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Playstyle, AoE discussion and suggestion


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I want to be as clear and fast as possible

We clearly need a fix to this problem, as we can't just force others to play as we please, id like to ask you guys; 

What do you think about a filter where we could pick a playstyle before we start a mission, just like we choose between normal star chart and steel path?

The options could be as simple as:

1 - FAST mode, this playstyle Includes: Speedrun/ Farm mission rewards(Ex: mission rotations ABC) / Open Relics, etc.

2 - CASUAL mode, this playstyle includes: Take your time to learn/ Help others/ Newbie friendly/ Have Fun/ Farm ingame Resources, etc.

A visual representation i made on Paint(a masterpiece):


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This sounds incredibly bad for many reasons. The major issue being that "helping others" "chatting" and "having fun" can be certainly part of the former. You're also creating a divide that somehow one way is morally less than the other when that is also not true. 

The "problem" is how self-sufficient a player has become through immense powercreep that has allowed the game to become "solo with other players in the party". DE is starting to reel it back, but they need more time to make tweaks and see feedback on each tweak, otherwise they risk going overboard and ruining many things about the game's pace and general gameplay.

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If we're going to have different approaches like that, I think it'd make more sense to split it more on "ninja type". For example, one side could be the "guns blazing, blow everything up" type, and the other could be the "slow, precise" type. Call it "Sun" and "Moon" cause, duh.

Big reason being you can tie other changes to emphasize, encourage, and balance respective playstyles. Obviously people wanting to run around and blow everything up are going to do just that, so enemy drops there make sense. But the methodological side is going to treat enemies as a barrier, not a pinata, meaning you probably want to move drops from enemies to mission completion in some way. Same for adjustments to mission mechanics (survival leaning more on capsules from loot crates or triggering towers) or - and probably the most pertinent to this thread, even if entirely optional IMO - weapon restrictions. And you can keep going with those sorts of differences and changes: smaller maps for one side, mission restrictions (exterminate on a Moon run doesn't make sense; Spy on a Sun run doesn't either), fewer enemies, tougher enemies, more special units, less or more ammo drops, extra stealth bonuses, changes in objectives (like Capture turns into a Spy instead of an Exterminate during a Moon run) et cetera et cetera.

In my opinion, if you want to create niches for your AoE and non-AoE groups, that's how you'd do it. Not this "fast v casual" bit. Cause, let's be real: AoE doesn't have jack all to do with the speed on running a Spy vault.

(Also, just from more of a lore-junky perspective, it puts an interesting in-game mechanic behind the whole "sun vs moon" morality concept. I've always felt that's something missing. Pretty much all missions boil down to "go in, blow things up, do the thing, leave". It feels like it's lacking the other side of the coin that isn't so brazenly, wantonly violent and destructive. There's glimmers of it in Spy missions, for example, but it's such a small thing so readily diminished by other game mechanics. Just the simple fact of "enemy loot drops" spurns it.)

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I don't think it's a good solution too, but the playerbase is already divided and i don't see another way to fix things up.

Saddly i think it's too late to fix powercreep without annoying almost everyone, i also can't imagine playing normal missions tactically(this would require immense reward readjustment for longer missions), but i can see this beying implemented on RAIDS or similar harder modes.

I just wanted to hear you guys to think my idea over and i won't send the suggestion.

Damn it's hard to argue in other idiom, i was trying to discuss some points but i gave up. 😁

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The game already splits the community far too much. Many already choose to or have been forced to stick to solo, some only play with their friends/clan, others stick to SP or refuse to touch it, and then you have those who only form groups via recruiting chat. Throwing a playstyle selector on top of all of that is just going to further fragment the playerbase.


As well being able to select a playstyle doesn't accomplish anything if it doesn't force players to abide by certain rules. What do you do if someone leaves themselves on a "casual" setting but still speedruns through missions? Or if someone queues up for efficient farming with the intent of leaching because they expect the players they match with to be more efficient?

If the answer is to put in a vote kick or a report option then you just end up creating far more problems than you set out to try and solve.

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I think some of your presuppositions aren't necessarily accurate. 

Some changes seem likely, just because new Dev team seems pretty attentive, and Warframe in general isn't static, and often changes. Even with small changes though, a lot of the current complaints made will still stand and many people will still be frustrated/bothered. This is not the first time, it will not be the last. Hypothetically in six months time, will you think "clearly something needs to change" or is it, in the midst of the heated conversation with many voices shouting, does the situation seem more urgent and pressing... ?!? Every now and then, some users will post a thread about some change that happened years ago... and they get some discussion, but its more of a vent session. 

So is there clearly a need to fix a problem? Why this time and not all those other dozens of times with updates? 

That being said. Filters idea are interesting and not new, but their are downsides to them. Some peoples casual is pretty fast, because of the nature of some missions. There can also be different ideas of fast. Some people go fast, but want maximum rewards, so its important to ace bonus objectives too. Alternatively, some peoples fast, is fast and ignoring side objectives/maximum rewards. Then why just these two? Then you'd have to trust players to use such filters well. Which may just effectively split the player base, even if some actually do overlap in attitude, but just went to a different filter. Also, it could be argued that all players should be encouraged to have fun and be nice, or at a minimum, respectful to other players... having that in one mode, but not the "Fast" mode, is a recipe for asking for some users to tap into their abrasive elitist sides, and justifying any of their worse behaviours/toxicity "because this is the mode for it, scrub". Which DE would probably want to avoid. 

We'd have to establish that there is a problem significant and specific enough for this to be a great solution but... 

Good creative thinking though all the same! 

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