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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.7 +

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hace 3 minutos, --IE-DragonZero-- dijo:

Many thanks for the hotfix, today two of clan members score not added to clan total, they got bugged.. hope it will be fixed.

Same here. A lot of missing points, check that.

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5 minutes ago, --RV--Faras said:

I still see 40k scores tho

hey past me wouldve said that tooo, but my friends and i managed to find a way to get 40k score.

tldr it need a good map, and a good teammate :)

 but i still dont know how much more you can get, my theory is that 45k is still possible but tbh it seems impossible

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  • [DE]Megan changed the title to Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.7 +

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