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Otherwise, yeah, they are very similar in terms of Effective HP. Hmm. A substantial armor buff wouldn't hurt at all on Rhino in that case.


And your armor is useless because every Rhino worth their salt presses 2222222 in 1 second or something when it breaks.

If short of energy, throw down an energy pizza, there done.


If the attack is already vaping near 3k+ Iron skin and 1110 worth of shields in 1 hit.

You are already playing waaay above your pay grade.


Rhino should not be armor tanked because armor means little to him.

If armor interacted with Iron skin where having armor does boost it, then yes, we might be onto something.


Otherwise no point wasting an armor buff on Rhino.

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Iron Skin's probably one of the abilities that needs a change the most. Much like direct-damage abilities, after a certain level it becomes a bigger waste of time to cast the ability because enemies can unpeel it just as quickly. It could seriously use something to increase its longevity as content level increases, much like Snow Globe received.

^This, basically. Iron Skin lost it's purpose long ago, it's basically become an ability you truly use at around level 10. Add something similar to Frost's Snow Globe (scale with HP/Armor aswell maybe?). Rhino Stomp, while mainly used for the Stasis, is probably still going to remain out of meta, especially if it's not recastable. Since what's the point of using it when you only have so much range, and the rest of the mobs that are coming into range you cannot affect with it? Rhino Charge should've had ragdoll back in 2013, I never got why such a poor looking ability like Pull has it, but a devastating ability (atleast it sounds so) like Rhino Charge doesn't. And why do I feel like Roar's duration increase instantly = lower damage increase?

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I think Rhino, needs an full rework if Im fully honest, the buffs sound good. Rhino Skin & Rhino Stomp should have buffs, like they are now and maybe slightly built better. But the rest of the powers need to go. Rhino Charge & Roar, don't seem very useful all that much.


I do love the buffs your going for Stomp, that's going to make it much better, but we need better powers then Charge & Roar, if you guys can think of something up, like you did with Excalibur, maybe have an new Ult for Rhino, and remove charge or roar.



Reb, if you like me to, I can post my own ideas down on how an rework is made, but I'll need time to gather my ideas and resocuses. I'll post my new ideas down after.  

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Everything in this thread looks very nice! The rework will surely bring some more love to Rhino. There's only one concern for me.


Even Excalibur has more armour than Rhino now, which is useful considering the role of Excalibur as a melee frame, but I believe Rhino should still have more. With several frames coming close to his armour rating and several more greatly surpassing him, Rhino is bound to have an identity crisis very soon. How is he supposed to tank if quite a few Warframes now can take more punishment than him?


And no, Iron Skin doesn't seem like a reasonable answer to me, because while it's true that it's effective throughout the whole star chart, high level missions will make it seem just as useful as covering yourself in tissue paper. I'm not even speaking about abilities like Hysteria - pure health damage will kill Rhino much faster than Valkyr, or Chroma, and the list now includes Excalibur as well.


Just throwing my two cents about Rhino's role. As I already stated, the changes are great and I'm sure they will make him much more effective, especially at crowd control (which he is only "somewhat" good at, as of now).



(I'm aware someone will have posted about all of this before me)

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Things that need to happen imo:


Rhino's base Armor needs to increase.


Rhino Charge:

The Proposed changes are good, but it needs to scale off range not duration, like the re-worked slash-dash.


Iron Skin:

Needs to be changed/buffed more then any of his other abilities put together. It is his iconic skill, much like Frost's snowglobe. I propose that it simply have armor applied to it, giving it some way to scale into higher level content.



While the changes are in the right direction, the skill honestly might need more changes aside from duration. I'd propose the duration be put somewhere between the proposed changes and what they are now, and give it some sort of CC effect, fear comes to mind. Speaking of CC effects, Piercing Roar is beyond useless with the proposed changes, it will need to be changed to match the duration of Roar itself, or it will never be used.



Proposed changes are good for two reasons: It makes duration more useful in the Rhino's build, and consequently makes strength harder to maximize. This prevents the skill from getting too out of hand, at helps with build diversity.


Along with all of the above, Iron Skin, Roar and Stomp all need to be recastable while they are active, Iron Skin needs it to prevent just being chipped away only to drop at the worse moment, and Roar/Stomp to prevent duration from hurting these skills by preventing them from being re-cast.

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Hmmm...Rhino was my main man back in Closed Beta (I have both Arcane helms to enjoy from then too muhahah! ...fear not, I sold my extras at a steal.)  I might have to give him another try.

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"Secondly, Iron Skin will be unchanged"


Let me tell you a story DE, its starts whit Rhino and it ends with his defence / appearance.


First of all I would like to present myself by telling that my IGN is IExteel and my main Warframe is Rhino Prime, so what I am about to say is based on experience / game wisdom:


In the beginning there was Rhino and Rhino was a thank and Rhino needs to be a tank.

But things have changed, you have buffed the mobs by their LVL and their play style, witch is good but not that good, because you forgot to revamp a lot of other Tennos, so, at that time, players had fun playing with melee weapons, and myself had that pleasant experience doing almost 50 waves of ODD solo whit a Galatine only, not to mention Survivals or other Void towers, but since then, the utility of a melee weapon is now based on its benefit to travel, using copter or air lance, so based on those facts, the melee weapons help you in travel / evade witch its not a normal thing to benefit from.

A melee weapon is suppose to help you survive in a fight whit a high LVL mob / boss, but now it's not the same, because, here it comes, players can not survive counting on melee, not even the strongest tanks like Chroma,Valkyr, Rhino, because their defense / health is like a small battery powering a car, so by these fact I suggest you take in consideration the following:


- the melee weapons should benefit from auto parry / counter so players can survive if their counting on them.

