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The Jovian Concord: Update 25.2.0

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With the update came a bug that constantly alt-tabs my game every 5 seconds. The game is impossible to play except if i put it in windowed mode which i would prefer not to do. Any chance for a hot fix soon for that please?

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A little bit of constructive criticism after the update has dropped...

Most importantly and, I believe, highly requested: Being able to auto cancel cloud walker should extend to melee weapons the same way it interacts with primary and secondary weapons. I.e. melee attacks should auto cancel cloud walker. It would add to the fluidity of the kit.

My personal thoughts...

The armor cap on defy should be increased (or changed to work like nezha's halo or maybe dmg reduction like mesa 90-95%???) and possibly a slight increase to base duration for longer armor uptime and increased time to charge to current cap w/o sacrificing a mod slot.

The clones attack frequency should be looked at... searching for targets could be improved, but the clone should keep attacking as long as the current target is alive.


The clone sometimes uses ranged weapons when Primal Fury is being used. Intended? Also, clone is unable/refuses to use certain secondaries i.e. pox.

Stuck in slam animation while using Iron Staff. Most notably happens when slamming on or near defense target in Helene. (Apologies for the lack of video example)


Does the clone benefit/add to the Primal Rage augment and if not, can that be added? Maybe he can have his own Primal Rage crit counter or maintains the counter if Wukong switches to ranged weapons while still channeling Primal Fury.

Positive note: Great rework all around! Wukong is no longer a one trick pony. His clone is a great change from is former 1st ability, cloud walker health regen and speed is great, R.I.P old defy but at least it still adds a lot to his ability to survive, and the Slash addition to Iron Staff and the status increase was much needed. All hail King Pablo, breaker of weak warframes, father of reworks, King of the Nor...you get the picture.


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1 hour ago, withinmyself said:

Really love the Wukong Rework.  I'm by no means a Wukong expert but I did enjoy using him when I wanted to be Immortal. 

My apologies if any of these comments/issues have already been addressed.  I read a few posts on here but not everything.

My take-away from playing Wukong with his new rework:

First and foremost, I really love the changes.  I think all his abilities make sense now and they mesh well together.   The Melee 3.0 combos for Iron Staff are very nice.  I look forward to using this game mechanic with all my favorite Melee weapons. 

Cloud Walker feels loose and fast and is an excellent upgrade to a now very useful ability.  

I think that Wukong now has the best passive in Warframe.  Which is awesome.  And I'm glad you did this because of the massive changes to Defy.  I think this was a nice add for Wukong mains who would've missed how Defy originally worked.  The buffs are pretty cool too.


I play on a Desktop PC - GTX970 - 32G RAM - i5-6700    I use an Xbox One controller


1.  When using Iron Staff my double no longer does the opposite and instead uses Iron Staff along with me.  I feel like you have a very symbiotic relationship with your double up until this point.  You can give him a high status primary/secondary and go to town with a Condition Overload build.  But with both using Melee when using Iron Staff it just doesn't make sense anymore.  Maybe if your double's kills counted towards your combo counter but they do not.  I raise this as an issue over a complaint because a couple times my double actually did continue firing so I don't know what is supposed to be happening here. 

2.  In the release notes it states that you should be able to exit Cloud Walker by attacking.  This seems to work maybe 10% of the time.  I would have though it completely broke but I have been able to do this a few times.  When playing with other Wukongs I asked them to try and they said it worked.  So maybe a controller issue?  Host issue?  It's something because it doesn't work 90% of the time for me.

3. Sometimes when using Iron Staffs ground slam Wukong will get stuck in the initial animation and sort of float there.  I think this happens when something hinders the final slam.

4. A couple members in my Clan said that Titania's Melee doesn't work now.

The issue with attacking out of Cloud Walker is widespread. For me, when it registers, it always moves Wukong about 15 meters before attacking, so I rarely hit anything (and never what I was targeting). 

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Other opinion on wukong rework. His 3 lasts too little at base and 1500 armor is really not worth it if you have already some armor, but oh well, if it lasted at base like 50 seconds it would be nice. a second complain is the combo " forward, right click, melee button" i like the isea but it's actually faster to move forward by spin attack. to fix this the actual combo should 1 ) have the staff enlarged, so that it acts as a arca plasmor shot 2) launch you much further forward. it should be more thana  bulletjump, otherwise why not simply bulletjump ?

