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PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.1 + Prime Vault Unsealed + Hotfixes!


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  • Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.10.1


Conquer the unknown with this fortress of exquisite style.

Transform any pistol, with this baroque revolver skin.
*This skin can be equipped on any dual or single pistol Secondary!

Venture into uncharted territory with Mesa Presidio’s signature Syandana.

Become a fortress of style with this collection of deluxe items that includes the Mesa Presidio Skin, Perla Pistol Skin, and the Constella Syandana.

3x New Warframe Augments!
At Max rank, Razorwing flight speed is increased by 25% and fire rate increased by 25% for 8 seconds when using abilities. Stacks up to 4 times!
*TItania's new Augment can be found in New Loka or Red Veil!

At Max rank, Headshot kills increase Crit Chance bonus duration by 3 seconds!
*Harrow's new Augment can be found in Red Veil or Arbiters of Hexis!

At Max rank, reactivate Larva to detonate and deal 300 Toxin damage in 5-meter range. This damage stacks for every enemy grabbed by Larva!
*Nidus's new Augment can be found in the Perrin Sequence or Steel Meridian!

Equinox on hold! We're actually going back to the drawing board on the Equinox Mend / Maim Augment. After more testing, we simply didn't like how it was working and we're trying out an entirely new design.

TennoGen Round 11 - Part 1 Bundles

TennoGen Bundle XVIII





TennoGen Bundle XIX 

  •  Oberon Ferosh Helmet by malayu and The_Grimmrock
  •  Rhino Mastodon Skin by Vulbjorn
  •  Vauban Graxx Skin by Faven (please note that the screenshots display a white tint on his back. This is an older version, as the current in-game version has the artist intended change of tint coloring)
  •  Saryn Napellus Skin by lukinu_u
  •  Wukong Auman Skin by Rekkou
  •  Hydroid Poseidon Skin by Stenchfury




General Additions:

  • The Day 800 Tribute Milestone is here! For those Tenno who have been with Warframe since the beginning of its release on consoles, you may be fast approaching the Day 800 Login Reward! Upon reaching Day 800, dedicated Tenno will receive the Lodestar Syandana!LodestarSyandana.jpg
  • The War Within Choice Scene has been added to Captura! Completing The War Within for the first time will reward this in your Inbox. For those that have already completed The War Within quest, it has been retroactively added to your Captura Scene selection right on login.
  • Added "Replay Quest" option for the following Quests in your Codex: 
    • Apostasy Prologue 
    • A Man of Few Words
    • Stolen Dreams
  • Melee weapons will now display a 'Block Damage' reduction stat in the Arsenal! This stat varies mostly between weapon categories, and while there are only select Mods that enhance the effects of blocking, the stat is still valuable to expose the mechanic. If you favor a melee playstyle, we hope you find this information valuable!
  •  Added a bit more variety to the dynamic weather in the Plains: Wind will become stronger if it is pouring. Currently, rain and wind are independent of each other and cycle in a predictable pattern that we want to avoid.
  •  Added a reusable Blueprint for converting Intact Sentient Cores to Exceptional Sentient Cores. This Blueprint is available from Onkko in Cetus. This is an addition to help provide an alternative, but still invested, way for players to progress in the Quills.
  •  Added back long lost functionality of showing 'Inspect Player' help text when looking at other Players in Relays/Cetus.
  •  The Teralyst has a new purple shield bar that will appear overtop its health bar until depleted. This is to give players a better indication of how much shields it has left.
  •  We now present players with the option to buy a Forma Bundle when using the Upgrade screen to install Forma.
  •  Added filters to the Fish inventory screen at Fisher Hai-Luk's shop (Small, Medium, Large).
  •  Added distinct icons for Elevator controls going up or down and increased the speed of some Elevators.
  •  You can now decide to only allow friend invites from certain groups (All, Friends of Friends, etc).
  •  You can now see how many of a given Mod you own if you click it through Chat Linking!
  •  Added Time of Day text to the Free Roam node for the Plains of Eidolon!
    •  Added separate category for Sentient and Eidolon kills in Profile stats.
    •  Added each type of fish from the Plains in the Codex.
    •  Added a small delay when transitioning to jog from run after firing a weapon so you have time to play your fire animation. Before depending on the weapons refire wait time, you wouldn't have enough time to raise your arms so bullets sort of just shot out of your body.
    •  Added ‘Defend’ icons to Eidolon Lures in the Plains. This icon will change to blue (0, 219, 255 to be exact) when the Lure is fully charged.
    •  Added options to Flip Horizontal and Vertical for artwork within the Display customization window.
    •  Added 4 new Grineer Asteroid Capture/loot rooms, and a new Capture objective room.
    •  Added a Settings options for enabling/disabling hit sounds. This will be a toggle that disables the function entirely (instead of just muting the mixer) to save performance when disabled.
    •  Added a Kuva count label under the ‘confirm’ button when attempting to reroll a Riven to inform you of how much Kuva you currently have.


