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(Switch) Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.2 (+ Hotfixes)

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Warframe Revised: Update 27.2.2

We have grabbed everything from Hotfix 27.1.1 - 27.2.2, which of course includes the “Review, Revise, Refresh” Warframe Revised update.

Warframe may feel a little different this Update. Depending on where you are in your Warframe journey, you may notice big or small changes.

A player who has not yet completed 'Rising Tide' will find building their Railjack a lot easier. A player with an extensive Arcane collection will see most Arcanes can now achieve 5 Ranks, and duplicates can no longer be equipped together. A player using the Kuva Bramma will notice Self Damage is gone. A player with Multishot mods equipped should see some changes in their Upgrade Menus with the addition of a new Multishot Stat. 

All players will notice Shield Gating has been added to the game, and all enemies have had their Health, Armor, and Shields re-balanced. That’s just scratching the surface.

However you play Warframe, it’s likely the ‘Warframe Revised’ Update has touched some part of the game for you. Please take the time to review our Update Notes to familiarize yourself with the changes - big and small. And please use your powerful feedback responsibly - we all lift together. 

Warframe always aims to become a better version of itself. Warframe is still about power and you being a destructive force in the Origin System with hundreds of tools at your disposal - go forth, Tenno! 


This Warframe Revised update is roughly ~800 MB, meaning it will bring Warframe’s total size to be right on the ~20 GB base memory allowance on Nintendo Switch.

For the Tenno out there who have not equipped their Nintendo Switch with an SD card and have no other games downloaded, we want to give you an early heads up that managing and/or adding space on your Nintendo Switch (depending on what you have downloaded on it) will soon be necessary to accept future updates. We have done remaster updates in the past to accommodate for updates that spill over the base memory allowance - we are exploring the potential options for the updates that follow. We will keep you informed as we determined if this a possibility or not. Thank you as always for your understanding! 

Console Specific Notes: 

  • Similarly to when we deployed Warframe Revised on PC, our Switch Tenno can expect a 2x Affinity Weekend to follow the week that the update is deployed. We will post a PSA once the bonus weekend is live!
  • Controller Changes & Fixes:
    • Added a new Railjack pilot control “Pilot Centered Crosshair” option that, when set, the look input will only turn the Railjack and will not affect your crosshair. To enable/disable go to Options > Controls > Scroll down to “Railjack”:
      • You are already familiar with the enabled state of this option as it was the previous default and only crosshair option. Now, when you disable this option, the left stick will move your Railjack (forward/back/side to side), and the right stick will now allow you to freely move the reticle across the screen.
    • Increased the smooth time for non-centered reticles while piloting/using turrets in the Railjack.
    • Fixed missing bumper functionality when cycling through Components and Armaments categories in the Configure Railjack panel.
    • Fixed both the "on" and "off" state of the Railjack Ability Menu not getting bound to the Custom Ability Menu keybind.
    • Fixed an issue where rebinding the Ability Menu in the Railjack controller options would allow you to open it with the new binding, but force you to use the default binding to close it. Rebinding the Ability Menu will now use the new binding to open and close it.
    • Fixed customizing your Railjack controls always showing them as their default button regardless of the changes.
    • Fixed “Vector Maneuver” and “Drift Maneuver” not functioning as intended (only boosting) due to binding conflicts.
    • Fixed an issue where performing a Dodge while piloting Railjack would only ever cause it to lunge downwards.
    • Fixed Blink not working who have never customized their controls (ie. using defaults).
    • Fixed custom Railjack bindings not applying to hijacked Crewship turrets.
    • Fixed ability to endlessly descend the Railjack by holding down bumpers while Piloting.
    • Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” being bound to the same button, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen.
    • Fixed an issue where “Move Up/Down” couldn't be rebound in the Railjack controller options.
    • Fixed excessive “rise/fall” sound triggering when Piloting Railjack due to controller issues.
    • Fixed script error when equipping Armaments onto your Railjack due to controller issues.Increased the smooth time for non-centered reticles while piloting/using turrets in the Railjack. 
    • Fixed missing button functionality to swap through tips in the Railjack Configure screen. 
    • Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” being bound to the same button, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen. 
    • Fixed script error when equipping Armaments onto your Railjack due to controller issues. 
    • Fixed excessive “rise/fall” sound triggering when piloting Railjack due to controller issues.
    • Fixed Railjack and Decoration placement headers appearing under the Archwing settings in Options > Controls. 
    • Fixed “Search” and “Show Ranked” both being bound to 'Left Stick Button' when using a controller, causing priority issues on selecting in the Avionics screen. 
    • Fixed an issue where “Move Up/Down” couldn’t be rebound in Railjack controller options.
    • Fixed an issue where rebinding the Ability Menu in the Railjack tab controller options would allow you to open it with the new binding, but force you to use the default binding to close it. Rebinding the Ability Menu will now use the new binding to open and close it. 
    • Fixed customizing your Railjack controller controls always showing them as their default button regardless of the changes. 
    • Fixed “Vector Maneuver” and “Drift Maneuver” not functioning as intended (only boosting) due to controller issues. 
  • Major optimization for Survival missions geared predominantly to improve performance on consoles.
  • The following additions that came with PC’s Update 27.2.0 will not be live in this update for XB1: 
    • HDR + Deferred Rendering Preview:  We are looking into the tech support to potentially bring this to Switch, but that depends entirely what the console allows. We will be exploring, but are apprehensive on saying it will absolutely be coming in the future as we do not know the extend at which we would be able to make this work on Switch. We will update you if that changes! 
    • Audio dynamics processing to master output: The code to support this is currently not ready to go live on Switch with this update! We are working towards it for a future release. 

Switch Specific Notes: 

  • Motion Control Changes and Fixes: 
    • In case you missed our note on the “Reset Motion Controls” option and the changes it will bring, it is all arriving in this update! You can read more on that in the PSA we posted in early February: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1168443-switch-new-motion-controls-option-and-default-binding-change/
      • This new binding option will allow you to reset motion controls to their 0 position, bringing them back to the center of your screen without you needing to toggle motion controls on and off.
      • The Right D-Pad currently cycles your Warframe Abilities by default. After the update is live, the Right D-Pad will instead Reset Motion Controls by default. Once part of the default bindings, “Reset Motion Controls” will also be moved from Railjack to General Controls.
    • Fixed Railjack steering unexpectedly when you're in pause menu with Motion Controls on. 
  • Switch Specific Fixes: 
    • Fixed being unable to perform emotes when selected from Gear Wheel due issues around the motion control accelerometer input interrupting emote.  
    • Made changes to the garbage collector on Switch to reduce the frequency of unexpected broken scripts. 
    • Fixes towards Clients experiencing lag and rubber-banding issues when another Client is piloting the Railjack. 
    • We posted a “known issues” list in the last update thread and have updates their current status for this update: 

The New War Chapters:
A Codex Quest chapter entry for The New War has been added for those who have completed the Sacrifice Quest! As you might be aware, The New War has started, and with Scarlet Spear coming soon we want players to be properly informed as The New War develops. If you have yet to complete the Chimera Prologue or the Erra Quest, head to The New War Codex Quest entry to access a shortcut to these Quests.

Railjack Onboarding Changes:
The Rising Tide Quest gives you your very own Railjack, but the barrier to entry is - conclusively with months of stats - too high. We are releasing a revised series of Blueprints (BP) in the Quest that sees costs reduced between 66% - 75% for Railjack parts, and building time reduced to 6 hours each.

There are 3 situations players may find themselves in:

1. Haven't started Rising Tide. Anyone just beginning will have fully new reduced BP costs.
2. Has started Rising Tide. Anyone with any progress at all gets 1x Rush Repair Drone, and will transition to new costs on the next Stage. Any old costs will be refunded.
3. Rising Tide Complete. Anyone with a complete quest gets 2x Rush Repair Drone. All cost differences will be refunded.

Upon Review, stats show truly the only people that saw Rising Tide to completion were our veterans, which was originally our intent to design content for veteran players. However, to sustain the cost of future development and events like Scarlet Spear, accessibility is key and we have to adjust the barriers to entry for Railjack. For those who were early adopters, 2x Rush Repair Drones will be given out. Anyone with the Rising Tide Quest active will receive 1x Rush Repair Drone. For those unfamiliar with Rush Repair Drones: these items can only be acquired via rare drop in the Veil Proxima, as they allow you to instantly complete a given Armament or Component.


Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a new Crewship in Veil Proxima missions: Exo Skold Crewship! It is a variant of the Gokstad but it has an impenetrable shield - you'll have to get crafty to figure out how to take it down, Tenno.
  • Added a 'Forge All' button on the Railjack Payload screen in the Dry Dock.
  • Avionics Screen no longer uses 'Hold to Confirm'.
  • Intrinsics Screen no longer uses 'Hold to Confirm'.
  • Avionics that are over capacity will now appear as “disabled” instead of being outright removed.
  • In a continued effort to avoid getting downed in Railjack situations you can't control:
    • 4 seconds of invulnerability will be given when entering a Crewship via the Archwing Slingshot.
    • 2 seconds of invulnerability will be given when using context actions and the Omni Recall.
  • The Railjack Payload screen will now show the total Ordnance Ammo you have in your account when you're in the Dry Dock, to make it clear that you aren't wasting anything if you craft more than your Railjack can carry.
  • Disabled migrations during Railjack level transitioning (Void tunnel) to avoid putting new Host in completely broken states.
  • Disabled ability to enter the Archwing Slingshot while in a level transition (Void tunnel) due to loading into the Railjack mission in many broken states.
  • Improved Railjack Grineer Fighter variety across all 3 Proxima regions.
    • The way the levels were set up on the various Grineer Fighters, some of the nodes had level ranges that were too high for all the varieties to appear (The Elite varieties on Earth never spawned for example). So we re-adjusted the level ranges for the various Grineer fighters (Kosma, Gyre, Exo) across all 3 regions , so that there was a better spread of the different fighter types across the nodes. In other words, the lower level nodes of a region will spawn the basic fighter types and then as the difficulty of the nodes progress the Elites are slowly introduced.
  • When a Railjack mission completes, downed/dead players will be Revived and all Revives will be reset. Allowing you and your squad to continue on your Railjack journey instead of having to return to the Dry Dock.
    • This fixes staying stuck in spectator mode in all Railjack missions if all Revives have been used up.
  • Quick Meleeing with the Omni tool in hand will no longer unequip the Omni. This is now consistent with other Gear items, like Fishing/Mining.
  • In an effort to increase stat exposure and reduce clickthrough scenarios, we've made some changes to how Railjack Armament stats are displayed:
    • Railjack Armament stats now show up below the description in the info popup without having to navigate to the second tab.
    • Upon selecting an Armament that is not equipped, the UI will display it's comparison stats with your current equipped weapon side by side.
    • c5e8375f27bfd82ae5fd65ea9c6a1fa5.jpg&key
  • You can now scrap as much Wreckage as desired when prompted due to being at max capacity before missions instead of just the minimum amount.
    • We found it quite cumbersome to have to go back to the Railjack Configure panel in the Dry Dock to clear out your Wreckage inventory over and over again. The previous implementation forced players to run into this prompt often and could cause them to fail loading into a mission (or worse causing instant migrations if Host). This new implementation prevents this issue from occurring and gives more freedom on how much Wreckage to clear outside of the Configure panel.
  • Enemy Crewships will now take on the Health and Armor values of the player's Railjack when hijacked.
    • Shield values do not apply here as Grineer enemies do not have Shields.
  • The Forward Artillery will now fire on release instead of auto firing immediately after charge is complete.
    • After 3 seconds of holding the charge, the Cannon will auto fire. This brief time allows you to have more control over where you want that cannon fire to land.
  • Added “Sigma” category to sort through Sigma series Components and Armaments in your Railjack Configure panel.
  • Improved the wing cam when using the Tactical Map - it should be much more instant when transitioning!
  • Increased Railjack's Energy tube material brightness to make it a bit more obvious with darker tints.
  • Changed material tinting across all Railjack Skins so that it matches and is more consistent with the base Railjack.
  • Improved the Crewship meltdown FX so that it is more obvious from the exterior.
  • Avionics that are incompatible with the selected Grid slot will be auto listed at the bottom and appear greyed out to avoid confusion as to why it can't be equipped.
  • Armaments/Components that are equipped in the selected slot are now marked as "equipped", Armaments/Components equipped in other slots are still marked as "equipped on X". This directly correlates to the below fix:
    • Fixed Railjack Armaments/Components UI not displaying the correct name of the selected Armament/Component when Scrapping, resulting in accidental Scrapping of your equipped Armament/Component.
  • Improved performance of enemy fighter markers in Railjack missions.
  • Reduced brightness on the Dome Charge FX.
  • Fixed Railjack Clients crashing aboard the Missile Platform after destroying the core.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality for Clients upon loading into a Railjack mission.
    • More specifically, this issue would result in the Client appearing to skate around instead of walk, hold an invisible weapon, and getting completely stuck when mounting a Turret.
  • Fixed progression stopping bug if a Host migration occurred after the first radiator has been exposed on a Pulse Turbine POI, and players then proceed to destroy the exposed radiators.
    • After the Host migration, both radiators would be visible and vulnerable, at which destroying both of them would leave the mission broken due to having nothing to destroy after hacking the second console for the second radiator.
  • Fixed loading into a Railjack mission from friends Orbiter leaves Client screen black.
  • Fixed Clients having no Archwing if the Railjack mission was launched after being invited to an Orbiter.
  • Fixed falling in an endless void after using the Archwing Slingshot as a Client into an exploding Crewship and attempting to leave the ship.
  • Fixed Clients experiencing infinite loading when attempting to load into the Dojo from the Star Chart with the Host.
  • Fixed an edge case where performing a finisher at the moment the Crewship reached metldown punting you back to the Railjack in a very dead state.
  • Fixed an edge case where using a Turret or doing a finisher in a Crewship when the Omni tool's countdown expired could leave you in a broken state and not recalling you.
  • Fixed Railjack Breaches sometimes being unrepairable when joining an active mission.
  • Fixed inability to use certain Intrinsics during a Railjack mission as the Operator.
  • Fixed Clients sometimes not being able to activate Railjack Battle Avionics.
  • Fixed ability to gain Railjack Flux Energy for free from killing enemies with a Battle Avionic.
  • Fixed the Intrinsic skill "Tactical Efficiency" (Tactical Rank 6) not modifying the Flux Energy cost of using Battle Avionics in a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed the Intrinsic skill “Reflex Aim” (Gunnery Rank 10) not snapping the player's targeting reticle to the nearest enemy lead if using a Railjack hit-scan laser weapon.
  • Fixed inability to use Archwing Sprint if you were crouching/sliding as you exited the Railjack.
  • Fixed max Ranked Railjack 'Tether' Avionic not tethering up to 6 enemies as intended.
  • Fixed more cases of the never ending tunnel when loading into Railjack missions after 2 players select different nodes at the same time.
  • Fixed missing markers for Command Link when Piloting or using a Turret.
  • Fixed the reticle getting stuck on the right side of the screen when you aim down sights while Piloting with Rank 10 Gunnery.
  • Fixed Railjack Turrets aiming towards the Tether Avionic projectile when cast, causing them to point in weird directions
  • Fixed Ramsled boarded enemies remaining frozen in place after casting the Tactical Avionic 'Intruder Stasis' even after they've died.
  • Fixed Ramsleds not getting affected by Status Effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Heat Avionics were not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed description for 'Void Cloak' in The Tactical Menu not displaying the correct cooldown time if Tactical Rank is 7+.
  • Fixed being able to close the Tactical Menu during “Recall Warp” which caused further attempts to use “Recall Warp” to no longer function.
  • Fixed gaining max Health and Shields, Power Strength and presumably any other Archwing-specific bonuses while using Titania's Razorwing mode in Railjack.
    • This is due to the Intrinsic Ranks that grant Archwing bonuses ( Vigilant Archwing, Vengeful Archwing, etc). These only apply to your true Archwing, not tiny fairy mode.
  • Fixed projectile speeds of certain Armaments causing bandwidth issues for Clients.
  • Fixed getting stuck on alt camera angle while piloting Railjack. This also fixes the issue of losing HUD when swapping back to Piloting view after being at an alt angle.
  • Fixed Void Hole appearing offset if activated by a Client who is Piloting the Railjack.
  • Fixed being equipped with your Parazon or completely unarmed if you use the Crafting Forge in your Railjack while your Omni Tool or Scanner is equipped.
  • Fixed several issues when entering the transportation tubes in the Sentient Anomaly:
    • Fixed automatic weapons continuously firing while traveling in the tube.
    • Fixed issues with staying in the tube if attempting to move around in all kinds of directions.
    • Fixed Operators in Void Mode speed running in the tube.
    • Fixed issues with getting stuck in the Pause menu while traveling in the tube.
  • Fixed inability to use Transference after spamming Transference while trying to exit the Railjack.
  • Fixed crash when using Transference at the same time as entering the Railjack Slingshot.
  • Fixed loading into the Archwing Slingshot with an Arch Gun active, causing players to fire the Arch Gun instead of hurling their Warframes out of the Slingshot.
  • Fixed Companion Pets sometimes being gigantic on the Railjack.
  • Fixed your Warframe having disjointed hips when Bullet Jumping into the Forward Artillery.
  • Fixed cases of the Asteroid Base being invisible in Railjack unless you had geometry detail set to High.
  • Fixed Avionic and Salvage pickup markers at times not showing distance values.
  • Fixed inconsistent Crewship meltdown timers if you had numerous Crewships in meltdown mode.
  • Fixed being put in a broken state when attempting to execute a Crewship pilot at the same time as the Crewship enters meltdown mode.
  • Fixed some edge cases where players could get stuck when trying to pilot an enemy Crewship that is in meltdown mode.
  • Fixed a rare case where your weapons function as Unmodded when boarding an enemy Crewship as a Client.
  • Fixed projectiles from stolen Crewship looping around in a circle before disappearing.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if you executed the pilot of an enemy Crewship just as it was exploding.
  • Fixed mission objective UI appearing and overlapping the Options menu when you pause the game while using a Turret in the Railjack or stolen Crewship.
  • Fixed projectile Armaments like the Apoc or Cryophon ignoring the gigantic rocks in front of enemies and damaging them anyways.
  • Fixed a 'Hold to Revive' prompt appearing outside the top of the Railjack during a Catastrophic Failure. Allowing you to actually revive the Railjack's Health with that apparently very effective green hand gas.
  • Fixed various collision issues in the Railjack that allowed Titania to exit the railjack while in Razorwing.
  • Fixed missile-distraction abilities from Odonata and Elytron being ineffective against missiles that stop tracking halfway in Railjack missions. This notably affects the long-range Grineer Crewship missiles (not the shorter range cannons, which aren't homing).
  • Fixed scaling issue with the Imperator Vandal's muzzle smoke FX in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Railjack Glyphs sometimes appearing when inside the Archwing Slingshot.
  • Fixed not seeing your custom Railjack name when viewing the Railjack while in Archwing.
  • Fixed a copy of your Warframe being created after selecting the Dry Dock as Operator and Transferring back to Warframe. This also fixes issues of having a bunch of sentient Excalibur Umbras running around.
  • More fixes towards broken Dry Docks when some players have different progression into the Rising Tide Quest.
  • Potential fix towards Clients unable to exit the Railjack once back in the Dry Dock from a mission.
  • Fixed Operators taking on the color scheme of the Railjack interior after exiting any of the turrets in the Railjack.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing Host's Railjack customizations (colors and Skin).
  • More fixes towards scrolling back to top issue when contributing or rushing a Railjack weapon or component. Now when you contribute or rush the window will remain where the item is as to not force you to search for it again.
  • Fixed Railjack Configure UI screen overlapping with the Trading window when invited and accepting to trade in the Dojos. This also fixes being unable to accept invites while on the Intrinsics menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a "Select All" option was appearing in the Railjack Scrap menu, but had no functionality.
  • Fixed a black shadow replacing one of the Wreckage icons when selecting MR tabs in the Railjack Configure panel.
  • Fixed Wreckage having to be deselected and reselected to show available options after you previously Contributed to it.
  • Fixed Scrapping equipped Reactor causing issues with re-equipping Avionics that were auto-unequipped to fit back under capacity.
  • Fixed selecting 'Ask Me Later' on the over capacity Wreckage prompt causing a long delay.
  • Fixed missing warning when attempting to Trade an already equipped Avionic.
  • Fixed some cases where the Grid in the Railjack Configure panel would show less elements than intended.
  • Fixed inability to use the 'Change Loadout' button functionality in the Railjack Navigation screen when anchored in the Dry Dock.
  • Fixed Rank checkmarks in the Intrinsic Details list not automatically updating after you've Ranked up.
  • Fixed the new chosen colours of your Railjack not saving if you go into the Payload screen right after changing colours.
  • Fixed Client players UI Theme color persisting on screen if said player is viewing the Payload, Avionic or Intrinsics screen when the Host launches a mission.
  • Fixed Platinum price of Glyphs/Railjack Skin displaying when hovering over the already purchased and selected Glyph/Railjack Skin in the Customization screen.
  • Fixed Railjack Customization UI lingering after purchasing and equipping a Railjack Skin.
  • Fixed selecting the Companion loadout in the Railjack Arsenal starting from a black screen and moving to the Companion station in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Dry Dock docking clamps disappearing at certain angles form viewed from inside the top level of the Railjack.
  • Fixed Codex missing descriptions for the Exo Raider, Exo Raider Carver, and Exo Raider Eviscerator.
  • Fixed missing localization when loading into the “Railjack Key Mission” in the Rising Tide Quest. It is now properly localized to “INVESTIGATE COORDINATES ON LUA”.
  • Fixed a script error as well as a case where some of the effects of the Forward Artillery gun in Railjack lingered forever if you started and stopped charging it very rapidly.
  • Fixed the banners in the Dry Dock near the entrances not using the Clan Emblem.
  • Made fixes towards POI marker inconsistencies.
  • Potential fix for a script error that occured when collecting loot in a Railjack POI.
  • Fixed script error with host migration after exiting Railjack.
  • Fixed unlocalized Avionics.
  • Fixed a couple cases of Grineer Mines being unlocalized.
  • Fixed inability to complete the Sentient Anomaly mission due to objective resetting.
  • Fixed Railjack Battle Avionic icons appearing white in mission.
  • Fixed a script error when dismounting the Archwing Cannon in Railjack.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Scrap a selected Armament.
  • Fixed a script error after Scrapping Wreckage.
  • Fixed ability to spawn Crewships almost indefinitely, resulting in exploitive Intrinsic farming.
  • Fixed getting a black screen after exiting the Railjack while Transferring to the Operator at the same time.
  • Fixed inability to Scrap the Fiery Phoenix Battle Avionic due to the description exceeding the screen limits.
  • Fixed an invisible blocking volume when a Clan Hall is placed just below the Drydock
  • Fixed a lengthy hitch when switching Loadouts in the Railjack Navigation panel.
  • Fixed the Avionic Upgrade window auto scrolling up after Upgrading an Avionic, instead of leaving you in the position you were in prior.
  • Fixed seeing ‘[HC] Vidar Fire Suppress’ when using the Tactical Intrinsic Ability Fire Suppression when your Railjack has both fire and electrical damage.
  • Fixes towards a script error after returning to the Dry Dock from a Railjack mission.
  • Fixed a script error in the Sentient Anomaly mission.

