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ummm why


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That might be a desync, where the game thinks your in a different spot than you actually are.  If that happens, doors wont open, enemies won't react (unless they find the spot where the game thinks you are), and won't register you standing at extraction even if you do somehow make it there.  Any time that it has happened to me or any of my friends (which it happens rarely), it doesn't seem to affect anything in terms of rewards or progress as far as I can remember, as other people can just go to extraction and wait out the timer.  Rarreelyy, it will fix itself, but most of the time that I've witnessed it happen people tend to finish the mission before it does.

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11 hours ago, Lutesque said:

This will definitely free you... but heres the thing....

If you get freed to the wrong side of the door and it refuses to open.... you're screwed. 

Really? The door doesn't open anymore? wtf

I never had this bug so idk

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