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Update 16.4


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Tonkor Grenade Launcher available now!


Hurl mayhem and destruction at the enemy with the Tonkor! Grenades from this Grineer launcher explode on impact. Use their blasts to propel yourself to new heights!


New Kubrow Mod:


Shelter: Provides a shield when the owner is reviving an ally.


New Augment Mods:


Nekros - Shadows of the Dead - Shield of Shadows: Damage done to Nekros is shared with his Shadows.

Chroma - Vex Armor - Vexing Retaliation: Taking a % amount of damage will trigger a % radius burst. Shield damage will cause a puncture proc while health damage will cause a blast proc.


New Conclave Mods:


The following mods are only usable in Conclave:

Nyx - Absorb - Singularity: Creates a ring every 3 seconds that drags in enemies at 9 meters per second.


Gradual Change: Diminishing Returns vs Pure Ability Immunity


For those unfamiliar with the term, diminishing returns is when an ability become less and less effective against an enemy over time. When we original designed bosses and minibosses, a lot of them had pure ability immunity making your Warframe’s abilities ineffective in battle. We’ve slowly been experimenting with ‘diminishing returns’. Many bosses and minibosses in Warframe were affected by diminishing returns, including Captain Vor, Lephantis, the Grustrag Three, and more.  Instead of being outright immune to crowd control these bosses will gain improved resistance to them with each successive use.


This Update expands the number of Warframe powers that fall under diminishing returns to the new Bursas. With this change we will monitor power use across each Warframe to ensure that every form of crowd control is given fair play against enemies, whether the Ability is timer-based or relies on energy drain.


New Alt Helmets!


The Amaru Chroma Helmet and Ovis Mesa Helmet are now available in the marketplace!




  • Using a waypoint marker in a Squad will now show numbers corresponding to each member of the Squad.
  • Squad HUD information now shows a corresponding number to each player to identify the Host as well as make waypoint markers easier to correlate.
  • New sound effects for hacking has been added!
  • Added a new icon to the upper-right hand corner for when players have 'Pending Friend Requests'.
  • A ‘default colors’ button has been added to each Arsenal customization colour (instead of a full restore to default), returning a weapon, Warframe or accessory back to its default colors. This will allow your Prime Attachments to shine in the default gold we showed them with. This will fix issues issues with energy colours not showing well when you use abilities.
  • Syndicate Allies can now be given ‘Hold Position’ and ‘Follow’ commands and can be issued with a context action (similar to giving Rescue targets your Secondary). This can be done at mission start as an option  for players that wish to progress in a mission alone or coordinate the movement of their Syndicate Allies. Syndicate Allies have been re-enabled in Rescue and Spy Missions in case some users want them, but if not you can have them ‘Hold Position’ at spawn and proceed alone.
  • New Grineer Portrait Icons are available for purchase in the Marketplace!


Conclave Changes


  • New Conclave Map: The Lost Halls.
  • Nyx and Nyx Prime are now usable in PvP.
  • The Braton Vandal is now usable in PvP.
  • Added an audio cue when 4 total captures have taken place across the match, reminding players that all energy dispenser locations now give 50 energy.
  • Energy dispensers will now produce orbs of 50 energy at 5 minutes remaining in the match..
  • Maps will now shuffle in PvP, giving more of an unpredictable variety.
  • Increased the respawn time for Energy Orbs from 25 to 45 seconds.
  • Decreased the Lex’s damage in PvP.
  • Decreased the damage of Mag’s Pull in PvP.
  • Increased Stamina consumption when blocking with all Bo weapons in PvP.
  • Reduced the damage of all Bo weapons in PvP.
  • Increase Stamina drain when blocking with the Gram in PvP.
  • Increased the Energy cost of channeled melee hits from 5 to 10.
  • Increased the damage of all Strun and Boar weapons in PvP.
  • Reduced the damage of the Dex Dakra in PvP.
  • Volt’s Electric Shield is now more visible when used with dark/black energy.
  • Melee weapons no longer get a headshot bonus in PvP.
  • The following weapons have now been balanced for use in PvP: Sybaris, Karak, Kraken, Viper, Angstrum, AKViper, WraithViper and Tigris.
  • Martial Magnetism Changes:
    • Extra stamina cost is now applied to missed swings
    • Magnetism is not applied to a target if you do not have the full amount of Stamina required to attack




  • Increased the credit reward and available Mods in Vor’s Prize Defense Mission Quest.
  • Players AFK during Defense Missions that fail to choose ‘Continue’ between rounds will be defaulted to ‘Extract’.
  • Slightly improved hit effects to Kunai impact visual.
  • Increase the visual effect of the Secura Dual Cestra’s shots.
  • The limit on DNA Detoxifiers that can be applied to Kubrow on a given day has been removed.
  • Made various PBR updates to Grineer structures.
  • The Raptor will now drop Neural Sensors instead of Orokin Cells.
  • Rebalanced enemy difficulty in the Vor’s Prize Quest.
  • Removed some of the larger connecting rooms from the Corpus Outpost tutorial tileset.
  • Caches discovered in tutorial missions will now provide 500 Affinity.
  • Default color will now be kept with backing out of a color in the color picker.
  • Updated audio FX on the Braton Vandal.
  • Reduced the audio effects of the Dual Raza’s blade sounds.
  • Made various reverb tweaks to the Dojo, Corpus Gas City and Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • The ‘unreleased’ EMP Aura Mod is no longer tradeable.
  • Nef Anyo has been renamed The Sergeant and all VO elements of his encounter have been updated to reflect the change.
  • The cursor has been given a new icon!
  • Made various localization changes.