Kuva Lich Changes & Fixes:

  • We have removed the back-to-back Kuva Lich weapon mechanic where your Kuva Lich would have a guaranteed different Kuva weapon than its immediate predecessor.
    • With the change of the Kuva Larvling now displaying its birthed Kuva Lich weapon, there was no need to maintain the back-to-back restriction as you can now just choose to ignore or take the back-to-back weapon if you wish you use it for Valence Fusion.
  • Requiem Murmurs from failing a Kuva Lich Parazon stab will now be shared with the entire squad!
    • If we take a trip down memory lane, we'll arrive at The Old Blood: Update 26.0.6, where a fix was included from PC's Hotfix 26.0.5 that fixed all players receiving Kuva Lich Requiem Murmur progress whenever someone in the squad failed to kill their Kuva Lich. This was never actually live for our console players as the same update that introduced it also included the fix that removed it. Our intentions to have the Kuva Lich tied exclusively to the respective player were genuine, but the feedback has shone light on what is a worthwhile feature for the Kuva Lich system given its pace towards success. We have bigger plans for Liches for connecting them to other Systems, but this change is the only one ready for Mainline!
  • Kuva weapon innate bonus damage values now show when you are equipping the weapon in the Arsenal!
  •  Removed the Kuva Bramma from Conclave eligibility due to not being Conclave balanced yet. 
  • Added fancy new FX when Valence Fusion has been successfully completed!
  •  The Kuva Lich section of the Codex now has tabs for Active, Vanquished, Converted, and Traded Liches!
  •  Decreased the chances of Kuva Lich controlled sectors forcing an Exterminate situation to allow for more gamemode chances.
  • Fixed Clients unable to use the pause menu after Parazon stabbing a Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed the Kuva Nukor, Kuva Hind, and Kuva Bramma weapon progression showing as complete in the Codex when at Rank 30 instead of it's true completed Rank of 40.
  •  Fixed only 1 Kuva weapon maintaining its innate bonus damage attribute and respective Kuva Lich name when claiming multiple Kuva weapons using the 'Claim All' button in the Foundry.
    • This retroactively fixes the Kuva weapons that lost out on their innate bonus damage by giving them back their random buff. Unfortunately, the Kuva Lich name can't be easily associated with the Kuva weapon, so these fixed weapons will have the default Kuva weapon name (Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Bramma, etc).
  •  Fixed Kuva Larvling not spawning Kuva Lich if downed before Host migration and captured after Host migration.
  •  Fixed becoming stuck on a Rampart after Parazon stabbing your Kuva Lich on it.
  •  Fixed more instances where Parazon Finishers were applying your Melee weapon's attack speed with equipped Melee mods in Kuva Lich controlled missions.
  •  Fixed existing Kuva weapon name not being displayed when attempting to rename the weapon.
  •  Fixed an issue that would cause the Kuva Lich to slide when downed while doing a dodge.
  •  Fixed downed Kuva Lich still proceeding to break backs (which was removed in 27.1.0) in an invisible state.
  •  More fixes towards Kuva Liches with the “Ruse” ability not having the same Warframe Helmet on the clones if an alternate helmet is equipped upon Lich creation.
  •  Fixed the Kuva Lich button not appearing in the UI in the rare case where a Nightwave season is not active.
  •  Fixed small FX offset issues with the Kuva Bramma when reloading.
  •  Fixed being able to bypass the cooldown between scoped shots with the Kuva Quartakk and Quatz by scoping and unscoping between shots.
  •  Fixed issue where Requiem Mods would always appear in their Defiled version when viewing them in the Codex.
  •  Fixed squad members of a player who is in the middle of selecting their Kuva Lich's fate being unable to unlock Lockers.
  •  Fixed Kuva Larvlings downed by Warframe abilities not displaying their Kuva weapon above their head. 
  •  Fixed Ally Kuva Liches having the Enthrall ability and Enthralling Tenno factions like Defense Consoles, Sentinels, etc.
  •  Fixed inability to Vanquish/Convert your Kuva Lich if a player in the mission is dead.
  •  Fixes towards diminished Health on a Kuva Lich not being maintained after a Host migration occurs.
  •  Fixes towards Kuva Liches spawning midair in the Jupiter Gas City tileset and falling forever into teleport volumes.
  •  Fixed cases of default Corpus enemies spawning in a Kuva Lich controlled Jupiter Gas City Spy, Sabotage, or Rescue mission once the Objective has been reached.
  •  Fixed numerous issues if a Host migration occurred during a Kuva Lich mission:
  •  Fixed getting stuck on the Vanquish/Convert screen if a Host migration occurred while a Client is Vanquishing their Kuva Lich.
  •  Fixed Clients able to kill a recently migrated Host’s Kuva Lich, resulting in 1,200 Kuva being rewarded, as well as being able to see the Lich's head mesh idling/walking in place after defeat.
  •  Fixed broken reward UI after a Host migration occurs.
  •  Fixed Parazon being stuck equipped after a Host migration occurred during a Kuva Lich Kill attempt.
  •  Fixed duplicates of Kuva Lich Taxed Rivens not being returned when the Kuva Lich is Vanquished/Converted.
  •  Fixed being in a perma-ragdolled state after attempting to stab a Kuva Lich and failing the Requiem guess.
  •  Fixed mission map lingering on screen after opening the Kuva Lich screen.
  •  Fixed a script error when attempting to kill the Kuva Lich and a squadmate disconnects.
  •  Fixed a crash that occurred when a Host migrated while a Kuva Lich was downed.
  •  Fixed a crash that could occur if a Kuva Lich applied a Radiation Status Effect to the Defense target on the Lua Stöfler node.

Armor and Damage Changes (Enemy):
This section will go over before and after scenarios with our enemy Armor, Health, and Shield changes. Reading this section should give you a conceptual and on-paper understanding of what we're changing and why, but practical experiences will tell the full story here. You may need to refresh some aspects of your Builds to truly optimize your power against your enemies.

Before: Armor, Shields and Health on an Exponential Curve
After: Armor Shields and Health on an S curve

Damage Changes:
Enemy Damage output should still be close to what is was in the previous Live version of the game before the update, but we have made a few changes that will affect how players take Damage in-game.

Damage-Type Changes:

  •  Slash Status now does not bypass Shields and instead deals damage over time to Shields. Slash Status still bypasses Armor.
  •  Toxin Damage used to apply to Armor with a 25% bonus. Now it is neutral. For role distinction, Toxin bypasses Shields (but not Armor) where as Slash Status bypasses Armor but not Shields.

Player Changes:

Player Shields, Health, and Armor used to be shared with all AI, so they had all the weaknesses and resistances that their AI counterparts did.

Now Players have their own unique Shield, Health, and Armor type classified as TENNO! These have all weaknesses and resistances neutralized (for now). Player Shields now reduce 25% of incoming damage. Player Shields now recharge with custom player-only logic. Shield recharge delays are based on depleted or partial depleted shields. Partially depleted shields (any amount) is a 1 second recharge delay. Full depletion is a 4 second recharge delay.

These changes to Player shields are in addition to the Shield Gating changes, which you can read about in our Shield Gating section!

Why: Armor Scaling and enemy Damage Reduction was the nucleus for this change. For years Tenno have had the tools to deal with these things, but the tools were uniform: Use Corrosive Projection, or else. While this is a simplification, it removed the feeling of choice. With these changes, we hope players experience a feeling of variety and choice when taking on enemies. By changing the scaling for Armor, we could consistently change the scaling for all!

Infested Damage:
We did not want to overlook the Infested in our review. Infested are close-range enemies that telegraph most attacks - and now if one of those attacks hits you, it simply does more damage. Stay agile, stay moving, and the mission is as good as won!

Why: Having Infested simply deal more Damage encourages you to use mobility in ways that is not the norm for their ranged counterparts. Rewarding mobility is a key part of Warframe.

AI Aimbots

Up until now in Warframe, the higher the enemy level, the better their accuracy. High-level enemies would be pinned at the best Accuracy they are capable of - not quite 100%, but getting pretty close! Things like your movement and Mods would reduce accuracy, but the potential for bad 'Aimbot' moments was too high. We have spread this progression across a greater range of AI now. We are decoupling enemy accuracy from level to reduce the overall 'Aimbot' like behaviours you face at higher levels.

Why: This change allows us more accurate balancing of foes at higher levels. This change alone would be noticed by simply sometimes 'getting hit less', but in conjunction with the numerous other changes we are making to enemies, it is part of a holistic Refresh to the underlying mechanics behind Warframe's enemies.

Shield Gating: Friend and Foe

Friend: First, let's answer 'What is Shield Gating?' when it applies to you as a player. In this implementation, Shield Gating is the mechanic of preventing an instance of lethal ('1-shot') damage if you have Shields active. Simply put, the goal is to reduce the number of '1-shots' you take when your shields are up, particularly for Shield-based frames. When any shields are active, an incoming hit that depletes your last bit of Shields will not continue into your Health pool, and also triggers a brief time where your Health is protected. Once that period is over you can take Health damage normally. Additionally, you will no longer take Slash Status Effect damage to your Health while Shields are up.

Foe: Enemies - Corpus in particular - also have received a bit of a Shield Gating, but with skillful gameplay you can overcome this. Any Headshots or shots to Weakspots completely bypass Corpus enemy Shield Gating. In addition, 5% of the damage dealt when hitting the shield gate will target enemy Health - this allows you to take your Forma fueled weapons back to low level enemies and hit them hard instead of hitting the shield gate. The goal here is to make Shields a mechanic you want to play against with Mods (Auras, Elemental) or to bypass with skill (Headshots). Slash Status Effects will now deal damage over time to Shields, Toxin damage remains as-is (bypassing Shields to directly affect enemy Health). Damage from Warframe Abilities will ignore the enemy Shield Gate (i.e if an instance of Damage from an ability is greater than the Shield value, it will go into health as well).

Why: Giving both Friend and Foe shield gating has two purposes: we want to reward skill a bit more in all Corpus missions, and give the 'squishier' frames a bit more viable edge and a chance to really explore Shield-focused builds. Toxin Damage and Status Effects are still your friend against Corpus or Shielded enemies!

Arcane Changes
After years of Arcanes as a system - with several additions to the offerings and replacement locations, we are doing several things:

  •  Increasing the maximum Rank of Warframe and Operator Arcanes to 5, up from 3. Arcane Revives are a bonus that begins on Rank 3.
  •  Adjusting the power of Arcanes at Rank 5 to generally behave as if you had 1.5 equipped, list as follows - Expand the spoilers to see the full list of power adjustments for Arcanes: 

Arcane Acceleration
On Rank 5: On Critical Hit:
30% chance for 90% Fire Rate to Primary Weapons for 9s.

Arcane Aegis
On Rank 5: On Shield Damaged:
3% chance for +30% Shield Recharge for 12s.

Arcane Agility
On Rank 5: on Damaged:
60% chance for +60% Parkour Velocity for 18s.

Arcane Arachne
On Rank 5: On Wall Latch:
150% Damage for 30s.
Added a Cooldown

Arcane Avenger
On Rank 5: On Damaged:
21% chance for +45% Critical Chance for 12s

Arcane Awakening
On Rank 5: On Reload:
60% chance for +150% Damage to Pistols for 24s

Arcane Barrier
On Rank 5: On Shield Damaged:
6% chance to instantly restore all Shields.

