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Tennobaum 2019! - Feeding Through the Gift of Giving


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Still kinda hoping for that progress meter😶 and a silva and aegis skin that preserves the firesword without the skull on the DoTD skin.

If that's too difficult😅, here's my wishlist instead:

- Kuva lich hunter collection

- cumulus collection

- forma bundles 

refer to my wishlist for individual items and happy holidays to all 🎄

(Hope global warming has made that one-horse open sleigh tolerable)

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1 minute ago, [DE]Bear said:

UPDATE! - 12.09.19 @ 2:22pm ET

As of time of this update, our generous Tenno have gifted 33,609 items!
That translates to over $8000 donated to London Food Bank! Excellent work, Tenno!

Cool !

My other thread for wishlist has been removed mind if i point my fellow tenno here to post theirs so i can kinda go random santa ?

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