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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 4


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Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 4


Script Information:


We've run a script for those affected by Void Key to Relics. See this PSA thread for more information.  

Conclave Changes & Fixes:

- Reduced the damage of Stradavar's semi-auto mode in Conclave.
- Quick melee attacks in Conclave now use the first combo of the Equipped weapon/stance.

Market Changes:

- Added a 'Blueprints' filter to the Market beside the 'Hide Owned' filter so you can better see available Blueprints.
- Removed prices from the store grid to remove the impression our game only has Platinum items.
- Added a 'Purchase with Credits' button to the 'About' section of each item, where applicable.


- Doubled the chance to get a Kavat Genetic Signature on scanning of Feral Kavats.
- Void Fissure Junction challenges can now be completed on any planet. For example, before the a Junction could say request 3 Void Fissures be closed. This request was specific to the planet the Junction was on, which was not indicated in the UI. Now you can do the Void Fissure anywhere to count toward your Junction Challenge Tasks.
- Improved visibility on the new Star Chart for which nodes should be played next.
- Rebalanced the Rhino Specter in the Junction to be more manageable for new players.
- Updated the Earth (to Venus) challenge text to better indicate the challenge requirement to  "Apply 4 MODS to a single Warframe or Weapon", not just overall.
- Swapped the "Nightmare Mission" Junction Challenge with "Kill the Hyena Pack."
- Removed Arc Traps spawning in Vor's Prize.


- Fixed a progression stopper in 'The New Strange' quest if players had already completed one or more of the crafting stages before the Update.
- Fixed a progression stopper in 'The New Strange' where Elite Arid Lancers were required for scanning, now it just requires regular Arid Lancers.
- Fixed an issue with the 'Hidden Messages' Quest not rewarding proper Blueprints when playing the corresponding nodes.
- Fixed Synthesis Targets not counting as completed once they are scanned.
- Fixed an issue with a Junction progression stopper task by replacing the crafting requirements of Vapor Specters.
- Fixed continued issues with the Landing Craft ramp not deploying during the Second Dream quest.
- Fixed issues with Clients not seeing Void Fissure lighting and effects.
- Fixed an issue where fusing a Mod that was equipped would unequip it or equip an unranked version instead of keeping the proper Mod installed.
- Fixed Nova's Molecular Prime not playing any sounds after the first ka-boom.
- Fixed Cat's Eye Precept audio playing 2 times on clients.
- Fixed issues with volume and radius of Kavat precept sound effects.
- Fixed various crashes and game hangs.
- Fixed a loss of functionality in Relays if you selected a Void Fissure mission.
- Fixed players seeing Trial nodes in the Star Chart despite not owning keys.
- Fixed melee holstering issues on a number of Prime Warframes and Hydroid.
- Fixed issue with 'Owned' labels not properly applying to certain items in the Market.
- Fixed missing sounds on Fang Prime / Dual Ether Dagger melee attacks.
- Fixed missing fanfare on 'Mission Complete' UI.
- Fixed Launcher not remembering your Fullscreen preference option for the game.



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thank you for the hotfix


and here WhiteText:

...and here a part purple text:

sadly it wasn't a redtext :s (the text was always adapting to the color of the person above^^ so I got it purple by surprise...it was strange :3)



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white and purple and red an-- oh.. no red this time :3
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Appreciate the hotfix, but PLEASE look at the comments on that PSA thread about the relic conversion; many people are upset about only getting 5 as compensation for the bug that made people lose hundreds of keys they earned on the remaining relics for no reason. 

EDIT: Apologies for the late notice, but Rebecca did check out our comments and reply to the thread; it sounds like she will attempt to make "another round" of relic distribution if the devs are willing to do that. We shall see how that ends up turning out. Link to reply:


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Um, is Melee movement fixed? Can't move forward while sprinting and meleeing.  TESTED: Nope, not fixed. This puts the DE in DEplorable.


Seriously, didn't fix always starting in Windowed mode either? K, this seems fixed....


Wait, doubled the chance for a Genetic Code? To what? 5%? :poop: 


I mean, thanks for the other stuff I guess.

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DE could have been nice by also doubling everyone's current inventory of DNA scans for Kavats and granting a player 10 DNA scans for every Kavat they had in storage and incubator segment build.

I built a segment and bred a kavat after farming very very hard the last couple of days. It would have been simple fairness to do this for the players that already farmed.

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Thank you!

We needed those fixes so badly.

Awesome work btw. Keep it up!


Edit: Not sure if this is the right place but I might as well add these.

1.- Staves, Polearms and Scythes having a wrong position when holstered.


2.- Smeeta Kavat ruining stealth when it comes into contact with an unalerted enemy while in stealth (Ivara's Prowl, Loki's Invisibility, etc) making this enemy aware of the Kavat's presence and thus making the Kavat proc its Mischief. Resulting in enemies shooting at the decoy and activating the alarms.


3.- When trying to "Interact with [Enter companion name here]" in the Incubator the screen fails to focus the wrong location, all you get to see is the camera looking towards the Arsenal. Sadly I couldn't reproduce it before posting but it's happened like 4-5 times so far.


4.- Correct me if I am wrong but... Can't select to play normal mission anymore? There is a good example going on right now, there is an invasion at Neptune - Psamathe, meaning one cannot kill Hyena and thus is unable to complete Pluto Junction right now.

 I mean that's an interesting idea, making a node focus only on a different objetive in real time for all players.

If that's the case then we could use dynamic nodes, where missions objetives change from time to time? Multi-Objetives maybe? Sounds good to me xD.

Anyways, the thing is... Even if you complete this invasion you are unable to play the normal mission, so you must wait for the invasion to end.

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Adding info about some issues.
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