Arcane Blade Charger
On Rank 5: On Primary Weapon Kill
30% chance for +300% Melee Damage for 12s

Arcane Bodyguard
On Rank 5: On 6 Melee Kills within 30s
Heal Companion for 900

Arcane Consequence
On Rank 5: On Headshot:
100% Chance for +60% Parkour Velocity for 18s.

Arcane Deflection
On Rank 5:
102% chance to resist a Slash Damage effect

Arcane Energize
On Rank 5: On Energy Pickup
60% chance to replenish Energy to nearby Allies
Added duration and Cooldown added (cannot re-trigger while active).

  • Arcane Energize will still give Energy to toggled Warframe Abilities - this has been asked a lot.

Arcane Eruption
On Rank 5: On Energy Pickup
100% chance to Knockdown nearby enemies.

Arcane Fury
On Rank 5: On Critical Hit:
60% chance for +180% Melee Damage to Melee Weapons for 18s

Arcane Grace
On Rank 5: On Health Damaged:
9% chance for +6% Health Regeneration/s for 9s
Cooldown added (cannot re-trigger while active).

Arcane Guardian
On Rank 5: On Damaged:
15% chance for +900 Armor for 20s

Arcane Healing
On Rank 5:
+102% chance to resist a Radiation Damage effect

Arcane Ice
On Rank 5:
+102% chance to resist a Heat Damage effect

Arcane Momentum
On Rank 5: On Critical Hit:
60% chance for +150% Reload Speed to Sniper Rifles for 12s

Arcane Nullifier
On Rank 5:
+102% chance to resist a Magnetic Damage effect

Arcane Phantasm
On Rank 5: On Parry:
45% Chance for +60% Speed for 18s

Arcane Pistoleer
On Rank 5: On Pistol Headshot Kill:
60% Chance for +102% Ammo Efficiency for 12s
Cooldown added (cannot re-trigger while active).

Arcane Precision
On Rank 5: On Headshot:
100% Chance for +300% Damage to Pistols for 18s
Cooldown added (cannot re-trigger while active).

Arcane Primary Charger
On Rank 5: On Melee Kill:
30% chance for +300% Primary Weapon Damage for 12s

Arcane Pulse - Increased stats and added cool down
On Rank 5: On Health Pickup:
60% chance to Heal nearby allies

Arcane Rage
On Rank 5: On Headshot:
15% chance for a +180% Damage to Primary Weapons for 24s

Arcane Resistance
On Rank 5:
+102% chance to resist a Toxin Damage effect

Arcane Strike
On Rank 5: On Hit:
15% chance for +60% Attack Speed to Melee Weapons for 18s

Arcane Tanker- Increase the durations cool down
On Rank 5: On Archgun Equipped:
+1200 Armor for 60s

Arcane Tempo
On Rank 5: On Critical Hit:
15% chance for +90% Fire Rate to Shotguns for 12s

Arcane Trickery
On Rank 5: On Finisher:
15% chance to become invisible for 30s

Arcane Ultimatum - Increased stats and duration
On Rank 5: On Finisher:
100% chance for +1200 Armor for 45s

Arcane Velocity
On Rank 5: On Critical Hit:
90% chance for +120% Fire Rate to Pistols for 9s

Arcane Victory
On Rank 5: On Headshot Kill:
75% chance for +3% Health Regeneration/s for 9s

Arcane Warmth
On Rank 5:
+102% chance to resist a Cold Damage Effect.


Magus Arcane Changes:
Expand spoilers below to see full list of changes to Magus Arcanes: 



Magus Accelerant
On Rank 5: On Void Blast:
Reduce Enemy Resistance to Heat Damage by 65%

Magus Anomaly
On Rank 5: On Transference In:
Enemies within 30m are pulled towards Warframe

Magus Cadence
On Rank 5: On Void Dash:
100% chance for +90% Sprint Speed for 12s

Magus Cloud
On Rank 5: On Void Mode:
+300% Void Dash Radius for 6s

  •  We have reworked Magus Cloud, since its original design was not popular.

Magus Destruct
On Rank 5: On Void Blast:
Reduce Enemy Resistance to Puncture Damage by 65%

Magus Drive
On Rank 5: On Transference In:
Increase K-Drive Speed by 150% for 30s

Magus Elevate
On Rank 5: On Transference In:
95% chance to restore 300 Health to Warframe

Magus Firewall
On Rank 5: On Void Mode:
Generate Void Particles every 1s up to 6 particles, each granting 12,5% Damage Reduction for 60s. Taking damage consumes a particle.

Magus Glitch
On Rank 5: On Transference Static:
102% chance to negate Transference Static

Magus Husk
On Rank 5: On Transference Out:
+150 Armor

Magus Lockdown
On Rank 5: On Void Dash:
Drop a mine that tethers up to 10 enemies in 15m. After 4s it explodes dealing 60% of their Health as Puncture Damage.

Magus Melt
On Rank 5: On Void Dash:
Increase Heat Damage in Operator Mode by 20% for 15s, stacking up to 7x.

Magus Nourish
On Rank 5: On Transference Out:
Restores 35 Health/s to Warframe

Magus Overload
On Rank 5: On Void Blast:
Stun robotic enemies for 3s, which then discharge Electricity Damage dealing 80% of their Max Health to anyone within 25.

Magus Repair
On Rank 5: On Void Mode:
Heal Warframes within 30m by 25% Health/s.

Magus Replenish
On Rank 5: On Void Dash:
100% chance to heal 30% Health.

Magus Revert
On Rank 5: On Void Dash:
Use again within 3s, to return the Operator to their original position at no energy cost, Restores 60 Health. 3s cooldown.

Magus Vigor:
On Rank 5: On Transference Out:
+300 Health


  •  Removing the ability to Equip two of the same Arcane simultaneously.
  •  Added the ability to Distill assembled Arcanes back into multiple unranked ones.
  • Added an ‘Incomplete’ category to Arcane management screen when accessed via Foundry. 
  •  Arcanes that can trigger again while the Arcane is active are indicated in the Arcane Manager screen with a 'Duration Can Refresh' text.
  • Arcanes will require 21 Arcanes to reach the new Max Rank of 5. Scarlet Spear will feature a buy-what-you-want shop for Arcanes based on the currency earned in the event. It will launch sometime after this Mainline.

Why: The reasoning here is mainly toward the ability to equip two of the same Arcane. This reasoning is one of past inconsistency and time determining intent. There are a lot of builds that specialize the use of two Arcanes, but we want to encourage a variety instead of duplication. Arcanes are the only Upgrade system in the game that allows two of the exact same upgrade to be equipped - and we would rather players have variety than duplications. In the same way you can't equip Amalgam Serration and regular Serration, you can't equip multiple Rivens per weapon, or any duplication of Mods at all, Arcanes will follow. But we are making major changes to the Ranking (up from 3 to 5 with power changes). Instead of having 2 of the same Arcane with a double effect, you can now choose between 2 different Arcanes that behave (generally) at 1.5x efficacy than before.

Self Damage Changes:
We are getting rid of Self Damage and replacing it with something else: instead of Self Damage, it's now 'Stagger'. This change completely removes the chance of killing yourself, and instead now creates scenarios where you will interrupt yourself - or 'Stagger' - to varying degrees if you aren't careful.

The degrees of Self-Interrupt start with a small stumble all the way to full knockdown depending on how close you are to the center of explosion. Any Mods referring to Self Damage will be converted to acknowledge Stagger.

With this Self-Interrupt system, we have added dozens of new recovery animations that harness a ninja-like recovery experience. By pressing 'Jump' at the correct time, you can execute a ninja-skill-based knockdown recovery to ALL in-game knockdowns. This ninja recovery window is indicated by a glowing FX on your Warframe.

In addition to Self Damage being removed, some of the more powerful AOE weapons without Self Damage presently will have the Stagger added, but it should only be noticeable in cases of extreme inaccuracy on the player's part. The Weapons include:

Kuva Chakkurr
Opticor Vandal
Synoid Simulor
Kuva Seer
Granmu Prism
Exard Scaffold

In the original Dev Workshop, we said:
As a result of this overall systemic change, Weapons with Stagger will be getting approximately a 20% buff in Damage, with any weapons with AOE receiving a 50% Radial Damage Falloff from central impact.

This is no longer accurate after continued testing. What we are doing now is:

No damage buffs have been added, but any weapons with AOE are receiving ~20% increase in Radius. Additionally, AOE weapons are receiving a Radial Damage Falloff from central impact. This means on the very outer section of the explosion Radius 10% of the Damage will be dealt. Tactics will be deadly - aim true, Tenno. 

  • AoE Weapon Radial Fall Off Changes: 
    • Arsenal Stats now show Radial data and fall off when viewing a Weapon! 
    • The following lists the specific AoE weapons Radial Damage Falloff from central impact:

      Mutalist Quanta: 50%
      Kuva Chakkurr: 30%
      Opticor: 60%
      Opticor Vandal: 60%
      Battacor: 40%
      Acceltra: 50%
      Ogris: 80%
      Kuva Ogris: 80%
      Penta: 50%
      Secura Penta: 60%
      Simulor: 60%
      Synoid Simulor: 60%
      Tonkor: 70%
      Kuva Tonkor: 70%
      Zarr: 50%
      Ferrox: 40%
      Javlok: 30% / Alt Fire 60%
      Scourge: 30% / Alt Fire 60%
      Astilla: 30%
      Phantasma: 50%
      Komorex: 40%
      Zhuge Prime: 30%
      Lenz: 70%
      Shedu: 60%

      Kuva Seer: 30%
      Cyanex: 20%
      Angstrum: 40%
      Prisma Angstrum: 40%
      Kulstar: 40%
      Stug: 30%
      Akarius: 70%
      Staticor: 30% / Alt Fire 90%
      Castanas: 40%
      Sancti Castanas: 40%
      Talons: 50%
      Pox: 50%

      Tombfinger: 30%

      Grattler: 50%
      Kuva Ayanga: 50%
      Larkspur: 60%

      Operator Amp:
      Granmu Prism: 30%
      Shraksun Scaffold: 40%
      Phahd Scaffold: 40%
      Exard Scaffold: 30%
      Dissic Scaffold: 60%
      Propa Scaffold: 70%

      Cerata: 50%
      Falcor: 50%
      Glaive: 50%
      Glaive Prime: 50%
      Halikar: 50%
      Kestrel: 50%
      Orvius: 50%
      Pathocyst: 50%

      Corinth and Kuva Bramma remain unchanged.

Why: Several players brought up the history of the Tonkor and we want to make sure we ship this change in a place that's conservative in its starting point from a balance perspective. The complete removal of Self Damage does change the pace of destruction with some of the game's most powerful weapons, so we want to make sure we can iterate upwardly instead of releasing a bonanza of explosions with no other choices.

With the removal of Self Damage, Cautious Shot Mod has been changed to be Rifle compatible and reflect the new Stagger mechanic:

  • +90% chance to reduce the Stagger effect from self-imposed Radial Attacks.

Excavation Health/Shield Scaling Changes:
Excavation missions have had the same property since launch: all Excavators have 500 Shield, 2500 Health no matter the mission level. Now, both Health and Shields will scale following the same formula as Mobile Defense Terminals. Shield Regeneration of Excavators will be a percent of health vs. flat value to deal with scaling shields.


Why: This change will bring Excavation in line with existing mission types that have scaling properties after several years of having flat values. True to our initial goal of fixing inconsistencies, we are making these mission objectives scale in a consistent manner to other mission objectives.