    • Bounties are now Mastery Rank tiered! In the current system, a player of any Mastery Rank could queue up and join any Bounty, even the highest level ones! In order to avoid a mismatch in experience, we've simply set each Bounty to have a default Mastery Rank. It looks a little something like this: prototype_sabotage.png
    • You can now properly waypoint dropped weapon parts/Blueprints.
    • More than doubled the size of the Cetus Wisp pickup radius. This will allow you to obtain the Cetus Wisp from further away instead of needing to be right on top of it.
    • Reduced Vay Hek's zap Magnetic Status to not drain Energy completely.
    • Items claimed while in the foundry's "In Progress" tab will now stay in the tab until the tab is changed so you can choose to build it again right after.
    • Warframe Specters are now much smarter! If you don't recall, Specters are craftable gear you can equip to summon an AI companion in battle. We've done a general intelligence pass on their proficiency with Weapons, and we've also updated their power-casting logic. Virtually every power is now castable with only a few exceptions! Specters CANNOT cast the following Abilities: Vauban's Minelayer, Ivara's Zipline, Titania's Razorwing, Nekros’ Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead, Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Valkyr’s Hysteria, Wukong’s Primal Fury, Cloud Walker, and Defy, Atlas’ Petrify and Tectonics, Limbo's entire kit (save for the damage aspect of Banish), and finally Zephyr’s Dive Bomb.
    • Zaw strike Plague Kripath now uses the default Rapier holster position when used with a one-handed Zaw Grip.
    • The Plague Kripath now uses Rapier melee style instead of Sword melee style.
    • Itzal Penumbra now turns off sprint toggle so you don't immediately cancel out of the cloak when using it.
    • Plains of Eidolon Sorties are now a string of 3 encounters that must be completed in order to finish the mission.
    • Made improvements towards the dynamic sky in the Plains to reduce sun lens flare popping.
    • Increased the drop chance of Intact Sentient Cores from Vomvalysts to 100%.
    • Improvements towards enemy navigation throughout the Corpus Ice Planet Defense tileset.
    • Replaced the Jupiter-Saturn Junction requirement of ‘defeat the Raptor on Europa’ with ‘complete Baal on Europa’. This is due to the Raptor’s boss fight getting increasingly difficult after his re-work, which created frustration for newer players attempting to unlock the Junction.
    • Tweaked wording/order in the Landing Craft menu:
      •  Renamed ‘PLACE DECORATIONS’ to ‘DECORATE’
      •  Flipped the order of those two options
    • Tweaked the brightness/visibility of Frost’s Snow Globe in the Plains at night.
    • When browsing Warframes/weapons to equip, you will now see the equipped Skin displayed on the Warframe/weapon icon instead of the default icon.
    • Optimized away about 250KB of code spread throughout the whole game (over 1% savings!)
    • Optimized memory related to the Star Chart.
    • Increased Stubba's ammo pool from 285 to 399.
    • Removed the Mastery Rank 2 requirement from the MK1-Furis.
    • Sarpa and Redeemer trace distance reduced to 300m to match the rest of the non-sniper weapons.
    • Headshots from the Arca Plasmor will no longer give a headshot multiplier. The Arca Plasmor was designed to hit multiple targets with a high-status chance, but with wide wave projectiles and inherent punch-through, a single shot could result in multiple headshots. With it being a shotgun, it was never intended to behave as a precision weapon, and the bonus pushed it too far out of that mold.
    • Updated description of Kwath (Grip) to properly inform of its stats:
      •  "Light weight" now reads "Heavy weight"
      •  "increase in speed" now reads "increase in damage"
      •  "cost of damage" now reads "cost of speed".
    • Updated the description on Zaw balances to say "link" instead of "counterweight".
    • Updated all mentions of "anti-matter" to read "antimatter".
    • Update description of Nova's Null Star to reflect the damage reduction it gives per particle:
    • Each active particle gives +5% damage reduction to Nova's Health, stacking up to 90%.
    • Equinox's Night-Form 'Mend' now regenerates Shields of Allies as enemies are killed within range.
    • Replace a vaulted Relic (Meso V2) with a current Relic (Meso H1) in the Daily Tribute rewards.
    • Spearfishing spears can now kill Condrocs and Kuakas if you wish to do that.
    • Removed the equip sound from the Fishing Spear.
    • Updated the Design Council tips that appear in the loading screen and removed some that don’t apply anymore.
    • When the Acolytes are live, players will only see them in the World State panel once they've completed Vor's Prize.
    •  Sabotage missions on Settlement, Shipyards, and Gas City tilesets now have 2 stages.
    • Eidolon Lures now follow both Warframe or Operator rather than just the Warframe. The Lure will also now teleport to the player it’s following if/when it gets too far away/stuck.
    • Security cameras now trigger more intelligently, the Corpus have upgraded their software.
    • Improved the UI on Defection missions by having instruction text, aligning objectives, and better colour coding for defector icons.
    • Increased duration of Duality Augment to be 10 seconds at Max Rank (affected by Duration Mods).
    • Second Dream now has two vaults instead of three during the first Spy mission.
    • Disabled Stalker, Arc traps, and random transmissions during some quest missions.
    • Updated some doors which still had red non-interactive locked materials to new off versions.
    • Instead of redundantly showing both Fire Rate and Charge Rate on bows, they now hide Fire Rate unless comparing to a non-bow weapon.
    •  Changed the background on selected Tenno customizations to be the same white as when selecting customizations from the Arsenal.
    •  Improved Sprint/Toggle Sprint so that sprinting stops less often.
    •  Standing in place with sprint key down no longer causes the sprint posture (for the purposes of Prowl and such).
    •  When a player tries to sell their last Sentinel, a more informative message will appear to explain why it cannot be sold.
    •  Somachord now continues playing where you left off when you return to your Orbiter.
    •  Somachord Tones now have their own marker icon when waypointing/finding one in a mission.
    •  Removed the "kill unalerted enemies" or "hack 1 terminal" Challenges from The Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict.
    •  Increased the Health of the Loki Specter in the Neptune Junction on Uranus.
    •  Changed the 'disable sniper scopes' HUD option to be 'use sniper scopes' instead to fit with the positive style of other option wordings.
    •  Increased follow radius of Drone in the Drone Hijack Incursion from 30m to 50m.
    •  Lowered health of Grineer Auto Turrets from 1250 to 1100.
    •  Lowered health from 650 to 550 and armor from 100 to 75 of the big Dropship Turret.
    •  Nox enemies will now react when being damaged by a Stealth attack. Before they would remain not alerted after taking some stealthy damage.
    •  Operators will now automatically go back into Void Mode after a Void Blast if crouch is still being held (and they have enough Energy).
    •  Replaced old damaged Liset ship in Vor’s Prize cinematic with new damaged version.

