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Update 12.6.0: Dex Furis (Limited Time Gift!)


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Update 12.6.0:

New Limited Edition Gear:
•    Dex Furis*: A FREE birthday weapon to celebrate Warframe’s 1 year Open Beta! Login to Warframe before April 2nd @ 11:59 PM EDT to receive this free gift!
•    New Excalibur-Proto Armor skin!* For 7 days only, you can add Excalibur-Proto armor to your Cosmetic collection.
(*NOTE: Both of these will be offered on PS4 with the next content update.)

•    Added Gear and Key categories to the Foundry.
•    Added the ability to purchase Oxium through the Market.

•    The Torid has received a total visual overhaul - check out the new model in your Arsenal/dojo today!
•    Removed Slash Dash from Stalker’s drops and replaced with Rare Fusion Core.
•    Made weapon zoom mods (Eagle Eye and Hawk Eye) and melee range mods (Reach) increase Sentinel targeting range.
•    Reference on existing Sentinel targeting ranges:

The targeting range for the attack precepts at max-rank are as follows:

Carrier: 10m
DethCube: 30m
Djinn: 60m
Wyrm: 30m
Shade: 30m

(Unranked attack precepts will have half the range listed above).

Helios is special at does not increase with rank (it is always 10m) however ranking up the Targeting Receptor precept increase the number of active glaives it can manage.

•    Added a HUD damage counter and countdown timer to Nyx's Absorb ability.
•    Improved Void performance related to Laser traps.
•    Increased the amount of affinity awarded for completed in-game Challenges. More difficult Challenges get 5000 Affinity, whereas the easier challenges (Hacker, Exercising Power, Uber, Treasure Hunter, Looter) get 1000 Affinity.  The UI will indicate the Affinity reward upon challenge completion. Affinity Boosters apply to this reward.
•    XP gained through Affinity Orbs and Challenge XP will now work the same way as XP shared from teammate kills:
•    25% to Frame
•    25% to Primary Weapon
•    25% to Secondary Weapon
•    25% to Melee weapon
•    An additional copy of this XP will also be split between your equipped Sentinel and Sentinel Weapon
•    Note: this does not change regular XP earned from kills
•    Various performance improvements with objects in levels.

•    Fixed projectiles passing through Nyx's Absorb ability.
•    Fixed the damage type on the Deconstructor (Helios) Sentinel weapon so as to allow Melee mods to properly affect its stats
•    Fixed some visible environment clipping in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
•    Fixed a potential crash related to the usage of Nova's Wormhole ability.
•    Fixed an issue with the Stalker's health not properly scaling to player level. Prior to this, Stalker had perpetual 450 health due to a bug. He will now scale properly; beware Tenno.
•    Fixed users being unable to properly join certain chat channels.
•    Fixed various crashes.


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