Titania Changes:

  • Spellbind: Hold Titania's Spellbind to cast Status Immunity on yourself. Previously you had to cast it while looking at the ground to accomplish this!
  • Tribute: You can now select which Tribute to cast, by cycling through the different buffs like Ivara's arrows, or Vauban's Minelayer.
  • Lantern: Lanterns are now locked in place, allowing for more easily-controlled CC.
  • Razorwing has a new FX upgrade!
  • Razorwing flight model has been brought more in line with Skywing controls.

Broad Warframe Armor Change - not just Vauban!
To provide a minor bump in survivability if your CC or strategies fail you, a handful of “squishy” Warframes/Primes have received Base Armor increases!

Ash: 65 to 100
Ash Prime: 150 to 175
Banshee: 15 to 100
Banshee Prime: 65 to 125
Baruuk: 150 to 175
Ember: 100 to 125
Ember Prime: 125 to 150
Equinox: 100 to 125
Equinox Prime: 120 to 150
Gara: 125 to 150
Gauss: 150 to 175
Harrow: 150 to 175
Hydroid: 200 to 225
Hydroid Prime: 250 to 275
Inaros: 200 to 225
Ivara: 65 to 100
Ivara Prime: 65 to 125
Limbo: 65 to 100
Limbo Prime: 85 to 125
Loki: 65 to 100
Loki Prime: 65 to 125
Mag: 65 to 100
Mag Prime: 65 to 125
Mesa: 65 to 100
Mesa Prime: 85 to 125
Mirage: 65 to 100
Mirage Prime: 150 to 175
Nekros: 65 to 100
Nekros Prime: 65 to 125
Nezha: 175 to 190
Nova: 65 to 100
Nova Prime: 65 to 125
Nyx: 15 to 100
Nyx Prime: 50 to 125
Oberon: 150 to 175
Octavia: 125 to 150
Revenant: 105 to 125
Rhino: 190 to 225
Titania: 65 to 100
Trinity: 15 to 100
Trinity Prime: 15 to 125
Vauban: 50 to 150
Vauban Prime: 100 to 200
Volt: 15 to 100
Volt Prime: 100 to 125
Wisp: 150 to 175
Zephyr: 15 to 100
Zephyr Prime: 75 to 125

Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes.

Reward Cleanup: Base Missions:
Base Missions have gotten a small cleanup for this Mainline.

This change will be told from the perspective of a single node for example purposes, but the logic applies gamewide to Base Missions - which is to say, the Node on the Star chart (excluding special missions like the Index, Open Worlds, Rathuum, Assassination).

Consider the node Memphis, Phobos.

Base Missions like Memphis are receiving a bit of 'fat trimming' in terms of the lowest-point rewards available within them. For example,'Memphis' on 'Phobos' will have its 500, 1,000, 1,500 Credit Caches removed, as well as the 15 and 50 Endo. This will only leave the 2,000 Credits Cache, and the 100 Endo drop for each category, with a drop chance of the sum of all prior denominations.

Why: This is more of a Review and clean up for some of the less-rewarding aspects of missions. Right now the base Solar Map nodes exist to progress from planet to planet, while providing either general rewards (Mods, Credits) or specific return rewards (Ivara, Nidus, etc). By getting rid of the lower value items on the general rewards, people playing for the first time should come across a bit of a bump in their resources and credits. We have more plans for this to write about at a later date.

This is a summary of the UI changes announced in a recent Dev Workshop "Why Do We UI Like We UI: Part II?".

  •  'Item Labels' are now set to 'On' by default, but can still be turned off.
  •  Avionics Screen no longer uses 'Hold to Confirm'. (As mentioned in RJ Changes)
  •  Intrinsics Screen no longer uses 'Hold to Confirm'. (As mentioned in RJ Changes)
  •  Razorwing has a new FX upgrade! (As mentioned in Titania Changes)
  •  Hold to Confirm added to Revive to avoid accidental aborts, particularly during Arbitration missions.
  •  Added a 'Forge All' button on the Payload screen in Dojos. (As mentioned in RJ Changes)
  •  More stats on DPD (Detailed Purchase Dialog). This screen has been re-tooled to be less hover-dependent and provide stat information at a glance:
    • If the Warframe/Weapon has been Mastered. In the case where it has not been fully Mastered, it will show the current rank.
    •  The number of “Blueprints Owned” (if applicable).
    •  The “Purchase”, “Blueprint”, and “Gift” buttons have all shifted to accommodate all this new info display!
  •  General scrollbar usability improvements.

Why: As outlined in the original Dev Workshop, we are looking to course correct some UI decisions based on feedback.

Profit Taker Change:
Due to the frequency of the Profit Taker Ability being too high and frustrating, we have made a minor QoL change to the Profit Taker encounter. The cooldown has been increased on a very specific, but noticeable, attack: The Blue shield projectile knockdown attack.

100x Restore Blueprints (Scaling Costs):
We have added a new series of Restore Research and Blueprints that yield 100 of given Restore. Visit the Clan Dojo Tenno Lab to research, and prepare your Railjack Resources accordingly!

Upon research, you will be able to build in batches of x100 with costs scaled from the x10 Blueprints!!

Why: The frequency at which players use these in missions vs. the 1 minute wait times for building 10x meant we could level up the batches here. Railjack Resources are being used for Research to give another use for what you are picking up!

Sharing Sentinel Mods: Shared Usage Allowed:
Sentinel Weapons and Warframe weapons cannot share Mods, which is to say: if you have 1 Maxed Serration Mod, your Sentinel's Weapon cannot use it if you have a Primary Weapon with it equipped. You either switch your Sentinel Weapon to a different class (Shotgun, Melee), or acquire and max a duplicate Mod.

We are removing this condition and now your Mods can be simultaneously equipped.

Why: Over time, the amount of systems to put your time into have increased. The appeal of grinding out a Duplicate Mod for Sentinels just isn't a proposition we want players to be faced with in the context of everything else the game has to offer!

Greater than 100% Status having meaning:
Years ago we added Orange and Red Critical Damage numbers when you land a Critical with greater than 100%. For years, Status being greater than 100% has done nothing except guarantee Status - which is good, just not an added incentive to go over 100%. We have changed that this update.

When you hit a Status Chance greater than 100%, a single damage instance will be able to create two Status Effects. This means if you have a Shot with 200% Status Chance modded with both Blast and Toxin Damage, that single shot will result in both Status Effects!

It is worth noting we haved fixed a UI inconsistency that is 'Display Only'. Previously, the Arsenal shows Status Chance affected by Multishot, which made reading the new >100% value confusing. For example, the Arsenal might say 120% but really the Status Chance is 80%. We don't have Multishot affect any Critical Stats (Chance or Multiplier), so we haved fixed this display inconsistency. Multishot now has its own Stat.

Shotguns have a unique Role here based on a very patch-work history with how they interact with Status Chance. A Shotgun that shoots 99% Status Chance would give you 35% (roughly) status per pellet. 100% Status Gives you 100% Status per pellet. This huge jump in performance happens with just a 1% gain - why? Well, to answer that we have to look at our choice to make what the UI conveys reality. It would feel broken to shoot a Shotgun with 100% Status and not see a perfect spread of Effects. In reality, to make Status consistent we have to treat Shotguns as a special case.

Shotguns as a special case means we have buffed the Status Chance of all Shotguns by x3 or greater. The UI now behaves to show the reality that you are determining Status Chance per pellet.

Stacking Status Effects:

But wait - THERE'S MORE! In addition to being able to achieve two Status Effects on a single shot with >100% Status, we are also adding new meaning if you get a duplicate Status Effect on an enemy overall.

This section will outline exactly what this means for each Status type, including information on how multiple Status Effects behaved with stacking prior to this Update. 

Type - Stacking Behaviour when a duplicate Status Effect Occurs:

Slash - Each Slash Status has its own duration, but now we only show a maximum of 10 damage numbers in the HUD, damage is unaffected, but reducing how many damage events we show helps with performance

Impact - Repeat single-target Impact Status Effects will escalate the efficacy of the Impact Status (removed previous change of adding Ragdoll as maximum Stagger consequence).

Puncture - The first Puncture Status Effect has an enemy deal 30% less Damage. Subsequent Puncture Status add +5% weakening, leading to up to 75% (capped). Each Puncture Status has a duration of 6 Seconds.

Cold - The first Cold Status Effect deals 25% slow. Subsequent Cold Status Effects deal +5% slow for a total of 70% slow at 10 procs. Each Cold Status has a duration of 6 seconds.

Heat - No Change.

Toxin - See Slash, plus the base duration of a Toxin Status Effect now matches Slash for 6 seconds.

Electric - AoE Electric Damage that is part of the Status Effect can now reoccur while the target is still under the stun animation of another Electric Status Effect.

Blast - Grants the Blast Status Effect a single target. Blast Status reduces enemy accuracy by 30% base. Subsequent Blast Status Effects add +5% innacuracy for 75% total at 10 stacks. Each Blast Status has a 6 second Duration.

Corrosive - The first Corrosive Status Effect strips 26% Armor. Subsequent Corrosive Status Effects strip 6% more Armor, leading up to 80% Armor removal. Each Corrosive Status Effect lasts 8 seconds. Note: Corrosive was the only Status with infinite Duration and 100% Efficacy toward a defensive stat. This was necessary to some based on how Armor Scaled. We feel our rebalancing efforts need a differently behaving Corrosive to balance out all Status overall.

Radiation - The first Radiation Status Effect has an enemy deal 100% Damage to allies. Subsequent Radiation Status adds +50% damage, leading to up to 550% (capped). Each Radiation Status Effect has a duration of 12 seconds.

Magnetic - New Status Effect entirely: enhanced Damage! First Magnetic Status Effect deals 100% additional Shield damage, subsequent Magnetic Status add +25% for a total of 325% (capped). Enemies under a Magnetic Status Effect cannot regenerate Shields. Magnetic Status Duration is now 6 seconds.

Viral - New Status Effect entirely: enhanced Damage! First Viral Status Effect deals 100% additional Health damage, subsequent Viral Status add +25% for a total of 325% (capped).
Note: Before Viral would halve a target's health pool and simply refresh the duration. Now it deals 2x Damage to Health, and can scale up to 4.5x Damage on repeat Status Effects.

Gas - The base duration of a Gas Status Effect now matches Slash for 6 seconds. No longer does AoE with forced Poison Status Effect (resulting in Poison DoT for enemies in radius), instead it does AoE DoT Gas damage around the target.

In addition, we increased the base Status Chance of Exalted Blade and Desert Wind to 15%, while also changing the Chromatic Blade and Reactive Storm Augments to stack in the same manner other Status Mods do. The following reflects the new Maximums: 

  • Chromatic Blade 50% to 300% Status Chance
  • Reactive Storm 35% to 250% Status Chance

Players - aka Tenno - can only have a Maximum of 1 Stack on them - you cannot receive Stacked Status Effects as a player from enemies, fear not!

Why: The inclusion of enhanced or different stacking of Duplicate Status Effects is one to refresh the appeal of Status.

In addition, we've removed 0.25x Multiplier for Elemental Status Effects, meaning all Elemental Status Effects are 4x more likely.

Why: Critical has long been king - and while we are leaving Critical as is, our goal is to bring Status into the Arsenals in a new light for all Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapons. Our long-term goal with this change is to build upon this series of changes to eventually allow Status to impact bigger threats like Liches and Eidolons.

Faction Aura Changes

We are rebalancing the faction Auras to not completely bypass our rebalancing effort. More importantly though, with the complete rescale these Auras (mostly Corrosive Projection) will not be as necessary as they were.

