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Kuva Nukor With heat any good



Hello, I am trying to make myself a kuva loadout and a few days ago I got a kuva nukor lich I got a 53% heat on it. I have seen guides on internet saying toxin should be the optimal choice but does heat make the kuva nukor any good ?


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Poison is more flexible, as you can flip it into corrosive or viral at will.

Heat on Nukor specifically is a bit redundant. Any elemental mod will roll it into a combo. Out of 3 heat combos, Nukor deals radiation anyway, while blast and gas are hot garbage.

I'd suggest fusing it into some other element later.

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6 hours ago, Serafim_94 said:

[Toxin] is more flexible, as you can flip it into corrosive or viral at will.

Don't forget pure Toxin, can be pretty nifty against Corpus.

6 hours ago, Refson said:

does heat make the kuva nukor any good ?

Should you (have the option to) put Heat on your Nukor, on a Heat + Viral / Corrosive build? Definitely.

But, Nukor is a Secondary, and those already have Primed Heated Charge to give a massive amount of Heat, so you're covered there.

Fusing a Toxin Nukor into your Heat one (after some random trash one, to get to 60% with Toxin) would give you the most / best options to choose from.

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It's good, but it could be better.

Ideally you would want to have Viral, Heat, Slash and Toxin on your weapons.

Maybe Cold too for cc, not sure about Blast, i have a Blast Ignis Wraith which was decent, but iirc. Blast was nerfed at some point and i didn't use it in a while.

Toxin would be the least complicated in Kuva Nukor's case if you need it to be all around good.

Or Cold if you want to make it the ultimate cc weapon for high levels.

I would mod it for Radiation-Viral and hope putting Primed Heated Charge wouldn't mess up my elementals because of my mod distribution.

Experimenting a bit with 60/60 mods should bring it up to a decent status chance with the right elementals, but it could as well turn one of your mods into some less useful status, like Magnetic or Blast. 

Just pick as your secondary base element whichever you find the least annoying by itself in case you will change up a few things in the future because of a possible meta change.

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IMO heat is best element for a DPS Nukor. If you run Primed Heated Charge on a high roll heat nukor. heat will be the highest damage type and take proc priority even if you build viral/corrosive with 2 x 90 mods. You want heat to take proc priority since your damage will be coming from the uncapped heat stacks while viral/corrosive are capped at 10x.

If you are using Nukor as a utility weapon to prime for Condition Overload you will want to run a magnetic Nukor. This way you can build for mag/viral/rad/heat and have an extra status effect on enemies that you would not have if you ran a base heat Nukor with a dps heat/viral/rad build. 

I have a 60% Nukor with every base element (except rad) and I normally just run a utility magnetic nukor since it still melts normal star chart enemies and has more potential damage in long endless missions. 

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For DPSnukor go Toxin. For status dispenser go magnetic. 

On a side note, DPSnukor will need some ammo mutation of sorts at later levels as it's ammo pool is on the lowish side. Annoying, but easy to deal with if you have access to those mutation mods, carrier or ammo pizzas. 

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