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Fortuna: Update 24.0


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And here we are! One more great update! Another opportunity to be part of this wonderful family that is the Warframe!
It is an immense pleasure and happiness to be part of this wonderful community.
My congratulations to the entire DE team, my congratulations to all who make up this great work!



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The river flows indeed once again. The worst drought in our history has finally ended.

Everyone makes a rush to fortuna, laughing and singing along the way, hoping to get a sip of this fresh content.


Fortuna, and peace is here at last.

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I know words don't do my feelings justice, but while the game is still downloading, I wanted to take a moment and appreciate all the work you folks at Digital Extremes has put into this. The sheer amount of effort, commitment, and love the team has put into makes me proud to be a part of this community and has made the game inarguably one with not just the best community, amount of content, etc., but also one with the best development team behind it and to that and- thank you everyone at Digital Extremes.

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Promo codes if you haven't entered them already:

Thank you Lord Steve and whole DE team.

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We still don't have a dedicated spawn point in the dojo & my as& is still getting stuck on the decors rofl.
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The content drought is finally over, thank you for Fortuna update!
Edit: "On another relevant note separate from these Disposition changes, we have removed Sentinel weapons from the Riven generatio n pool. Those that own Sentinel weapon Rivens will still own them in their Inventories. Unveiling a Sentinel weapon Riven was simply lackluster compared to more applicable weapons."
PLEASE don't make more exclusive riven mods!

Edited by thefellowone
DE, why?!
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