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13 часов назад, CoolDudeMcCool сказал:

I play the game, I'm just super casual and stupid


You are either smart and do not bother to waste your time on trying to scan a target before someone will kill it (Void help you if you have a modded pet or Sentinel with you).

Or you are very empathetic and do not want to turn someone into raw data. Because if you do, certain sadistic orange nerd will force said someone to hopelessly “FIGHT FOREVER” in Sanctuary (among other things).

Of course now, Symaris have Rivens... things change.

Edit: I am sorry, I just felt the urge to say something nice. Or was it the urge to contradict others just because? Always confuse those two.

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36 минут назад, Stalker_Cake сказал:

i want cake 😞

The cake is a lie.



You practically forced me to type this.

3 часа назад, (NSW)Drake_Remorea сказал:

But where is Cephalon Simaris' rivens?


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1 час назад, Nova-IX сказал:

While its nice, until life comes around and says nope.

Ah yes. “Life”. Graphics are crazy, world-building is outstanding and immersion is incredible. Even the story is not bad.

I just dislike the “no save” rule.

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