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So there's a very silly/badass usage for the Ghoulsaw.


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My ghoulsaw fun is to use a Probiscus bow, add prime firestorm, pull every enemy within 15-20 meters in and then jump in with the saw and do a stationary R2 spin attack. Oh, the sheer joy of watching everything die by viral/electric bow mixed with corrosive, impact, slash ghoulsaw is absolutely wonderful! I've also tried shattering impact with really good results! I actually like this weapon. Different, fun and very useful, when mastered. I hate the forward R2 though (ride the saw). 

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9 hours ago, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu said:

Now, the Ghoulsaw is not the best damage-wise, but one thing it does do is move you forward. Though not more effective than a bullet jump, it is a valid form of transport for a Nyx with Assimilate.

Ride forth, my invulnerable psychic sawblade sisters!

why wouldn't you just use the operator to move faster while having assimilate up?

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