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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.9


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6 minutes ago, Multarix said:

lmao now we have a 4% chance to get screwed over at the end of the mission. Thanks for the useless increase.

Relics each had a 9.67% chance to show up before this change to give perspective. How many relics did you get back then? It sounds low, but the actual way chances distribute means that this is actually a lot better. how much better we'll have to test though

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@[DE]Megan Just to make sure it gets attention--

There is an issue regarding the right Vetala Shoulder Plate and Trinity Prime with the her deluxe skin.

Also, good to see you all back. Hope your vacation was nice. And good to see more fixes and patches!

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I'm happy with everything from this update, except for the fact that you remove repair drones out right. I've spent many many hours farming resources in the veil, and only have enough mats for a couple of components. so I've been just running off of other people's railjacks to get blueprints until I have a great set to rush with drones. But now the drones have been removed, I'm screwed over.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

you can no longer outright bypass the entire experience by purchasing the item from the market.



wish the "experience" was worth it in the first place though

Looking forward to railjack having depth, any at all really and purpose. These fixes are appreciated in the meantime. (most of them)



Very glad to see nothing was done about the astronomically high resource costs for our railjack parts, parts that can STILL be worse than the dojo versions.

I'd like to think it'd be a fairly simple change to bump those costs down bit by bit until a happy balance was reached. even the range of RNG stats, like 30-100 reactors swapped over to at least 50-100. That way the worst you can find is at least on par with the much cheaper craft dojo variants.

But I imagine it'll be the same excuse we got for not lowering the hema's costs, "people worked hard for it", we have to suffer the bad economy so everyone else needs to as well.

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il y a 11 minutes, [DE]Megan a dit :

Rush Repair Drone Removed from Market:
We are removing the option to buy the Rush Repair Drone and leaving it only as a reward earned at the  end of mission (no longer an in-world drop due to security concerns). We are doing this based on feedback that as a purchasing option it feels too unfair of an advantage. While it technically abides by our rule of ‘Pay for Time’, it bypasses a huge segment of the Railjack resource value. You can still pay to rush Repairs once you’ve contributed resources, but you can no longer outright bypass the entire experience by purchasing the item from the market. We will continue to use Rush Repair Drones as a reward - just not as a Market item. 

And about the amount of ressources required ? Still ridiculous.

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