- the defense of a tank class should be improved by boosting up its armor / health so you can feel the difference while playing a solo / support / protector class not like the rest, to hit and run or spam kill so you wont die.


And if you have understood my point of view, then Rhino's Iron Skin shod benefit from a extra defense and even a appearance change like one or more of the following examples:


- it's defense shod be improved by casting Roar before you use Iron Skill ; - duration meaning + power strength ; Iron Skin shod benefit from armor mods / armor points, like Chroma dose.

-it's appearance is a continuous glitch, by the time it was released no adjustments where made, that texture dose not cover its full body, so it would be better to have some metallic circuits like when you activate the channeling or to have a transparent metal texture instead of the way it still looks now.


I hope you take these problems in consideration.

Thank you for your time.

Waiting for your updates.



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RIP Rhino, you will be missed.


No more CC Rhino build, even more so if the ability can't be recast. Can't just place max range and efficiency and then slap on tank mods anymore, now I need duration also, especially since Fleeting destroys my duration even more.


I don't understand why do you nerf him in places where he's good and buff him in places that he doesn't even need it? (the Charge buff is nice tho, that is perfect, anything else could be left as it is, MAYBE just add Iron Skin the ability that Frost's Globe has to absorb 4 seconds of damage in which you are invincible)

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Maybe give the tank frame a buff in armor then it'll be perfect.

This. Excal now has more armor than frost and rhino. Since rhino is the "heaviest" warframe, he should have more armor. Buff armor to around 450-500 (maybe too high, but being so bulky you would think that he should have a sizeable amount of armor). Edited by superdk90
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YAS ok they're not that awesome but it's something good.


Dash: it'll give more breahting space only against a melee throng since ranged units are scattered and can surround u unless dash n run, but it definitely means no more shield lancer/ moa/ ancient/ maggot/ etc blocking ur momentum if description woirks. may need a range boost though, unless their ragdoll velocity is fast enough


Iron skin: no comments, but maybe a mini-team buff? i.e. teammates in certain radius get dmg reduction


Roar: IMO it's main flaw against other dmg buffs (eclipse, Vexing Armour etc) is the lack of absolute strength, so the duration buff means its function as a simple dmg buff without tactical implications (sunbathe, get rekt for muscles etc) will be its strength. Not complaining though :D


Stomp: Prob too late for it to be salvaged as a spammable/ effective dmg ulti (compared to miasma, javelin etc) under the low duration build, but as a ultility ulti it may see more use now (unless said utility builds compromise duration in the new stomp).

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Alright here are my changes i said that I'll post, Enjoy and Reb please let me kown what you think, as this is an feedback topic.


Thank you!



Reworked Rhino:
1.Roar: Same as before, but with DE's changes, but warframe's powers gain strength from Roar, Allies no longer need to be in-range & can be cast on the move.
2. Shifted Stasis (Rhino Stomp, Just renamed): Rhino supercharges his warframe and roars loudly while he stomps the ground with tremendous force, immediately dealing  Magnetic damage around him, mostly unchanged, just with DE's changes and some visual changes. 
3.Fragmentation: Rhino turns himself into an warframe grenade, placing him at the center of a blast radius that inflicts a ranged sphere of damage on surrounding targets, in all directions, without focus or aim. Dealing high amount of blast damage. (Like Deus Ex HE)
4. Dermal Armor: Rhino hardens his skin to create a reinforcing buffer with 400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 Alloy Armor-based hit-points. While the buffer is active, Rhino becomes immune to all damage and Status Effects. dermal armor no longer ticks down when taking damage, but slowly drains energy, like exalt sword.
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Please rework iron skin... change it to damage reduction or so it will increase rhinos hp and armor... please something... iron skin right now is op on low lvl and useless on high lvl enemies...

Please give rhino charge new animation... it looks really... I dont know... old :/

For example: for 10 seconds every enemy rhino hits while running gets ragdolled.

And last: Increase rhinos armor!!! :´(

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Except we need less reasons to play max strength and more reasons to play max duration for Rhino.



(snipped content here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/479260-rhino-charge-roar-stomp/page-8#entry5341436 )


The only (or the main) reason why people go for the duration build, is because of Roar. So obviously, when people build for Roar, they'll want to go for as much duration as possible.


However, the max duration Charge has its downsides. That thing is a lot of fun, it's ok for mobility, but not exactly viable for the combat.

Duration Charge:


By having the Charge be affected by duration, you end up hurting the skill when going for the only viable duration build: Roar.



I understand that you're suggesting we have more options to build our Rhino. But I do not agree with you if you believe that people will stop using their Roar build just because of Charge, if the Charge is no longer affected by the duration.

Well, Charge may play some role in peoples build once the ragdoll has been applied or once it can compete with the other skills. But for now, most will only pay attention to duration if it has an effect on Stomp, Roar and/or Iron Skin. Because those are currently the skills that provide a much more viable builds.



Basically, if we want for Rhino to have other viable builds, we need to look at all the skills.

Max duration should have some possitive effect on 2 to 3 skills for it to be "usefull". And not just positive, but at least be as viable as (or close to) the other options.


As I see it now, the max duration will no longer hurt only Charge, but also the Stomp with the upcoming update.

However, duration builds will become very popular if the Stomp has its cooldown removed.

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About Rhino stomp



Would it be possible to make it castable in the air? If so Rhino would just plummet to the ground like the meteor ! I think it could be useful in the more vertical maps+ With parkour 2.0 getting to a high spot and slamming into the ground could be a lot of fun :)

This would be awesome! Something Like dive bomb but with the stomp once you hit the ground!

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