    Vay Hek Changes:

    •  You can now damage Vay Hek up to 25% of his total Health (was 10% previously) while his Propaganda Drone is active before it shuts off. This will result in less waiting around, and will make Vay Hek in Terra Frame easier to deal with.
    •  Reduced base Armor of Vay Hek in his Terra Frame from 225 to 200.

    Ghoul Bounty Changes:

    The Ghouls have burrowed back deep into the ground with the coming of this update. Konzu no longer seeks your aid (for now) as the Ghoul Bounties have been removed from his board. However, the Ghouls can and will reappear, and when they do, the following changes will be active on their next visit:

    •  Ghoul Lore Fragments are simply way more likely to drop within Bounties now.
    •  Ghoul enemies themselves can now also drop the Lore Fragments (and Ghouls always have a chance to appear outside of Ghoul Bounties!).
    •  Ghoul Bounty tables have received new items including Nitain, Cetus Wisps, and Breath of the Eidolon!

    Market Changes:

    The following Market changes have been made to be more user-friendly and easier to browse:

    •  The top left HOME tab has been renamed to CATEGORIES
    •  The Drop Down Icon has changed to an Arrow
    •  Renamed the first category in the drop-down menu (currently called HOME) to FEATURED
    •  Updated Icons for CATEGORIES and FEATURED
    •  The TennoGen tab in the Market now has individual categories to better organize and sort the amazing growing collection of TennoGen items.
    •  Warframes and Weapons that you have fully ranked up will now display a ‘Mastered’ label in the items panel when viewing them in the Market diorama.

    Quartakk Changes:

    •  Converted the Quartakk to a burst fire that fires all 4 rounds at the same time instead of a semi-auto that fires 4 bullets per shot.
    •  Increased fire rate from 6.32 to 12.67.
    •  Increased Accuracy from 58.8 to 90.9.
    •  Reduced damage from 51 to 27.

    Objective Text Changes:

    •  Changed Vault timer UI text in Spy missions to flash red instead of grey and added /!\ warning icon like in Interception missions.
    •  Tweaked Plains Bounty objective text to make hierarchy and relatedness clearer by enlarging, bolding, and aligning with other objective text on the screen.

    Boss Reward Location Changes:

     In an effort to balance the acquisition of Warframes, we’ve shifted some boss drop locations.

    •  Excalibur from Pluto to Mars - meaning Lieutenant Lech Kril now possess Excalibur parts
    •  Frost from Mars to Ceres - meaning Lieutenant Lech Kril/Captain Vor now possess Frost parts
    •  Trinity from Ceres to Pluto - meaning Ambulas now possess Trinity parts

    Conclave Changes:

    •  Viper Wraith damage reduced in Conclave.
    •  Reduced the projectile width of the Arca Plasmor.
    •  Reduced dash distance of Conclave stance Fateful Truth's Leaping Blade.
    •  Conclave Mod Skull Shots can no longer refresh while it's effect is active.
    •  The Conclave Mod Overcharged description now correctly states that 100% of 50 Energy converted to Energy on respawn.
    •  Conclave Stance Fateful Truth Leading Blade combo now only hits once during the dash.
    •  Conclave Stance Fateful Truth Sudden Spring combo damage reduced.

