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Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.7.3 +

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I have a nice bug. When i connect to any one. I become completely immune to status effects. If i host, negative status effects work fine.

Work with any warframe.

Update. Negative status effect still work on me, but don't heve icon in HUD and other visual effect, like interference for magnet.

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Prime Vault: Hotfix is now live!


  • Fixed Arsenal UI crash if you had a Moa, Kavat or Kubrow but never used a Sentinel.
  • Fixed UI breaking when attempting to search for square bracket text in Shawzin Songs.


  • Fixed not gaining any Affinity from an installed Lua Lens if the Blueprint was Rushed. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1125101-lua-lens-bug-gain-zero-or-unasigned-affinity/
  • A script is in the works to refund Blueprint Rushing costs to those affected.
  • Fixed Gauss Kinetic Plating not giving the minimum damage protection when his meter is completely empty.
  • Fixed the Handspring Mod not functioning for Clients. 
  • Fixed Look Link of anything equipped appearing as massive text strings when viewing the linked items screen. 
  • Fixed holes in the Grineer Galleon tileset that could cause AI to get stuck.
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i asked a while back for polarity changes, in the means of having 2 types of builds, speed nova and slow nova as example, the 2 type of builds clash with each other in polarities, i know that you made this change for aura mods, you use 4 forma to make a aura forma, so now it can take any type of polarity, why not do this for the normal forma aswell? making a slot take any polarity will be a huge improvement to builds for all warframes,

oh and please can i get the scanner to be able to zoom out and in, something is not right with the view i get when i look through it, either too close to something i want to scan and it is way too sensitive at the zoom it is currently at, zooming out will help alot


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