Corrosive Projection, Shield Disruption and Infested Impedance new Rank values are:

  • Unranked: -3%
  •  Rank 1: -6%
  •  Rank 2: -9%
  •  Rank 3: -12%
  •  Rank 4: -15%
  •  Rank 5: -18%

Why: We think being consistent is key. Passively removing 100% of an enemy's defenses is not an interesting choice, and we were completely inconsistent in this regard with Auras (i.e the efficacy of 4x Corrosive Projections vs 4x Shield Disruptions).

Status Chance Mod Buffs:
The Status Chance Mods we released many years ago have not been considered worthwhile - there are simply better options within the Status Mod builds (Dual Stats) or Critical builds are more appealing. We are buffing all Standalone Status Chance Mods to increase the appeal of building for Status on your Weapons:

  •  Rifle Aptitude increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance
  •  Melee Prowess increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance
  •  Sure Shot increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance
  •  Shotgun Savvy increased from 30% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance

Why? This is a long overdue change that will thrive when paired with the above change of giving >100% Status meaning. The goal is to give your Arsenals a shake up in terms of what Status may mean for some of your Collection! This is a power output increase across the board for Status. We will review the other Status Mods at a later date, but have no firm plans for them now.

Grenade Markers:
Sometimes the devious enemies of Warframe decide they'd rather stay safely behind cover and throw explosive surprises at the Tenno instead of rushing in. They do this when you are stationary for long periods of time. Some time ago we added an audio warning so that thrown grenades would chirp or tick, but experience has shown that they are still easy to miss during the chaos of fighting. A visible HUD marker and a warning glow have been added to grenades that are thrown at you to give you a better chance to react. PLUS, you can now shoot the grenade before it explodes, allowing for increased tactical revenge!

Why: More awareness on where Grenades are has been a longstanding community request to help the flow of battle. We are adding it to allow for more player tactical choice.

Fun extra fact: Saryn's Molt will shed an attached grenade!]

FOV Maximum Change
Fresh from the oven comes a hot bonus change: we've increased the max FOV value from 78 to 90!


Why: Out of the players that do change their FOV setting, ~84% change it to the max. You may be wondering “why not max it even further??”. It comes down to the potential of the diegetic UI, FX, etc breaking when going plus ultra FOV. We hope you enjoy this bump for now!

Mag Magnetize Change:
You'll notice a new Arsenal stat for Mag's Magnetize ability called 'Magnetic Pull'. This value now represents Mag's force of gravity that pulls targets towards a central enemy. 'Magnetic Pull' is scaled with Magnetize's Rank and can be Modded with Ability Strength Mods.

Magnetic Pull' stat has been added to address enemies that are only affected by the pull for brief moments or those that ignore it completely, as opposed to getting pulled towards the central target.

Gear Wheel Changes and Fixes:

  •  Added “drag and drop” functionality to the Gear Wheel! Simpy select the item with 'A' and drag it to the desired slot with the left stick. To accommodate for this change, we have removed the 'R' button in the Arsenal that would swap to the Emote Wheel to now remove items from selected Gear Slots. 
  •  When removing items from a Slot, the first 13 slots will not reposition due to the first 12 allowing custom bindings. Anything above slot 13 will reposition if items are removed. For example, if you have something in slot 13 and 14 and remove the item in 13, the item will now be in slot 13.
  •  Deactivating Gear items by selecting the item in the Gear Menu a second time will now re-equip the weapon you previously had equipped, rather than always equipping your Primary.
  • Fixed mounting a K-Drive with a Scanner equipped not restoring it after dismounting.
  •  Fixed any equippable Gear item not restoring properly after performing a Hack or Finisher on an enemy.


Expand the spoilers below for the full list: 

  •  Rewrote how Navigation caches the active session counts to reduce latency and reduce server load (it should now update roughly 5x as frequently).
  •  Optimized the Kuva Bramma cluster bombs with and without Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors, to address issues with crashing due to FX overload.
  •  Optimized the Hillside Ruin cave in Plains of Eidolon. In some cases, this will result in an increase in performance by as much as 100FPS!
  •  Made systemic micro-optimizations to the UI system (the HUD most importantly).
  •  Improved robustness of the script system by adding native resource tracking to the auto-generated bindings.
  •  Made a micro-optimization when opening the Navigation console.
  •  Made improvements towards a hang that could occur when selecting “Appearance” in the Arsenal to improve performance.
  •  Heavily optimized Survival missions. Replaced the old script used in Survival missions with a new one that can perform up to 90% faster!
  •  Optimized the projectiles of Carcinnox and Apoc Armaments to improve performance.
  •  Made a micro-optimization to the Resource management system.
  •  Optimized how custom shadow quality settings are applied.
  •  Cleaned up generic explosions by replacing certain effects that were causing performance issues. Explosions should now be more optimal and consistent across the board.
  •  Optimized the Kuva Nukor's FX.
  •  Optimized lighting across many Dojo rooms.
  •  Optimized enemy awareness code.
  •  Optimized the way the Codex is stored to save nearly 3.5 MB of memory.
  •  Optimized the way the Star Chart is stored to save nearly 2MB of memory.
  •  Optimized language cache preprocessing.
  •  Optimized Hydron, Sedna to improve performance.
  •  Optimized the effects on Titania's Lantern ability to improve performance.
  •  Made more optimizations to the Kuva Fortress tileset to improve overall performance.
  •  Optimized Hildryn's Aegis Storm to improve performance.
  •  Optimized the Silver Grove shrine by reducing the number of particles.
  •  Fixed a memory leak in dojos that could result in a crash after entering a large number of rooms.
  •  Fixed random zombie players you would often see in the airlock of Relays and optimized performance in Relays in general.

General Additions: 

  • Added new Elite Shield Lancers to Asteroid, Forest, Shipyard and Galleon missions that have level 25+ Grineer.
  •  Added new “hit reaction” animations to Grineer enemies!
    •  Before this change Grineer would only “flinch” when attacked - Now, with the updated hit reactions, it'll be much easier to see when an enemy has been hit. These hit reactions are also much more dynamic to improve your Grineer crushing experience.
  •  Added “Browse Wares' ' option to Onkko (Cetus), Roky (Fortuna), and Little Duck (Fortuna).
    •  We removed the extra step required to get to their offerings! Instead of having to select “The Quills' Standing” and then “view offerings”, you now have the option to do so right away. We also updated all mentions of “View Offerings” to “Browse Wares”.
  •  Added a “Trading Policy” that will appear when Trading for the first time! Safe trading tips have also been added to the Trade UI.
    •  Trading is an essential part of Warframe and we felt it important to inform players on how to proceed with trading in a safe manner. All players will be presented with the “Trading Policy” window when trading for the first time ever (Mastery Rank 2 players who have just unlocked trading), and for the first time since downloading the update. This applies to any instance of trading in the Dojo and in Maroo's Bazaar. Once you've accepted the Policy you may access it from the “Trading Policy” button when trading if desired.
  •  Added a 'COMPANION INVINCIBILITY' option in the Simulacrum!
  •  Added an AkLex Conclave Skin to Teshin's Conclave Offerings!
  • Added the following categories to the Arsenal stat damage section:
    •  “Damage” or “Damage/Projectile”.
    •  Total damage counts that takes multishot into consideration.
    •  “Status” for weapons with built-in multishot will now read “Status/Projectile”.
    •  Added a new sound to the Staticor to indicate that it is fully charged!
    •  Added a new explosive sound to the Javlok's alt fire!


General Changes:

  • Nova's Wormhole will now teleport players' weapon fire - You may remember we discussed the possibilities of this on Devstream #137. Well we saw your reaction to the possibility and we thought...why not make it a reality!
  • Kitguns can use Skins now!
  • Increased Cernos Prime 10% Status Chance per projectile to 30% Status Chance per projectile.
  •  Slightly toned down Wisp's cloak particles as they have gotten too large with some distance scaling.
  • Slightly increased the size of Garuda's Dread Mirror shield.
    •  We noticed that enemies were still able to shoot Garuda's feet, so this increase is to help avoid those stray foot bullets.
  •  Hildryn's Haven ability now also provides invulnerability to all damage for 3 seconds for her Allies upon their Shields being depleted.
  •  Due to the changes with regard to how Viral Status stack, Saryn's Miasma will now only apply a single Viral Status on its initial hit rather than each time Miasma applies damage.
    • This change may sound scary, but you will still get that same 6 seconds of initial doubled damage, just stacking now. If you play Saryn, you know it's rare that enemies even survive Saryn's damage output!
  •  The Firestorm Mod is now compatible with all Primary weapons!
    •  Updated the Firestorm Mod description to reflect this compatibility.
  •  The Fulmination Mod is now compatible with all Secondary weapons!
    •  Updated the Fulmination Mod description to reflect this compatibility.
  •  The Codex console in your Orbiter will now display Leverian Prex Cards instead of cycling through the Codex. There is also a brand new 'Leverian' section specifically for the Codex that you can access the respective Warframe's Leverian!
  •  The Quest section of the Codex now orders itself in Active > Incomplete > Complete to reduce having to scroll through alphabetical order.
  •  Changed the Focus Convergence in-world marker to a lighter yellow color so it isn't as easily confused with the main objective marker.
  •  Removed “Exterminate enemies” stage in Sortie Spy missions. This was done to fix some issues related to being unable to complete the mission due to this stage appearing.
  •  Increased the frequency in which missions from the Void appear as Void Fissures.
  •  Removed camera shake and color correction for other players in your squad when firing the Kuva Bramma for less eye bleed!
  •  Updated the Mastery Test UI screen with more information and style!
  • Updated loading screen with a fancy new diamond loader and updated the loading screen tip font!
  •  Updated the 'Network Not Responding' icon to be more jazzy and on brand!
  •  Significantly increased the chance for the Juggernaut to drop Pherliac Pods Blueprint from 10% to 90%.
  •  Increased the max Waypoint range from 100 to 250 meters.
  •  In addition to the Revive screen receiving the 'Hold to Confirm' Revive/Abort function, we've made a few other changes/fixes when in spectator mode after an unfortunate death:
    • The Squad panel, minimap, and HUD trackers will now be visible during your time spectating.
    •  The spectator camera now also follows the movement of the player's camera more closely.
    •  You can spectate the other fallen corpses of your Allies.
    •  Fixed missing controller bindings callouts in the spectator screen.
    •  Fixed an issue with the "current target" icon not always appearing over the name of the player actually being spectated.
  •  Disruptions missions will no longer be eligible Syndicate missions below level 15, as Demolysts don't spawn at that level, thus an inability to complete the mission.
  •  Palladino's Riven Mod Offering screen now also includes the option to purchase Riven Mods Slots!
  •  You can now equip Veiled Kitgun Rivens on your Primary!
    •  This feature is in preparation for Primary Kitguns coming in the Scarlet Spear update!
  •  Reduced the pulsing FX frequency and size on the Eidolon Vomvalysts in their energy form.
  •  Baruuk's Reactive Storm Augment Mod will now also apply its Status Chance and damage type matching to enemy weakness on Serene Storm's AOE attacks.
    •  Previously the Augment was only applying to close-combat attacks - we decided to extend this to Serene Storm's AOE waves to give more flexibility to the Augment's use. We'll be monitoring the change as you play and test it for any potential adjustments.
  •  Upon review, the falloff range for a few Arch-Guns were not consistent with what the Arsenal was displaying. The changes below fixes these issues:
    • Increased the speed of Corvas and Fluctus projectiles to fix them dying before reaching their intended falloff ranges.
    •  Increased the Grattler projectile lifetime so it can reach its intended falloff range.
  •  Ivara Prime's starry night FX when invisible will apply to any form of invisibility, not just her abilities (Prowl, Cloak Arrow).
    •  This fixes other invisibility FX sources (for example: Untraceable and Ghost Mods) stacking with hers and looking awful/causing performance issues.
  •  Removed Security Cameras and Turrets in Corpus Ship survival missions.
    • During an optimization pass we realized these environment hazards in Survival missions were extra AI overhead and annoyances when there's already a lot going on.
  • Significantly reduced the damage of slide attacks for dual swords in the Conclave.
    • After reviewing how slide attacks perform with dual swords vs. other weapons, we determined it far exceeded them and needed to be rebalanced.
  •  Made some minor UI tweaks in Survival missions to improve readability.
  •  Projectiles from Crossbows equipped with the Dali Ballistica Skin will now match the Skin.
  •  Updated naming conventions for Dojo Decorations. For example: “Small Topiary Bush” is now “Topiary Bush (Small)”.
  •  Made adjustments to the brightness of trees in the Orokin Moon tileset.
  •  Changed Nova's Molecular Prime casting FX to have better positioning.
  •  The Grineer Shield Lancer has been given a brand new reload animation!
  •  Updated the reload animation for the Miter to better suit its uniqueness.
  •  Kuva Lich and Ayatan Star in-world markers will start to fade as you approach them within certain distances:
    •  Kuva Lich: At 20m marker will begin fade
    •  Ayatan Star: At 5m marker will begin fade
  •  Reduced overall transmission frequency in Survival missions.
  •  Updated the Survival tower icon for in-world markers so that it matches the objective UI.
  •  Increased the Health and Damage Resistance on Simaris' Synthesis Targets so that they don't get accidentally nuked while attempting to scan them.
  •  Reduce volume/ radius of Domestic Drones in Orbiter.
  •  Slightly toned down Wisp's cloak particles as they have gotten too large with some distance scaling.
  •  You can now access Ivara’s Leverian when viewing Ivara Prime in the Codex.
  • Tweaked Toxic Ancients Area of Effect blast FX timing so the FX is visible before the actual damage (at the moment, you'll always be damaged before you see the attack).

