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Stealth kill Affinity multiplier seems broken

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I was wondering whether something broke in the recent updates and this thread came up.

I ran Adaro several times using Loki with hushed invisibility and kept attempting to kill Grineer using a sniper rifle that insta-kills yet no stealth multiplier appears even if it was a single, unalerted enemy that had no other mobs around.

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Yup, I'm not even starting the game anymore. Bummer. I'll wait a week before uninstalling.


vor 1 Stunde schrieb DatDarkOne:

7 hotfixes and still nothing at all on this issue.  It's damn near confirmed to be a stealth nerf to stealth.  Shameful. 

It has been 8 hotfixes and a mainline update since the bug was patched in.

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I absolutely hate the fact that this latest issue has yet to be addressed, because other stealth bugs have so far been completely ignored as well. I've responded to multiple multishot =/= stealth kill threads, as well as having made one of my own at some point (if I remember correctly). No DE response. And now this issue has gone on for far too long.

DE. Address. Stealth. Related. Bugs. Please.

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To add insult to injury larvling flickers now alert every enemy for some reason. It should be mentioned that unalerted enemies seem to have bigger spotting range as well for a few months. This all looks like pathetic little cruside against the use of tools we were given unintentionally. DE should own to it and tell us directly that they want us to waste more time or fix this crap to the state where it worked.

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I believe the issue isn't that stealth is broken, it's that enemy reaction time is broken. i only get stealth kills on TRUE one shots. single bullet. no multishot. if the enemy is in a state where they can so much as react to a bullet or sound it doesn't become a stealth kill. in the case of guns, weapons which can't kill in a single bullet, will not have stealth unless their detection is removed by a wake up animation in the case of ivara, or a sleep or say the silence stun on a banshee. Limbo won't work cause they take damage and take a split second before they time freeze if you pre-activate stasis then banish. Stealth takedowns are reliable for this because they one shot. and enemies who are partially alert cause they see something obviously won't give stealth bonus or the ability to execute either.

Since I can pretty easily go through a map of dudes with my dagger and just sleep them then heavy attack them all down with ivara stealth+sleep and get stealth kills all the time, even off projectile weapons with multishot/multiple hits and even explosions if they're slept first.

although undeniably the vision range in some missions has been a little broken. like that one MR test where you gotta true stealth it. but nothing a bit of silly bunny hopping perma-invis and air attacking with wisp won't fix. should have unlocked her farm location well before you get that much MR honestly.


edit: ok nvm, it's stuffed. hid my jumping to conclusions stupidity in a spoiler. although, maybe thats just it. the enemies react so fast they actually DO realize the bullet that gets them. which is dumb, but still, it makes sense, since only things that are nullifying their senses are working right now. like sleep etc.

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DE messed again, intentionally or accidentally they completely broke stealth... now i'd like to hear what excuses they'll come out with.

This is a bit too much to go unacknowledged for so long!

Don't forget that one of the mastery tests based on stealth is still borked as well unless using maxximum cheesing tactics

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