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Post Hotfix 14.0.5 Update 14 Issue Megathread

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- Lotus has still been repeating transmissions - I did the Kubrow quest up to the point where I was waiting for the pet to mature, then went off and did the Mirage quest. When it matured I re-activated the Kubrow quest via the codex and completed the collar mission. Now every time I return to the ship I get the success transmission - "The collar has been retrieved and the bond has been cemented etc etc."


- Inviting someone via the chatbox rather than the pause menu causes a lot of the UI to become unresponsive.


- Navigation menu buttons can still be clicked through the chatbox. Very often one will accidentally start a vote on a mission when they just wanted to click on the chat.


- If a player is upgrading a weapon in the arsenal, and from that screen goes to the mod menu (to fusion, transmute etc), when they then exit the mod menu and return to the arsenal the camera will be pointing in the wrong direction.


- When modding a kubrow, their mods do not show up in the 'installed' tab of the mod menu.


- Arc traps don't attack at all, and are immune to melee (and AoE damage, but that's been the case since they were first introduced). Tested with Venka, Obex, Valkyr's Hysteria and Galatine.


- The grineer are harmed by their own door-traps (I'd seen them being proc'd by them before U14, but now they're often being outright killed on Mercury).


- Glass surfaces in the dojo (such as in the tenno and orokin labs and some older versions of the dojo halls and corridors) are tinted yellow and look very out of place.


- Water is still as brightly coloured as it was before the patch in which this was stated to be fixed.


- If some players finish loading a mission before the rest of the squad, they will be able to hear noises from the level including background ambience and weapons/frames - they're basically in the mission, but still viewing the loading screen.


- When playing with 2 or 3 players, the loading screen always shows 1 more liset in transit than there are players in the game.

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Flipped/Reversed Mods Loadout


Steps to reproduce:


Go to Warframe/Weapon/Sentinel Upgrade.

Once you arrive on the mod configuration, click Mods on bottom of the screen.

After you're presented with 4 options (My Collection,Sell,Fusion,Transmute) hit ESC to return to previous menu.

The following is displayed:



Getting this issue as well. Essentially it happens when you leave the mod screen if you've entered it from the Upgrade menu. Makes no difference if you've messed about with the mods.

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Seems this is the place to be to state some bugs.


A bug I've encountered since U14 is that I can not bring up any chat tabs that I close, at all, whether they be with friends or trying to get into trading or recruiting. It's annoying not being able to access these tabs I use frequently.


An issue since around mid update 13 that is still present and just as annoying is that the jiggle-bones for Hydroid are messed up. Specifically, the tentacles on his default helm, the beard on Triton helm, and the coat-tail all are very stiff and barely move, if at all.

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Some Challenges are blocked and can't be completed.


- Dark Sectors (after doing missions on both attacker and defender, nothing happens with this challenge)


- Shield Saver (keeps resetting to 0, never to be completed)


- Saviour of Earth (after defeating Vay Hek, nothing happens)


- Cheater of Death (has resetted for me at least once, haven't revived another 1000 times to try again to see if it's still bugged)

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