    Fixes (expand spoiler to see full list)!:

    • Fixes towards squads getting separated when enroute to the Plains. This resulted in some players successfully loading into the Plains and some remaining stuck in the hallway perpetually loading.
    • Fixed Junctions not properly unlocking after weapon crafting requirements have been fulfilled, as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/904615-can’t-complete-junctions-with-crafting-requirements-fix-coming/
    • Fixed not switching Cetus instances when accepting an invitation from another player in a different instance.
    • Fixed being left behind in Cetus if you joined a Host the moment they ran into the hallway and saw the loading spinner icon.
    • Fixed an issue where players who joined a session after the host returned to Cetus from the Plains could receive different rewards than the Host if they subsequently did Bounties together.
    • Fixed Konzu Bounty board not auto-refreshing a minute after current batch expires.
    • Fixed Bounties not consistently being marked as "completed" on Bounty board after finishing them.
    • Fixed Gara's Splinter Storm not dealing damage while invisible (Shade, Huras, Octavia etc).
    • Fixed Blade Storm making Ash unarmed when it ends if he activates it while holding a Scanner.
    •  Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm not removing the temporary melee weapon given to Ash if the only weapon he has is a Speargun (Javlok, Scourge, etc) and he's currently thrown the Speargun out when activating Blade Storm.
    •  Fixed being able to reach inaccessible areas (and becoming trapped) in the Jordas Verdict stage 2 tileset.
    •  Fixed Shred decreasing Vauban's armour instead of the enemies'.
    •  Fixed the Telos Boltace Stormpath ability not working with the Maruta Tonfa Skin equipped.
    •  Fixed Eidolon Vomvalyst Lure tether not appearing on Clients.
    •  Fixed some Decorations not being removed from the Vignette area when switching Vignettes.
    •  Fixed Tactical Reload Mod not working on the Quartakk as a Client.
    •  Fixed Cetus Wisps being updated while the game was paused -- this could lead to them escaping while you answered the phone.
    •  Fixed Mirage Prime’s Hall of Mirror clones using some of the default Mirage texture on their bodies.
    •  Fixed the Mandachord Reload button not reloading the song and preventing any audio from the notes.
    •  Fixed the Host being forced to freeze when playing the ‘burrowing Ascaris’ moment, while the Client actually playing the tutorial is not, resulting in the player being frozen in midair.
    •  Fixed the Cetus gate during a Sortie in the Plains not being blocked for Clients (who could simply return to Cetus for free victory).
    •  Fixed Infested Crawlers standing upright when being stunned. This occurs when they are being affected by Elemental damage (fire/electricity) or knocked on their backs.
    •  Fixed Client not seeing certain Decorations when boarding another Orbiter.
    •  Fixed Client seeing incorrect Orbiter Energy color when boarding another Orbiter.
    •  Fixed Rhino’s Roar buff VFX not appearing on the helmets of Client players when viewed by Client players. The host sees the VFX on all parts for all players.
    •  Fixed not being able to Melee again upon throwing the Sigma & Octanis shield while using Exalted Blade on Excalibur, until you deactivate and reactivate the power.
    •  Fixed the Sigma & Octantis not having any Elemental FX or Energy trails.
    •  Fixed Nezha not throwing his Blazing Chakram off his back when the Nezha Devine or Yaksha Skin is equipped.
    •  Fixed the Companion HUD bleedout timer pausing after using Transference.
    •  Fixed items placed in the Vignette and then moved outside the Vignette getting removed upon changing the Vignette.
    •  Fixed some enemy navigation issues in Uranus Defense tilesets.
    •  Fixed some enemy navigation and cover issues in the Grineer Shipyard Interception tilesets.
    •  Fixed the Defense cryopod target popping in and out of the cryopod when standing on top of it.
    •  Fixed not being able to rotate small Orbiter Decorations correctly.
    •  Fixed energy trail FX on Palatine hammer Skin being positioned wrong when equipped on several weapons.
    •  Fixed intermediate area markers displaying as an area marker instead of an icon when near the objective/extraction.
    •  Fixed waypoint markers remaining visible in Cetus after that player has left.
    •  Fixes towards Warframe abilities used by any NPCs sometimes not functioning properly.
    •  Fixed Mesa's Regulators not receiving pistol upgrades for missions where you start in Archwing (Uranus).
    •  Fixed remote players hearing 3 shot sounds instead of 2 per Mesa Peacemaker fire.
    •  Fixed Hive sometimes not becoming vulnerable after destroying nodes.
    •  Fixed Specter abilities sometimes not working.
    •  Fixed the 750 Daily Tribute rewarding you 3 Exilus Adapters instead of the intended 1.
    •  Fixed a grammatical error in Teshin’s Inbox message after completing The War Within quest.
    •  Fixed the Operator Amp flickering in and out of the folded position when previewing/selecting new colors for the Amp in Operator customization screen.
    •  Fixed Clients not gaining Amp Brace bonuses.
    •  Fixed the UI not identifying the Juttni/Clapkra Brace recharge delay reduction/energy increase respectively.
    •  Fixed being able to fire the Granmu Prism faster than intended by using Void Blast cancels.