Expand spoilers below for full list of fixes


• Fixed the Synth Deconstruct Mod not functioning if it's the only Synth Mod equipped and you die/revive.
• Fixed an extremely specific method of Melee coptering by interrupting a slide attack with a dodge roll.
• Fixed a bug where certain pain reactions would make Grineer faces look like they were put in the microwave on the "melt butter" setting.
• Fixed a rare case of some GPU Particles not following the player.
• Fixed NPCs doing an extremely slow crawl forwards often when they fail pathing.
• Fixed Lech Kril changing to his Gorgon mid swing if you moved out of Melee range.
• Fixed inability to Operator Void Blast for extended periods of time during the “carrying” moments in The Second Dream Quest.
• Fixed an out-of-memory crash if a player or enemy was executing a Melee attack while being teleported a great distance.
• Fixed the Interception HUD breaking on rare occasions when joining an in-progress mission.
• Fixed players in Towns, Relays and Dojos sometimes staying as blue Excalibur (loading) until they moved.
• Fixed Grendel turning into a blob of polygons when submerging into Submersible Archwing water with Pulverize active.
• Fixed the Vengeful Pull Ephemera being way too bright after customizing it and not inheriting Archwing scaling.
• Fixed missing button callout to Rank up an Arcane in the Arcane Manager screen
• Fixed the Cycuta Prime Sigil, Igaro, Yamako Prime, Zaikhya, Cycuta Prime, and Opulas Robe Syandanas clipping through the Titania Empress Skin.
• Fixed being unable to collect points in a specific spot in The Index Gas Works map.
• Fixed several issues occuring in The Index if the final player in a squad opens the Wager Credits window but opens pause menu instead of confirming.
• Fixed Conduits in Disruption missions missing collision for Warframes.
• Enemies can still walk through Conduits so that they do not get stuck.
• Fixed Conduit count in Arbitration Disruption missions going above the needed amount to extract (ex. 5/4).
• Fixed not being able to vertically scroll or zoom in/out of the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis advanced maps.
• Fixed the Scapulis Syandana disappearing at odd angles.
• Fixed both Host/Client being unable to see or hear each other's reload FX on the Shedu.
• Fixed a few edge cases of Alad V sometimes not spawning properly in his Assasination mission.
• Fixed Shield Lancers being entirely way too precise with their shots instead of their shots taking into account accuracy variables.
• Fixed issue with Warframes and Companions sometimes disappearing in the Arsenal.
• Fixed entering the Extraction point in any mission deactivating Warframe stealth Abilities and making them visible again.
• Fixed broken icons for Mastery Rank in the in-game Market or Inventory if the selected weapon has a minimum Mastery Rank requirement.
• Fixed wild flickering issues on one of the doors in the Grineer Asteroid and Galleon tileset.
• Fixed Defiled Requiem Mods counting towards to “Owned” total when viewing Requiem Relic rewards.
• Fixed Wukong's Wuclone tripping the laser traps in Brudia, Eris. Too much monkeying around.
• Fixed getting stuck and being unable to use the “/unstuck” command in Sharkwing in the pump station in Desdemona, Uranus.
• Fixed the Officium Syandana on Equinox's Antonym Skin getting wacky positioning when swapping between her Day and Night forms.
• Fixed Arch-Gun not re-equipping after Parazon Finishers and instead equipping Melee weapon.
• Fixed Emblems attaching incorrectly and rotating when equipped with the Kuva Zevokk Shoulder Armor.
• Fixed texture tiling issue with Gauss' Redline FX.
• Fixed inability to Chat link an extensive list of Syandanas.
• Fixed ugly and busted blast FX for the Sarpa, Redeemer, and Redeemer Prime.
• Fixed issue with enemy navigation in the Grineer Galleon tileset where enemies would attempt to cross through a solid window.
• Fixed hole in map due to missing wall in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
• Fixed texture issues with floor and rail assets in the Lua Halls of Ascension rooms.
• Fixed a large ceiling pipe missing its material in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
• Made fixes towards high-latency issues in the Vox Solaris quest.
• Fixed Mesa's Peacemaker and Titania's Razorwing deactivating Melee-only mode if it was active before those abilities were cast.
• Fixed Osprey in Octavia's Anthem quest having the “Hunhow” tag. That Osprey was feeling pretty powerful that day I guess.
• Fixed being able to escape the Grineer Sealab tileset using Itzal's Arch Line.
• Fixed being unable to complete the “Avoid the Scanners” portion of the War Within quest if the player uses Archwing afterburners to get ahead of the ship.
• Fixed Odomedic Health regeneration lingering perpetually if Sentinel not present to end it
• Fixed only Energy values for Warframe Abilities showing changes that Mods apply when viewing a Warframe Mod Link.
• Fixed inability to Chat link Anomaly Shards even if you have some in your Inventory.
• Fixed ally Grineer Napalms (Nekros' Shadow of the Dead) damaging themselves with their own missiles.
• More fixes towards inaccurate Archwing Tutorial Quest text when indicating how to use Afterburners.
• Fixed Lech Kril and Vor's cinematics not including their weapons.
• Fixed bad water materials in the Grineer Forest tileset.
• Fixed certain attacks with the Arca Triton and Crushing Ruin or Shattering Storm equipped not consuming Slam Capacitor charges but still getting the damage multipliers bonus.
• Fixed Arca Titron consuming Slam Capacitor charges in Melee Combos with Slam attacks without releasing its AOE charge.
• Fixed issue where transitioning from the Plains of Eidolon/Orb Vallis to Cetus/Fortuna would cause the equip/unequip animation to occur.
• Fixed Mirage's Hall of Mirror clones not animating properly during double/wall jumps.
• Fixed being unable to quick Melee or swap back to Arch Gun when fighting Jordas Golem (Quest and Assasination Node were both affected).
• Fixed attachment offsets on the Vapos Aquila in the Gas City tileset. Corpus Fleet technicians finally found the ship schematics and are now properly attaching laser weapons pods, vs previous woeful assembly.
• Fixed a flag in Grineer Settlement being entirely unlit compared to the others.
• Fixed very bright lights in certain areas in the Gas City tileset.
• Fixed multiple areas in the Gas City tileset where exterior light was bleeding inside.
• Fixed lightning issues on certain doors and hallways in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
• Fixed Lech Kril becoming invincible after he's cast his Cold abilities at the same time his backpack is destroyed.
• Fixed Lech Kril's Brokk disappearing for a moment before doing an overhead Melee ice slam wave attack.
• Fixed Clients in The Index losing all functionality asides from the pause menu if they die and Host migration occurs before they are able to respawn.
• Fixed Aero Agility not working when holding down an additional movement direction at the same time as aim gliding.
• Fixed Wukong's Cloud Walker not completing its casting animation when cast immediately after firing a low Fire Rate weapon (ie. shotgun).
• Fixed FX for Harrow's Covenant not applying correctly on Sentinels.
• Fixed the Spore Ephemera showing the outline of Nidus' wings in his Mutated state before he has enough stacks for them to actually show.
• Fixed Focus Point cap increase missing from the list of Rewards in the Mastery Rank Screen.
• Fixed Railjack and Decoration placement headers appearing under the Archwing settings in Options > Controls.
• Fixed Clients seeing FX on Special Duty Coildrive when it should be disabled when caught in the ambush trap in “Defend the Coildrive” Vallis Bounty missions.
• Fixed broken and flickering textures on Ara, Mars.
• Fixed players getting stuck on a group of rocks after first encountering the Golden Maw in The War Within Quest.
• Fixed map hole in the Golden Maw encounter in The War Within quest, allowing players to yeet out of the map because that golden worm is just too scary.
• Fixed being able to see outside of the map when in the Plains of Eidolon/Cetus tunnel by crouching and looking towards the ceiling.
• Fixed being able to hop out of Ara, Mars' map using Nezha's Blazing Chakram.
• Fixed visible gap in the wall in the Grineer Galleon mission during Saya's Vigil Quest.
• Fixed map hole in the Infested Ship tileset.
• Fixed black square textures in the Corpus Ship tileset.
• Fixed Atavist Prime Knee Plates sitting off-center on the Ivara Kuvael Skin.
• Fixed rooms in the Dojo showing as “Insufficient Space” despite not overlapping with the Observatory, even with larger amounts of space given.
• Fixed a large map hole in the Lua tileset.
• Fixed walk trail (Blazing Step, Freezing Step, Fae Path, etc.) Ephemeras spawning half of the FX when equipped on a Warframe with Wisp's floating animations.
• Fixed some cases of the “Deploy Resource Extractor” button losing functionality and some cases of needing to select it twice.
• Fixed Frost's Hisame Skin clipping with the Targis Prime Greaves and Syrinx Leg Plates.
• Fixed Ignis' Energy color appearing defaulted in reflections when in mission.
• Fixed the Lacera's handle not fitting into Warframe's hand when equipped with the Wisp animation set.
• Fixed Ability menu remaining open when entering a Sanctuary Onslaught Conduit.
• Fixed AI getting stuck in a certain spot in Spear, Mars.
• Fixed Vapos enemies and several items introduced in the Gas City remaster missing from the Codex, even though they were shown as scannable. The following will now appear in your Codex:
   • Biogas Barrel
   • Helium Barrel
   • Cable
   • Vector Shield
   • Vapos Detron Ranger
   • Vapos Sniper Ranger
   • Vapos Tech Ranger
   • Vapos Nullifier Ranger
   • Distressed Pipes
• Fixed characters appearing distorted due to excessive radial blur in The Sacrifice Quest during the “Confront Umbra” portion.
• Fixed texture flickering on Spy Vault doors in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
• Fixed a map hole that was only accessible if you were in Hydroid's Undertow.
• Fixed an issue where attempting to Alt Fire when there isn't enough ammo left for Alt Fire would cause issues. Weapons will now immediately reload on secondary fire in cases where secondary fire does not have enough ammo, rather than waiting for reload from empty delay.
• Fixed issues with fog textures for the Lua and Infested Ship tileset.
• Fixed the Itzal Chest Plate being angled slightly to the left on Mag Prime.
• Fixed Sentinels attempting and then canceling attacks on the Synthesis Target over and over again.
• Fixed “Melee Attack with…” tooltip clipping into the wall in Vor's Prize in other languages.
• Fixed laser hazards in the Gas City tileset missing localization.
• Fixed Vauban's Tesla Nervos roller drones stuttering in the Railjack.
• Fixed fog pinching issue in the Plains of Eidolon skybox.
• Fixed the Aseron Sekhara Emblem not being lit properly when equipped on the right side.
• Fixed crash in the Simulacrum caused by Amalgam Arca Heqet's copy ability.
• Fixed a crash caused by Clients loading in a Host's Orbiter while the ramp closing script was running.
• Fixed the “waiting for players” button mission the pause icon in the UI when loading into Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
• Fixed crash when playing Corpus Infested survival missions as Client after the Host crashes.
• Fixed crash in Conclave due to the “x was killed by x” message.
• Fixed the Neo G2 Relic being set to “rare” in the Market/Syndicate Relic Packs. It is now “uncommon” as intended.
• Fixed Riven challenges requiring "without being afflicted by a status effect" resetting when the status effect is blocked by immunity from sources such as Nezha's Warding Halo.
• Fixed Clients getting a script error in Interception missions (normal and Archwing) when standing in capture circle and attempting to abort the mission from the menu.
• Fixed inverted poly on Grendel's body which left a gap in his mesh.
• Fixed missing tooltips for untradeable items if 'Item Labels' if turned off, making it difficult for players with labels off to know what the item is that they can't trade.
• Fixed Ordis' spoken dialogue does not match his transmission during the second Orbiter cutscene in The War Within Quest.
• Fixes towards unnecessary burst sounds from explosion projectiles.
• Fixed a case of a locked door icon showing unlocked in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
• Fixed missing door frame in Helene, Saturn.
• Fixed the Furis missing its magazine.
• Fixed a rogue teleport volume in Stöfler, Lua that could be triggered unintentionally.
• Fixed button box in UI being far too short for Bundle names that exceed 36+ characters in the in-game Market.
• Fixed cases where adding a gender alternative to a string resulted in improper use of capital letters in localized Clients.
• Fixed incorrect Operator lipsync movements when playing on a non-English game client.
• Fixed a crash when joining an Orb Vallis mission in progress while the Host was on a K-Drive.
• Fixed inability to Unveil Rivens if they have a 'mission completion' Challenge.
• Fixed becoming permanently invincible in the Simulacrum after toggling Invincibility.
• Fixed erroneous floating floor texture appearing in the Earth Cervantes tileset.
• Fixed numerous bugs for Clients joining Hijack missions in progress.
• Fixed Vasca Kavat Lure meter not moving smoothly.
• Fixed multiple script errors across the game. 
• Fixed enemies becoming permanently stuck in Nidus’ Larva pod if the ability expires while you’re a great distance away.
• Fixed inability to jump or use Grendel’s Abilities (including cancelling Pulverize) after mantling a ledge in Pulverize ball form as Grendel.
• Fixed Clients being able to toggle Gara Mass Vitrify off too early when enough latency was involved, causing them to be unable to destroy it with Shattered Lash.
• Fixed cases of the Defense target getting stuck in an infinite falling loop in the Sedna Adaro Sortie Defense mission.
• Fixed Ivara Leverian not spawning Ivara Prex if you only have Ivara Prime mastered.
• Fixed the Companion Arsenal UI overlapping with the other tabs in the Arsenal when switching back and forth with a controller.
• Fixes towards AI violently spasming when their target enemy disappears from their view.
• Fixed losing all mission minimaps after opening the pause Menu while the map was expanded.
• Fixed incorrect platform icons when selecting an Orbiter Decoration.
• Fixed Lisets having missing textures in the mission load in cinematics.
• Fixed inability to complete a Mobile Defense mission due to Datamasses disappearing if a Host migration occured.
• Fixed Shade’s Ghost Precept Mod not cloaking you in invisibility.
• Fixed Host and Clients not appearing in the correct position while inside a streaming tunnel (Railjack, gates of Cetus, etc).
• Fixed Ivara’s Prex Card appearing overly stretched when viewed in the Codex Fragments section.
• Fixed Kuva Bramma explosion and projectile sounds being too loud for non local players.
• Fixed the Kuva Bramma multi shot sound FX spamming.
• Fixed Gorgaricus Spores not falling correctly after the sac is shot.
• Fixed an issue where Clients would be unable to hit Gorgaricus sacs in some cases.
• Fixed equipping Regalia on one side of your Kubrow applying to both sides, resulting in a Regalia overlap. 
   • We're working on fixing this issue for Kavats.
• Fixed the Left Hulta Leg Guard being offset when equipped on Hydroid Prime. 
• Fixed Chat Linked Mods not displaying correctly when setting Menu Scale to the minimum.
• Fixes towards a case of Mods appearing obscured in the Arsenal once returning from a Mission.
• Fixed the Codex displaying a broken Requiem Mod after returning from a Mission.
• Fixed some filepath Tips on the Mission load screen.
• Fixed <archwing> text appearing in the Arsenal stats when comparing an Archwing.
• Fixed an issue with Survival Missions causing issues past the 10 minute mark when players Join-in-progress. 
• Fixed inboxed Avionics and Arcanes not showing up properly (Prime Time bug!).
• Fixed Titania and Hildryn gaining 100% Damage reduction while in their airborne forms (Razorwing, Aegis Storm) when equipped with Aviator, Aerodynamic, and Agility Drift.
• Fixed a crash that could occur in missions with Zip-lines.
• Fixed issues with the Grineer Shipyards environment’s moving parts. 
• Fixed an issue with clashing decorations in the Observatory in the Dojo. 
• Fixed Servofish swimming through the air when moving to Fish in an adjoining lake in Orb Vallis.
• Fixes towards preprocessed foliage lighting looking wonky in some cases.
• Fixed Attachment Energy colors not properly applying to certain particle systems. (mainly an Ephemera issue).
• Fixes towards numerous Glyphs not propagating when searching keywords in the Profile > Glyph screen.
• Fixed spotloading the Vitruvian UI Theme when you do not have it set and we want to use it for a specific screen (IE: the actual Vitruvian).
• Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
• Fixed a script error when joining a mission while someone is Fishing.
• Fixed a script error in the Gas City Sabotage mission.
• Fixed a script error in the Lua Spy mission when going through Void tears.
• Fixed a script error when Upgrading Mods.
• Fixed a script error when exiting the Chimera Prologue Quest.
• Fixed a script error that could occur during the Supply Sabotage Plans of Eidolon encounter.
• Fixed a script error when trapping a Synthesis Target in a Kinetic Siphon Trap.
• Fixed a script error when the Kinetic Siphon Trap expires.
• Fixed a script error when activating a Survival Life Support Capsule.
• Fixed a script error when equipping an Arch-Gun.
• Fixed a script error when fighting the Ropalolyst.
• Fixed a script error when viewing Boosters in the Market.
• Fixed a script error when using a Scanner.
• Fixed a script error when dying in the Simulacrum.
• Fixed a script error when entering a dynamic encounter in the Orb Vallis.
• Fixed a script error related to the Kohm.
• Fixed a script error related to placing a Loc-Pin.
• Fixed a script error when attempting to Fish in Orb Vallis.
• Fixed a script error when selecting Fishing Bait.
• Fixed a script error related to using the Scanner.
• Fixed several harmless script crashes that would occur during a Host migration in Hijack missions.
• Fixed numerous harmless script crashes on when quitting the game with the Mask of the Revenant Quest active.
• Fixed 1:60 chance your Hijack mission would break if you let the Objective get destroyed.

