent hours grinding for the mats because I liked the VAHD set as is and now it looks like crap. I'm actually pretty put-off by this, very disappointed.

I want DE to change it back.

Below, what my operator looked like before. Was perfect. To the right of that: disaster. WTF man. Forget trying to equip umbral scarf with this, it is awful.

No. Just no, DE. Change it back. Get rid of that scarf, give us the waist piece back please. You've ruined the best-looking operator armor in the game.



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Not my pic but all the goods and cosmetics now clip though stuff with the changes to hoods/bodies. (it affects most of them)



and its also no doubt ruined a lot of peoples fashion frame to people like myself who have paid for stuff for a particular look thats now ruined.  I understand some of the stuff as been updated to look better but part of the hoods now being on the main body means that only the related hood works on that body so you can't mix an match like before.

my operator before: 


now:  (the arm peice is better but I didn't want the hood part on the suit)


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Yes, the operator armor is completely messed up. I bought the VAHD BPs from the Quills and spent quite a bit of time on and off over the summer building the whole set only for them to add a big ridiculous fluffy scarf to the top that I don't want, and removed the belt piece that I actually liked. I'm just at a loss. Their update notes said they were trying to prevent clipping and make pieces fit together better but I think they just made it worse. And from it looks like, they completely changed the look of some of the pieces.

That's not right.

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