    •  Fixed female Operators having distorted faces, particularly when applying Focus-specific Animation Stances.
    •  Fixed alt-fire short circuiting reload loops. This was specifically happening with the Corinth.
    •  Fixed static indicators on the ability UI not being updated when Transferring from Warframe to Operator and then back to Warframe.
    •  Fixed chat pings for people with 'special' names when they're mentioned in another channel.
    •  Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX to flicker at certain angles.
    •  Fixed the Clan tier not increasing if the current max size of the alliance, including your Clan, plus the new Clan size, was over the max.
    •  Fixed Client Gear item cooldowns not saving if a Host migration occured.
    •  Fixed some flickering windows in the Uranus tileset.
    •  Fixed a loss of functionality when placing and attempting to change the Glyph Display from default on your Orbiter.
    •  Fixed a script error when loading the Operator customization screen with a controller.
    •  Fixed a script error when selecting/deselecting fish rapidly at Fisher Hai-Luk.
    •  Fixed a script error that caused the Arsenal UI to break after returning to Cetus.
    •  Fixed a script error when Mining in the Plains.
    •  Fixed a script crash that would occur when trying to Mod your Melee weapon in the Simulacrum Arsenal while Excalibur’s Exalted Blade is active.
    •  Fixed not returning to the Relay outside of the Simulacrum when leaving it.
    •  Fixed a script error that occurred after completing missions.
    •  Fixed a progstop in The War Within quest caused by Transference being broken for players playing through for the first time.
    •  Fixed a progstop in Vor’s Prize where the Arsenal Segment wouldn’t install.
    •  Fixed the Tusk Command Dargyn sometimes refusing to spawn in assassinate missions and preventing you from completing the Bounty.
    •  Fixed a bug when Transferring back to Rhino and casting Iron Skin that would break the Iron Skin HUD element.
    •  Fixed Vauban's Shred and Concuss mines not triggering on ragdolls (e.g. when thrown into Vortex).
    •  Fixed Operator Focus Stances causing strange framing of Operator transmissions.
    •  Fixed Lua Defense marker not following the Defense Target after it falls through the floor.
    •  Fixed weapons with an Area of Effect (Steel Meridian Justice) breaking buttons in the Lua Speed Test.
    •  Fixed Grineer suddenly gaining super leg strength and jumping 20 meters.
    •  Fixed the Sonicor holster remaining visible when your Warframe is invisible.
    •  Fixed weapon firing sounds of Latron (and probably others) from not consistently being filtered when Loki’s Invisibility is active.
    •  Fixed some Noggles being motionless in their diorama.
    •  Fixes towards losing selected Bounty upon loading into the Plains with a full squad.
    •  Fixes towards Vomvalysts sometimes spawning at level 9999.
    •  Fixed Clients disconnecting on loading screen when entering a Captura Scene if the Host is Nidus and has the Mucusk Syandana equipped.
    •  Fixed the Corvette suddenly spraying and praying projectiles which led to getting insta-killed.
    •  Fixed getting stuck in the Operator customization screen when attempting to replay the Second Dream quest.
    •  Fixed getting no additional damage from Excalibur's passive when using Excalibur with a sword or rapier Zaw.
    •  Fixed having to restart the Zaw naming process all over again if you attempted to put an invalid character in the name. You will now be sent back to the Zaw naming input screen.
    •  Fixed enemies not spawning during the Defense portion of The War Within quest after following the ship through the asteroids.
    •  Fixed Mirage Hall of Mirror clones not properly applying weapon upgrades to projectile weapons.
    •  Fixed the Javlok no longer sticking inside of enemies that did not die from the javelin.
    •  Fixed the Javlok marker not displaying if Transferring to Operator before the Javlok lands.
    •  Fixed a Host Migration breaking the Grineer Sealab Sabotage mission if occurred at the beginning.
    •  Fixed sounds/visual FX playing in the Orbiter when certain loadouts were applied to Articula.
    •  Fixed the Articula changing to a random loadout upon switching Sentinels.
    •  Fixed Apothic Codex entries not being given during The Silver Grove quest.
    •  Fixed Emoting on a kneeling pad causing the context action to swap and the emote won't clear.
    •  Fixed an issue where not all birds (ground birds vs already flying birds) in Plains of Eidolon were counting towards the Pest Control achievement.
    •  Fixed Nezha Warding Halo ability timer not displaying when Transferring back from Operator.
    •  Fixed Noggles sometimes losing their head.
    •  Fixed only reloading 1 bullet (instead of the whole magazine) if you use alt fire on the Corinth while reloading the first bullet.
    •  Fixed some enemy navigation issues at the entrance of Vay Hek’s Assassination boss room.
    •  Fixed causing a Host migration after reaching point B in a Defection mission causing the defectors to not leave point B when you tell them to.
    •  Fixed the Simulor's Critical Chance displaying 2% instead of 12% in the Arsenal.
    •  Fixes towards objective marker not guiding you to each stage of Vay Hek’s Assassination boss fight.
    •  Fixed numerous spot loading issues when joining a squad.