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55 minutes ago, Jeancly said:

Other opinion on wukong rework. His 3 lasts too little at base and 1500 armor is really not worth it if you have already some armor, but oh well, if it lasted at base like 50 seconds it would be nice. a second complain is the combo " forward, right click, melee button" i like the isea but it's actually faster to move forward by spin attack. to fix this the actual combo should 1 ) have the staff enlarged, so that it acts as a arca plasmor shot 2) launch you much further forward. it should be more thana  bulletjump, otherwise why not simply bulletjump ?

no and everyone seems happy with it, but once u try arbitrations or anythign with loads of dps your armor buff is kidna meh to behing with. needing to spam 2 every 4 secodns in higher content is not fun nor is micromanaging clone,hp, clone hp, buff timer, energy to refresh the listed prior.

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So you went and ignored all the feedback made by the players about making his passive into a cooldown type of ability. Nice for taking into consideration the opinion of the players. You've been doing a splendid job at ignoring's players concerns lately.

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Wukong rework is excellent!!! I will echo the sentiment of others in this thread though, and say that people have been waiting for this with Vauban too.


If Wukong, the widely seen as worst frame can be made into something good then surely Vauban can too... which was supposedly once meta for trials???

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19 hours ago, Ryuhouji said:

I currently use and have been using a WD Black 7200 RPM 1TB  hard disk drive. It still takes me only a few seconds to load into plains of eidolon. Similarly, I load in to most missions near instantly. The load times come from waiting for others' clients to communicate with the host and back, and for some people, internet latency is a serious problem. Having an SSD won't suddenly help you complete another set of fights, because you're still limited by DE's networking code and how the clients communicate with each other while loading. You probably don't realise how much stuff has to happen when connecting to a mission. It wouldn't make much logical sense for the eidolons to suddenly respawn, would it? At least with plaguestar, the big ass boil is always present, and it's makes more sense to want to inject even more toxin into the boil. Just sayin.

I have the same hdd as you. I also though that this is internet fault. But I reinstalled game to ssd and now plains load in 5 seconds instead of 50.

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5 hours ago, WarcellPrime said:

I have the same hdd as you. I also though that this is internet fault. But I reinstalled game to ssd and now plains load in 5 seconds instead of 50.

I don't think that 45 seconds is enough to complete another set, even in the worse case scenario when you need to load in 3 times, just over 2 minutes. In case you might be interested, If you use a formatting tool to put your 'games' partition on the hard drive to the outermost part of the hard drive, the metal is technically spinning faster at the outside, so transfer speeds and seek rate are about 10 - 20% faster than closer to the center or 'beginning' of the drive. If you need the space, this might be something that's useful to you.

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Skills 2 and 3 wukong can not die unless the player is very bad. should  remove these buff: Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds. Cosmic Armor: Invulnerable for 30 seconds. there is no sense in having these buff. Already the other buff that he gains must remain direct until the end of the mission.

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On 2019-06-19 at 1:00 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Celestial Twin

  • Replacing Iron Jab, Celestial Twin will allow for Wukong to shed a part of himself to call a supporting clone into action. The clone will attack from range while Wukong uses melee, or will use melee while Wukong uses range.
  • Press ability again to command Wukong’s clone to attack a specific target with increased damage.
  • Wukong’s clone will remain until it runs out of life.

this sounds like a FAR better version of equinox's duality augment..............except that the duality augment would be based on the active weapon when switched instead of changing depending on weapon.

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On 2019-06-19 at 7:25 PM, rodzzila said:

This. You can still use sentinels weapons to have the bonus but you actually need all the mods from the set to get the full bonus.

It really sucks (Was super fun of having free 25% or 30% crit one up just using Vigilant Armament and/or Vigilant "Enemy Radar" or having orange crits super easy whit Exalted blade whit double dipping Gladiator mods in melee and sentinel weapon.) 

But at least they didn't remove the ability to use set bonus on sentinel weapons I gust...

Ah okay, so there's still some usability then. Just no longer duplicate stacking. I can work with that at least, thanks for letting me know.

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Overall good rework. Only issue I really have with it is the armor buff from Defy feels too short lasting and not potent enough. I think it should be more on par with something like Nezha's halo. Though I imagine it would be kinda boring.

Instead I think what would be more interesting is perhaps alter the passive so it doesn't reward death with buffs but its a safety net on a cooldown, possibly even allow the player to remove seconds off the cooldown based on how much they heal via cloud walker if you want it to have synergy. I think that would make wukong immortal but having to earn the immortality via gameplay.

