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Update 15.7.2 +


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So where is this Vey Hek event? Megan said update 15.8 and I see 15.7.2. I didn't wait an extra 2 days for a Crapwing update and crapwing weapons. You postpone our update for 2 days for this swill then lie about the build that is coming. Don't have your crew post lies in the forums DE, you look like EA and PWE . Also don't postpone crap updates no one wants, you could have given this swill on Wednesday and it would still be a crappy update no one wanted or cares about.


Jesus, you need to chill out. They thought it was ready, it wasn't. Better to minimize bugs, right? Anyway, if you're trying to adhere to their release schedule strictly, 15.8 isn't due for like, another 5 days.

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Not my fault DE lies about build notes :].

But it is your fault for having to high expectation we already knew the update was giving us archwing and archwing weapons if there pushing back the major update so that the bugs get fix then that's good. They already pushes that last few updates back better them fix major bug then hand us half broken crap. any way alot of people like arch wings i know my alliance mates do

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Common guys - .we got Nova Prime a few days ago plus an update with even more new stuff today and another great update soon. Personally I am glad with everything there is at the moment looking forward to the offers the brand new and glorious prime trader will give us next ( his last offer was insanly good ... that Prime EOS Chest plate and a Primed Continuity ... wow that was impressive and unexpected ).


- Prime trader : long awaited and came to exceed expectations

- Archwing : huge changes that make it way more enjoyable

- Nova Prime : Completly new visual mechanics and looks great

- Lots of other things, customizable hull, christmas decorations everywhere, events en mass


DE gives us more than an inch ( more than ever before within the last two weeks ) - dont push for a mile but give them a hug ^^ ( they need that and a bit of sleep after all that overtime ! )


I rather enjoy a stable and exciting event soon than something rushed to feed the greedy today ...

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Here are the screenshots of the event badges I made before this update. Obviously, I can't reproduce the exact lighting conditions because of the new Liset energy colouring, so this will have to suffice.

The important thing to note about these screenshots is that I made them both with and without the Bloom and Color Correction options. The Liset's lighting was pretty bright by default and with both options enabled you weren't able to make out any details on them. For comparison, I also added the Tethra event badge, which has always looked pretty good.

 With update 15.7.2, the Mutalist Incursions Emblem looks a bit better, but still not as good as the Tethra's Doom Emblem. The others are worse. I'd love it if they could be toned down a bit further.



        | Bloom | No BloomWith CC |  (x)  |--------+-------+---------- No CC  |       |

(x) is what I'm playing with



Boiler Badge



Broodmother Badge



Mutalist Incursions Emblem



Swarm-Mutalist Moa Badge



Tar-Mutalist Moa Badge



Tethra's Doom Emblem (for comparison)



Edit: typo

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New Resource

  • Tellurium: This rare metal is foreign to the Origin System, broken loose from asteroids that have made the long journey from other stars.  Tellurium can only be obtained in Archwing Missions as a drop from any slain enemy.


Of...of course there's a new f**king resource! JUSt what we all wanted, RIGHT GUYS? Right!?*eye twitch^

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Archwing Changes


  • Increased Velocitus’ damage from 1200 to 1800.



...Oh, come ON. You KNOW this isn't the main problem with the Velocitus, right? The problem is actually hitting anything.


Other then that, Good job. I like the new fixes and changes I'm seeing. Keep up the good work, DE!

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