    •  Fixed Titania ability script errors when entering the Simulacrum Arsenal while they are active.
    •  Fixed being able to Archwing out of the level during the Archwing phase in The War Within quest.
    •  Fixed not being able to Chat link the "Landing Craft Foundry Segment" and the "Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment".
    •  Fixed automatically hard landing when attempting to switch weapons while Aim Gliding.
    •  Fixed seeing a ‘Friend Note’ lingering when entering the tunnel to the Plains.
    •  Fixed some Relics showing "Cetus Bounties" multiple times in their Drop Sources list.
    •  Fixed a small hitch when loading into any Earth mission.
    •  Fixed the Mercury Junction appearing as a tile texture when flying into it.
    •  Fixed receiving an error when attempting to sell the Mote Amp.
    •  Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Mass Vitrify.
    •  Fixed the Invasion UI showing 3/3 completed missions after completing more than 3 missions.
    •  Fixed misaligned text in the Invasion tab in the World State Window.
    •  Fixed an unlocalized message when you have completed a Mobile Defense mission.
    •  Fixed the active Bounty disappearing when attempting to load into the Plains with a full squad.
    •  Fixes towards some Bounties auto-failing.
    •  Fixes towards Host and Clients loading into different Cetus Instances which results in issues loading into Bounties/Plains together.
    •  Fixed the squad Reactant counter staying at 10 Reactant until you pick up your first Reactant in an endless Fissure Interception mission.
    •  Fixed not being able to initiate Sky Archwing when one has been deployed before a Host migration occurred.
    •  Fixed attempting to change your Mandachord song as an Operator in the Simulacrum, breaking Octavia and getting a script error.
    •  Fixed crashing when using the Unairu Wisp Focus ability.
    •  Fixed Mission Abort sometimes giving a 'disconnected from the host' message.
    •  Fixed Viral Status Effects expiring on enemies which could result in a downed Capture Target to stand back up and continue running for dear life.
    •  Fixed preview dioramas for Companions sometimes being empty.
    •  Fixed numerous Gear items (Apothics, Beacons, etc) not being consumed when used by Operators.
    •  Fixed crashing when casting Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
    •  Fixed Speed not properly creating FX for non-Volts.
    •  Fixed the Hyekka Master Codex entry drops not being all CAPS.
    •  Fixed interacting with your Companion in the Helminth Infirmary after removing the Cyst resulting in the door locking you in.
    •  Fixed Kavats playing death sounds when changing Mods in the Simulacrum Arsenal.
    •  Fixed female Operators sometimes having distorted faces in Captura.
    •  Fixed Archwing Affinity gained not showing in the End of Mission screen when leaving the Plains via menu or returning to Cetus.
    •  Fixed a blank panel showing up among weapons in the End of Mission screen.
    •  Fixed misaligned UI in the End of Mission screen.
    •  Fixed spot-loading when attempting to join a mission on Earth.
    •  Fixed an issue where Energy Orbs would not spawn in the Index if a player joined in progress.
    •  Fixed an issue where Clients viewing 'End of Mission' information in the Index would cause disconnection.
    •  Fixed an issue with login-reward boosters showing the wrong duration.
    •  Fixed an issue with context actions appearing in incorrect locations on certain decorations.
    •  Fixed an issue with loss of functionality with Harrow's Thurible.
    •  Fixed being able to ragdoll enemies affected by Limbo's Stasis.
    •  Fixed an issue with Nova's Antimatter Drop going off in the wrong direction on cast.
    •  Fixed Saryn's spores preventing unconscious enemies from recovering from ragdoll and just dying instead.
    •  Fixed an issue where enemies would be stuck on the ground instead of getting pulled into Nidus' Larva.
    •  Fixed an issue where Melee attacks would sometimes appear to deal '0' damage to targets with Spores on them.
    •  Fixed issues with Host Migration affecting the way Lures recharge.
    •  Fixed issues with the Halikar's sound FX staying on forever if it's thrown and the owner falls into a teleport volume.
    •  Fixed various script errors that would result in game hangs.
    •  Fixed issues on the Grineer Asteroid tileset where environment would poke out and leave map holes.
    •  Fixed an issue where trying to visit a Relay with visiting Tenno on your Orbiter could result in them getting sent back to their Orbiter instead of the Relay.
    •  Fixed a possible crash in the Law of Retribution.
    •  Fixed issues where host migration while loading back into Cetus could have people stuck on the screen forever.
    •  Fixed an issue where Sentient Cores would disappear if a player joins when one is on the ground.
    •  Fixed issues with equipping the Maggor Leg Guards on incorrect legs.
    •  Fixed an issue where Focus power sounds were not properly playing for clients.
    •  Fixed an issue where you could not pet your Companions on their Bed decorations.
    •  Fixed an issue with Foundry categories blinking when searching.
    •  Fixed an issue where dying on a Zipline would allow you to run around in a 'Revive' state.
    •  Fixed Gunblade style weapons not playing nice with Limbo's Rift and Stasis.
