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Underappreciated weapons you use.

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I have been playing with 3 non-meta weapons lately. All thanks to riven mods.

1. Flux rifle. 5Forma. Riven +87,1% Cold, +162,3% Crit chance, +91,5 Multishot

Build it for status. But sadly it did not fulfill my expectations

2.Tiberon. 5Forma, Riven +46,7% Magazine cap. +86,4% multishot, +92,3% Heat

Works nice. The magazine capacity really helps the weapon.

3.Supra. 8Forma...-.-' Riven +133,5% Multishot, +140,1% Status Duration, -61,8% Impact

I build it for pure dmg and with total +223,5% multishot it shot 3-4 rounds per shot. With heavy caliber it has spread like a shotgun and with Shred the fire rate is 16,25. Its like laser Ignis :D

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Dont know, Braton P and Zhuge counts as uderappreciated weapons, but im like em :D Also, single Viper with augment (now kinda rare in use, due to overusing of Vasto P and Brakk, also, Twin Rogga). From melees - im totally mainstream. Secura Lecta for credits, most of time Nikana P, sometimes Venka P (i have Galatine P too, but not so like it). Only 1 REALLY underappreciated, and, really underpowered weapon - Machete Wraith. Now with nightwatch skin i can recolor it :D DE, NEW STANCE PLEASE! We not forget your promise of new stance after TWW!

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5 hours ago, (PS4)ToastyFairy01 said:




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Don't judge me!


this^ try the Grinlok, OP. it's a good sniper in disguise, and a true marksman's weapons. once you get good with iron sights, you can one-shot most things from ridiculous distances, with no scope needed, and it has perfect ammo efficiency for being a Rifle. get a good Riven for it and you have the ultimate MLG Sniper.

I would also recommend the Tiberon if you're into burst rifles, it handles beautifully and hits pretty hard, and it's stylish as hell!

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Dual Kamas Prime with 2 (soon more) Forma on them. They shred.

Amprex with 200%+ Crit Chance. 45k+ Redcrit Shots..aw yeah.

Spira Prime. Don't know if they are underappreciated, but i've never seen other people use them.

Angstrum. that thing rocks.

Dex Furis built for Crit.

Dual Skana (before i've had the dual Kamas). Wish there'd be a prime Version, but Founders wouldn't like that. Also DE said in the past that they'll not do it.

Dark Dagger. Actually pretty nice, even against Sorties (with no Covert Lethality/Finisher)

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So much Supra, thanks to Riven mods. I just love having this really ridiculously large gun, which sprays colourful glowy orbs all over the place, from three barrels! You just walk in there, hose them all down, no need for precision or trigger discipline, just happy space Rambo. ♥

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A few I've got rivens for that have made some of my old favs amazing again.

Synapse - with a crit%/crit dmg%/heat%/-status duration mod. Always red crits, sometimes over 200k every tick. I melt single target like they never existed.

Braton Prime - love everything about this gun. Got a +dmg/+slash dmg/ +multi/ -mag capacity riven that turns this into a shredding machine. I use this a lot with good ol nekros when farming. Plus it's just a fun as heck gun in general.

Kohm - No rivens cause its a shotgun, but when you build this right with firespeed and stuff....man it's fun. Desecrate nekros LOVES this weapon (or hates) as it'll cut bodies into 2-4 pieces, each that can bring more loot. The reason he "hates" the gun is if you run despoil and demolish a group running at you, you can almost kill yourself from so many pieces at once.

Flux Rifle - My other nekros farming gun, especially if I don't really feel like aiming as carefully as the kohm and braton. +dmg/+multi/+element makes this shine. I always loved the gun but after the "fix" to continuous weps it fell off big time.

Ignis - this I know is considered "meta" yet I never ever see others using it. I got a really nice +dmg/+multi/+fire riven that lets me bring this all the way to sortie 3 now. This is the ultimate click and forget weapon. I actually only really use this on low level alerts, infested sorties or syndicate medallion/sculpture hunting.

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It's not really "non-meta", but I don't see many ignises and amprexes. And I love those. 
Also blast + status sonicor. Sure sonicor is very popular, but I've never been in a game with someone else who believes in the grineer spaceflight program. 

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Vulkar Wraith, Latron Prime, and the Redeemer. The first two because they both sound amazing to fire, the third because, well...

It is a shotgun-sword. A shotgun.... that is also a sword. 

That's all that needs to be said about that.

Edit: also Boar Prime, built for 100% status and with Sweeping Serration to sway the stat-procs toward Slash.  Because, well, the Tigris Prime can go **** itself. That thing's duplet shot mechanic and tiny magazine make it the worst feeling shotgun in the game to me. (Seriously holding down the fire button to NOT fire the second shot? Who actually thought that was a good idea, gameplay-wise?)

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Paracyst and Mutalist Cernos.

I don't think I've brought my Paracyst to any serious content, though, as it's basically a Burston Prime with worse accuracy, worse damage, worse fire rate, no syndicate burst, and better status. That, and it really does not work well with Ivara since you can't really afford to drop damage mods to silence it.

The Mutalist Cernos, on the other hand, I've taken to sorties, and it does okay as long as I bring a frame that can boost its damage a bit (like Ivara or Nova) to actually finish off the enemies that are stuck being knocked down by the Corrosive-Blast cloud.

I should really look into getting Rivens for these...


37 minutes ago, Jackviator said:

(Seriously holding down the fire button to NOT fire the second shot? Who actually thought that was a good idea, gameplay-wise?)

Because firing one shot on mouse down and another shot on mouse up is faster and easier on the fingers than double clicking when you need two shots. There are enemies that will survive a single shot from the weapon.

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Attica and Drakgoon. The Attica is such a good weapon and it's a shame that I don't see many people using it. It's silent, has good per-shot damage and crit chance. Not to mention the fact that it's accuracy is pin point while aiming and even when modded for high fire rate, the recoil is super easy to manage. As for the Drakgoon, the duel fire mode and punch through on charged shots make it a really versatile weapon. Also it does not suffer damage fall off like every other shotgun in the game. 


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Tonbo.  I love how it looks and I'm basically lazy so I like that is has a nice reach when breaking open crates.   Though it's been getting a bit neglected lately due to the arrival of the Zenistar.

I also use the Ignis quite a bit but that's with Saryn so that's more of a meta thing than using some weird weapon from the olden times.  Probably doesn't count in this case.


Used to be a huge Atomos fan (was pretty annoying about it in fact, Atomos-evangilist?) but the Sonicor displaced it.  I couldn't resist the ludicrous crowd control.

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Phage, I never see anyone use it, it is stable, with good ammo conservation, is hard hitting, and the aim mechanics give it it's own unique feel. The lesion is also a fun option I never see used. The tonbo as mentioned above is a sweet weapon, and the closest we have so far to a true spear, however we still don't have exclusively spear-like weapons or stances (staves are not the same)

Grinlok is one of my absolute favorite primaries in this game, I Also really like the vulkar wraith. I'd also present the ogris as I haven't seen it mentioned. Never seen anyone use it except once in conclave, and while I personally feel it should do so much more at base stats, it's a badass looking weapon, and with nightwatch napalm has a sweet cc that, while it does not do as much as it should, it's still fun to use.

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