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Calm Down And Be Patient!


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I understand, believe me, that y’all want certain things to be done for warframe, but y’all got to realize that DE has a lot on their plate. People demanding more frames. People demanding bug fixes. People demanding more lore. People demanding nerfs to feel not so left out. People demanding buffs to frames they seem too weak.

DE is trying a lot more than y’all realize. They’d have to spend a good bit of time with no new frames, weapons, or any other additions to this game in order to fix all the bugs people be complaining about. And while that may seem good to some of you who’d be patient for new content, it wouldn’t be for those who tolerate the bugs. 

Warframe is no ordinary game so y’all can’t expect everything to be fixed/handled efficiently/effectively as any other game. Y’all want to post yalls personal opinions about this game, go ahead. But stop being so demanding like spoiled kids if what y’all want don’t come soon enough. There are other games y’all can play till DE get stuff done. But that won’t happen as long as DE is being forced to meet everybody’s demands “or else”. DE are humans too. 

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35 minutes ago, (PS4)chris1pat8twins said:

I understand, believe me, that y’all want certain things to be done for warframe, but y’all got to realize that DE has a lot on their plate.

it's not that they have a ton of things on their plate, it's the fear that we're going to be left with a half-cocked and half-thought out change to the game that's going to take more than 8 months for DE to address, let alone fix.  I call your attention to last year's melee revisions that left the game near unplayable for melee mains.  A problem that they said numerous times (mind you in devstreams but never once in the forums) they're aware of and didn't address like they had done in the past like the first melee revisions.  Like the transition from Parkour 1.0 to 2.0. 

Believe me, people even in those forum messages were giving them the chance and instead of using their mouthpieces (and they have at least two which I won't mention), took actions completely contrary to their devstream (read: empty) promises.  I call your attention to the fact they they chose to un-pin the melee megathread that people still kept alive until it was address and fixed for the next six months. 

This particular action comes much too soon after Rahatelius called attention from the world the modus operandi of DE burying their heads in the sand when it comes to problems (let alone all the cronyism and favoritism of the moderator system).  Sure, people may be quick to forgive, but believe me when I say they rarely forget.  And these quick to react actions are the proof that they aren't forgetting.  

So you can tell us to relax and chill.  I of all people am going to take the patient, wait and see approach to their action that are -- once again -- the product of reading spreadsheet information collected from missions.  The counter question  I have for you is, what actions are you going to take when it becomes another melee revision that stalls for more than 8 months? 

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6 hours ago, (PS4)chris1pat8twins said:

Warframe is no ordinary game so y’all can’t expect everything to be fixed/handled efficiently/effectively as any other game

How exactly is warframe extraordinary ? It's a business after all... If players are not happy with the game, they go and play other games (as you said) and spend their money somewhere else. How is this helpfull for DE as a company ?

Over the time I played the game, I've learned not to expect anything from DE, becouse most of the time it ends up with me being DEsapointed about how broken and unpolished new patches are. You would think that after all this years of development they would get their act together but oh well...

In one of the interviews Steve was talking about when does warframe have the most new registered accounts... Guess what ? It's around Tennocon when they promise a lot of stuff that barely makes it to the game in the next 12 months... It's a constant stream of promises that keeps players hoping for something more... and then we get half baked updates that fail to keep players engaged in the game.

Im no longer feeding on promises of amazing content becouse I've been let down too many times now.

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The limited patience is because of the endless list of stuff that has needing fixing since launch or at least since any particular piece of content's release. 

I'm generally patient either way, but for a long time now i've tried to focus my feedback on fixing the core issues that keep resulting in many of the broken updates we recieve. It sounds like DE is starting to work on that. 

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I support the sentiment regarding patience behind this topic. Let all who passeth through these posts know!

Not belittling anyone in particular, but I can’t tell what the current overall vibe of forum goers and Warframe fans is. Do we hate the game or hate DE or hate change or hate each other (probably the most concerning one) or want to see Warframe rise to amazing potential or want to support it or want to help it or what? I’m getting severely mixed signals, some that basically should not exist, and I have to wonder who else amongst we forum posters feel the same way.

It takes time to talk to people, and we are in the forums, posting to each other’s topics, watching devstreams and making either demands or suggestions all for a reason we (individually) understand ourselves. What are those reasons?

If you’re so inclined to actually post an answer, by all means. I don’t know what I’d do with it, though. Probably nothing. Maybe get a different perspective.

Unless it’s some old-timer. I understand where you’re coming from from other posts, trust me. There’s a lot of them. Feel free to post though.

The main point is whether it’s worth asking ourselves why we’re here in the forums, our main (far as I know) voice that may reach the developers of Warframe.

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