    •  Fixed a visual Bug with Vay Hek appearing fully formed during his Terra Frame transition.
    •  Fixed missing hints on where Harrow's Blueprint is in the Market.
    •  Fixed issues with being unable to leave Cetus if Clients remain in the tunnel.
    •  Fixed a vestigial 'Orokin' section of the Leaderboards from appearing which is already properly accounted for under 'Void'.
    •  Fixed issues where Cetus instances could crash and not come back up.
    •  Fixed a mislabeled Grokdrul Injector.
    •  Fixed Limbo's Stasis not properly pausing Zenistar VFX and duration timer.
    •  Fixed wrong username in clan list if they accepted the clan invite after changing their name.
    •  Fixed fish swimming through terrain when affected by bait.
    •  Fixed players being offered to purchase Archwing items before finishing the quest.
    •  Fixed Derelict Sabotage showing improper image.
    •  Fixed Mods consumed during Fusion getting reinstalled automatically if a duplicate is owned.
    •  Fixed ragdolling ghoul Augers while underground causing them to fall through the ground.
    •  Fixed visible water line in Derelict pipe.
    •  Fixed Gara’s helmet disappearing if Splinter Storm is used while Cloaked.
    •  Fixed Exalted Blade local FX on cast not working.
    •  Fixed Eidolon Lens Blueprint with no description text dropping from the Plains.
    •  Fixed Ember Vermillion helmet VFX displayed on screen while scoped in.
    •  Fixed Randomize button not randomizing color of attachments.
    •  Fixed a spot where the Capture Target could get stuck on Uranus tileset.
    •  Fixed Mod illustration/image stretching outside of Mod outline in Bounty screen.
    •  Fixed Landing Craft scanner showing OFF action when already off and ON when already on instead of vice versa.
    •  Fixed a couple holes in Grineer tilesets.
    •  Fixed Corinth showing Astilla model on the ground when disarmed.
    •  Fixed Manduka leggings clipping through other Operator clothing.
    •  Fixed color customization for Tenno Markings affecting Accessories as well.
    •  Fixed having your Archwing-specific settings active after returning to your ship from an Archwing mission.
    •  Fixed Focus resetting to 0 when switching from Archwing to Warframe mode.
    •  Fixed joining a friend bypassing build version check that makes sure both are up to date.
    •  Fixed camera getting stuck if you happen to die/go into a Bleedout state just as you use Transference.
    •  Fixed description text to be more appropriate for the Incubator ("Active Pet" instead of "Active Kubrow").
    •  Fixed Clients seeing the Javlok explosion after the enemy falls to the ground and the Javlok floating a couple feet from the point of actual impact.
    •  Fixed the Corpus Nullifier Capture Target not appearing under the ‘Corpus’ Faction in the Codex.
    •  Fixed Grineer camp encounters in the Plains sometimes not triggering.
    •  Fixed a hole in the Lua tileset that you could escape from.
    •  Fixed Grineer Scorch Units using a one-handed grip on a two-handed grip weapon.
    •  Fixed the Pedestal Prime diorama being too zoomed in.
    •  Fixed all players hearing muted audio when someone is aiming with the Fishing Spear.
    •  Fixed the Buzlok scope not maintaining square pixel aspect ratio.
    •  Fixed misaligned textures on the Grineer Scorch helmet.
    •  Fixed a Client boarded on another player's Orbiter being sent back to their ship instead of the Relay (when selected).
    •  Fixed being able to pick up unlimited Antiserum Injectors/antidotes as the Operator.
    •  Fixed VFX popping when viewing Warframes and The Silver Grove diorama in the Codex.
    •  Fixed sometimes connecting to the wrong language when attempting to chat in a Relay.
    •  Fixed Zephyr’s Tornado affecting Shik Tal of the Grustrag Three. Special units (like the G3) are meant to have immunities to Warframe powers.
    •  Fixed excessive bloom on the Misa Prime Syandana.
    •  Fixed Clients hearing door opening sounds twice simultaneously.
    •  Fixed the camera panning instead of snapping during a specific Second Dream cinematic.
    •  Fixed Zephyr being rotated away from the camera after your first death in Happy Zephyr.
    •  Fixed Gallium, Argon, and Rubedo Decorations appearing blown out when placed in your Orbiter.
    •  Fixed casting Ash’s Shuriken on a knocked down enemy resulting in the Slash Status Effect hitting several times a second, often killing the enemy outright. This was most commonly seen when using Zenurik’s Temporal Blast.
    •  Fixed a script error when the host leaves the squad in a Relay.
    •  Fixed End of Quest rewards being visible when choosing to replay the quest. This was causing players to think that they were getting the reward again for replaying it.
    •  Fixed Cameras not triggering Turrets in some situations.
    •  Fixed a turret on Asteroid Defection tileset that could block defectors from moving through a doorway.
    •  Fixed Hydroid’s water textures appearing incorrectly and jagged from far away.
    •  Fixed a crash when viewing your Companion in the Arsenal.
    •  Fixed a crash when your Kubrow picked up a ragdolled enemy.
    •  Fixed a crash when casting Ivara’s Prowl.
    •  Fixed not being able to Quick Melee after entering the Plains form Cetus.
    •  Fixed some Alerts not appearing in the Alert Navigation window.
    •  Fixed missing Syndicate Syandana FX.
    •  Fixed Fish clipping through the floor of their Codex diorama. 