  • Fixed the Kubrow using the wrong finisher on enemies.
  • Fixed the Kubrow’s finisher animation on the Drahk Master making the victim immune to outside damage for the duration of the animation.
  • Fixed issue that would occur when using Mirage’s Eclipse that would prevent the player from using this Ability, or other powers, again.
  • Fixed ugly textures that would display on some Grineer doors.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Soul Survivor Augment not properly tracking revives or counting towards revive challenges as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/443040-nekros-soul-survivor-does-not-count-as-a-revive/
  • Fixed issue that would cause player’s map to break when trying to type during Ash’s Bladestorm animation.
  • Fixed a possible issue that caused windowed versions of Warframe to show a blank screen when the game is restarted after a crash.
  • Fixed players losing duplicate Arcane Helmets after trading one of the helmets.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur during an enemy ragdoll, causing a crash.
  • Fixed some instances where terrain would inappropriately meld into another room.
  • Fixed placement of hints during Simaris’ Scanning tutorial.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Effigy moving when in electric water or similar environmental hazards.
  • Fixed the Dojo Polychrome Bot being unable to be removed after placement, or potentially being able to be placed in an area that cannot be reached.
  • Fixed an issue that would not properly refund Platinum to the Clan Vault if a room painted via Polychrome that was rushed is destroyed.
  • Fixed issue that would cause knee-slide audio done by Clients to play for the Host anywhere on the map.
  • Fixed some instances of AMD driver crashes that would occur when minimizing Warframe.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when timing out in the Dojo, causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that would show Kubrows and Sentinels as wearing two badges.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Longhorn helmet not properly reflecting energy color.
  • Fixed AI pathing so that enemies no longer get stuck on pillars in the second phase of the Law of Retribution.
  • Fixed the minimap occasionally breaking in some rooms on the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed players having Primary and Secondary weapons unequipped after completing the tutorial.
  • Fixed Darvo’s VO not playing in the second mission in Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon skins were not displaying properly on login.
  • Fixed audio effects not properly going off when players capture a Cephalon in Cephalon Capture.
  • Fixed some broken water physics that would occur in the Orokin Void tileset.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Clients from being able to complete a Corpus Sabotage Mission after a Host Migration.
  • Fixed Arcane HUD indicators from showing as though they were debuffs from a Dragon Key.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when fighting Sargas Ruk in melee.
  • Fixed Clients that get knocked down appearing as though they are sliding to Hosts and other Clients.
  • Fixed error that would allow Punch Through Mods to create unlimited multishot when a weapon is fired through Volt’s Electric Shield.
  • Fixed players being able to get stuck under elevators on the Corpus Ice Planet.
  • Fixed MK1-Furis showing a price of 120 Platinum in the Market.
  • Fixed players showing as having default skins and colors when in a Relay.
  • Fixed issue where Clan Emblems would not show up until after logging in.
  • Fixed Uru and Pyro Sugatras not appearing properly on some weapons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Lephantis to become invisible and immune to damage.
  • Fixed some water clipping through textures on Earth Defense tilesets.
  • Fixed a typo in the Patient Zero Quest line.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in the Codex description of Defense Missions.
  • Fixed localization descriptions on Lephantis Nav Coordinates, they now refer to Lephantis instead of Golem.
  • Fixed default colors on a Warframe not displaying properly in the Codex diorama.
  • Fixed Kubrows who had their appearances altered in a previous Update.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to pick up Void Key in Void Sabotage Missions after killing the miniboss.
  • Fixed held melee attacks being usable in mid-air, causing a ‘gliding slam’ onto an area.  Slam attacks will now drop players directly to the ground.
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Still now fix for your cheat detection system PERMA BANNING players just because they have ahk.exe running, even though this situation was officially guaranteed to never happen in this PSA:


[...]Rest assured, running such software in isolation is not grounds for an immediate ban.


This locks innocent players out of the game, missing several timed events while having to wait 1+ week for the support to un-ban them.

I was banned for 6 days for using a script that is 1) within the green zone (autofire, push-to-talk holder) and has 2) not changed in months, but suddenly is a problem?
There's even a guy who got banned three times in one week.

This is not acceptable.

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