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Amazing rework, especially having tried him, I have never needed to use the passive if I pay attention. My only gripe is how his passive (very interesting btw) is limited. Maybe make it so he gets 1 technique every 2-5 mins and it stacks twice. This would make sense and not be OP when of compared to the CD time of oberons Phoenix augumentation

I would also suggest higher armor cap, or a 90% dmg reduction, but again, not absoulutely needed (except for the passive, the base concept is in the right place, but it should not be limited use)

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Wukong rework.

Ok so, this are my opinions on the Wukong rework as the 25/06/19; I won’t comment on what is fine as to avoid a wall of text.

Passive: very nice

Celestial Twin: Very nice, but my issue is with the AI being a bit dumb, especially with the use of the primal fury, when it often just follows you and everything is killed by you.

Cloud walker: Very nice

Primal fury: Superb

Defy: Here comes the bad. Defy is bad on so many levels. The idea per se is very good. You have 45% DR with the base 250 armor and that raises to 85% with the 1500 bonus armor. The issues here though are multiple.

1) If you already have armor, let’s say 730(triple umbral mods) then the effect is WAY LESS useful, as armor scaled badly and we already have 70% base DR. With the additional 1500 armor we will get to 88% DR, an improvement of 18% compared to the 40% of before and a total improvement of only 3% from before.

This could be considered a “good thing “as it means that with base armor and the bonus we get a ton of DR, and we don’t need to add armor with mods, but here comes issue number 2.

2) The ability is EXTREMELY expensive with a whopping cost of 50 on a pool of 180. This with a base duration of 25 seconds really makes it annoying to use. Spamming abilities is never funny, especially if they are the way we survive. With 250% armor a face on frame like Wukong kind of needs always the survivability, meaning we should ideally have the ability always on. Considering a normal build with 155 duration and 130 efficiency we will have a duration of 38 seconds and a consumption of 35.  This means we will need to pick up 2 energy orbs (not considering other sources of energy for reasoning sake) ever 40 seconds to be able to keep up a fundamental thing of Wukong’s survival (excluding the very high cost of the 4 (fine though, as it’s very strong) and the use of the 2). Such thing is quite implausible in most missions.

Solutions to point number 1: as for now Defy adds 1500 to base 250. 250x6 is 1500. I would base the ability around this to give more incentive and value to the use of the ability with an improved base armor due use of mods. This means that if I manage to reach 500 armor with mods, my Defy will buff by 500x6=3000; for a total of 3500 armor which is 92% DR compared to the 85% of base armor. I think this is fair because after all a mod slot to increase armor was used. Considering instead the umbral triple set we would have 730x6=4380 armor for a total of 5110 which is 94% DR. Before saying this is OP remember that this requires 3 umbral mods, and you only get 9% more DR compared to base armor of 250.

Solution to point number 2: IF the DR Buff is applied and the ability is as such buffed then I think a simple length increase is more than enough. I would personally just double the base length, so that at 250% duration the buff will last 2 minutes instead of 1 minute. IF instead the DR buff above mentioned is not applied then I think that doubling the ability length and reducing base cost to 35 would be ideal. I will reiterate. Wukong is a melee frame, he is always upfront and personal, his Defy is the ability which makes him the front liner.


Iron staff: excellent weapon, nothing to say, the changes feels very good.

Forward combo: Nice, works nicely

Still combo: INCREDIBLE COMBO, i love to use it and it just feels STRONG.

Still combo+right click: Very good for CC, I almost never use it but I can see the value in it.

Forward combo+right click: This is a good idea badly executed imo. I like the idea very much, the issue though is that a “gap closer” we have either bulletjump and directional slam, or just slide attacking which covers a ton of space. In my opinion an easy fix is just: expand the staff at like half size when doing such attack and make it work like an Arca plasmor projectile that hits all enemies in front. This in a LONG range. The attack must be in a straight line but needs to go much further than normal attacks, so that if can be actively used to attack far enemies than normal staff attacks could not reach. At this point you could either stop, and have as such changed the function from “ gap closure” ( already present in the game by other means ) to " far attack", OR you could keep the “ drop kick “ in but make it 3x or more times more strong ( as in you jump 3x or more times further, maybe stopping if you hit an enemy ).


This concludes my opinions on the rework after a week or testing, putting a mountain of forma on it and playing it a lot. In conclusion the rework is SUPERB but defy feels underwhelming.

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