    Tuesday, Feb 6th: Hotfix #1OvBt230.jpg

    Prime Vault Unsealed!

    Manipulate, incinerate and shatter your enemies with this Prime Vault Unsealed. The Prime Vault is open now on all platforms and brings back Loki Prime, Ember Prime and Frost Prime for a limited time. Returning with them are other high-demand Vaulted Prime Accessories and Weapons along with discounted Platinum in four unique packs: the Loki & Ember Dual Prime Pack, the Loki Deception Prime Pack, the Ember Fire Prime Pack, and the Frost Ice Prime Pack: https://www.warframe.com/prime-vault

    Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Loki Prime, Wyrm Prime, Bo Prime, Sicarus Prime, Glaive Prime, Latron Prime, and Reaper Prime Relics have been added as Cetus Bounty rewards for a limited time. You can also find these limited Vaulted Relics in Relic Packs from the Market or as Syndicate rewards.
    The new Relics are: 

    • Lith G2
    • Meso E1
    • Meso F3
    • Neo F1
    • Neo E1
    • Axi L1
    • Axi S2

    Why Bounties? 

    We put these Relics in the Bounties not only to change it up, but to also allow for extremely focused Relic acquisition. By having these Relics concentrated in the Bounties, it also leaves the rest of the Star Chart open for placement of new Relics when the next Prime Access begins so you'll have a change of environment while keeping with the same system: hunting Primes. 

    Remember, this is a 2 month unvaulting, which means these Relics have 2 months to be acquired. In that time, we will be closely monitoring how reproducible Performance issues may factor into this round and possibly revisit Relic placement. We do want to keep it the same on all Platforms so we'll need a bit of time to make changes.

    All Bounties reward rotations from tiers 2 to 5 have a Vaulted Relic in it, and be sure to check our droprates site for the latest!

    Reminder of regional launch dates:
    North and South America – February 6
    Europe – February 7
    Asia – February 7
    Japan – February 8


    • Making progress towards fixing issue with multiple options in the Arsenal not appearing for Sentinels' "Appearance". Temporary fix for the time being: Exit and enter the Arsenal again for it to re-appear. 

    Feb 6 Hotfix #2:

    • Fixed Bait falling through the water along ocean fishing spots.
    • Fixed exiting the Arsenal occasionally causes loss of functionality.
    • Fixed Arsenal Mandachord being unusable after first switching from a different Warframe to Octavia.
    • *Please note that we are working on fixing loss of menu functionality upon returning from the Plains as a Client.

    Feb 8 Hotfix #3:

    • Fixed a lock up/freeze when opening and exiting the Arsenal quickly after returning from a mission. 
    • Fixed Mote Amp appearing on the back of Warframes in Amp diorama. 
    • Fixed the Kavat Sentinel tail attaching awkwardly on some Sentinels and causing clipping.

    Feb 8 Hotfix #4

    • Fixes towards Bounties sometimes instantly failing as soon as you walk out into the Plains. 
    • Fixed Nidus Larva Burst Augment not activating when using the "Use Selected Power" input.
    • Fixed a loss of functionality when accessing the Mods screen via the Arsenal in Cetus. 

    Feb 12 Hotfix #5

    • Made more progress towards fixing the few cases where a lockup could occur when exiting or fast traveling away from the Arsenal. 

    Feb 12 Hotfix #6

    • Fixes for potential lock up/freeze when opening the Incubator quickly after returning from a mission.
    • Prime Vault Bounty Relics in Stage 1 have been moved to be rewarded in Stage 2 and weighted accordingly amongst the other Stages. It’s worth noting that Bounty Stage 5 now yields the highest chance of getting a Vaulted Relic. Our intentions here are to alleviate players abandoning the Bounty after the first Stage.
    • Prime Vault Relics are now ADDED to Ghoul Bounties (when they are live).

    Feb 13 Hotfix #7

    • We have live hotdropped a missing integration that affects Bounty Relic rewards. This fixes players struggling to get Relics as Bounty rewards since yesterdays Hotfix.

    Feb 16 Hotfix #8

    • Sneaky hotfix to prep for future update! Nothing to see here until there's something to see here.
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    5 minutes ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:


    That's because the vault hasn't been opened yet. See here for more info:


    It says they will be released in game when the packs are available.  The packs are there the relics are not.  Your reply does not also explain why the master lock on bounties is missing.  Also the Quartack says a accuracy increase to 90.9 it is now at 84.

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