Hotfix #1: 

  • Fixed Revive text saying to hold A to revive when it should say to hold Y to revive
  • Fixed bindings not working in the Railjack customization screen

Hotfix #2:
Along with the fix listed below this Hotfix includes behind the scene changes for an upcoming release.


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so, logged in for about 20 mins of the update and this fun bug appeared. Tried restarting, temporary fix and then immediately reappeared upon loading into an area. Chat UI is completely scrambled and unable to click links within. any chance of a hotfix and not leaving this in for the next several weeks? 

Shown below 




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6 hours ago, (NSW)Dekusuta said:

Can anyone with the unable to see friends/clan online, can't invite or be invited,  must host own node bug cities confirm if it's fixed ? 

Yes this has been happening for a month for me. It's so annoying and inconvenient.

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2 hours ago, (NSW)Akko. said:

Yes this has been happening for a month for me. It's so annoying and inconvenient.

Is it fixed for you? It still isn't for me.

I can sometimes log into a 'good' session, just my quitting and logging in multiple times and checking to see if my clan lists load properly. if it does, then I know i'm good. More luck during the weekdays, weekends Ive tried it never works and i give up after 10 attempts.  


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11 hours ago, (NSW)360Seppuku said:

so, logged in for about 20 mins of the update and this fun bug appeared. Tried restarting, temporary fix and then immediately reappeared upon loading into an area. Chat UI is completely scrambled and unable to click links within. any chance of a hotfix and not leaving this in for the next several weeks? 

Shown below 




Same thing happened to me on multiple occasions. I can still scroll through chat, but some of it hangs off and I can't select any links unless I restart the game.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Hotfix #1: 

  • Fixed Revive text saying to hold A to revive when it should say to hold Y to revive
  • Fixed bindings not working in the Railjack customization screen

Quickly browsing, all the mentions of "A" vs "Y" I see are related to reviving.  It should be noted there are other places where the game now says "A" to interact, but its really "Y".  The news display in the orbiter for one. Maybe other places, I didn't get much time to play last night.

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Found another fun bug. God knows when this was introduced because I have not tricapped regularly in over a year now but there is now obviously more reason to. Basically loaded into poe and within 2 minutes of the mission completely locked to operator mode, unable to use skills or gear items, and unable to open chat window to even tell my teammates I was bugged. So I hard reset and reconnected to the squad. Within seconds the same thing happens only this time locked out of transference, still unable to use all skills/chat or even shoot my weapon. Closed game and decided I will just finish buying the rest of my arcanes like I have been or wait for scarlet spear.... ty de, very cool 😎 

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21 hours ago, (NSW)Realdarkviper said:

So hypothetical question: 

what happens to the switch version of warframe if future updates can’t be added due to the memory limitation put in place by Nintendo?

There are no memory limitations. The current build of warframe can be downloaded to a fresh off the shelf switch with no SD, as the Switch has a basic 32GB internal memory, of which around 25GB is available . The rest is OS and there is some space required for save data, which is saved ON THE CONSOLE , not the SD.

Moving forward, the game size will grow beyond this space, so they are just future proofing to make sure people can keep playing.

What i'm unclear on is if people will be required to download the whole game to SD or if only the overflow data goes into the SD.

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So this still hasn’t been fixed. Nova’s Null Star Ability is bugged. Stars are consumed and do not cause damage anymore. This started before the big Warframe Revised update and still hasn’t been fixed. Please fix this. 

Quick update: Reset Switch, reinstalled and even tried using a Forma on Nova to reset her and still not working. 

Edited by (NSW)FAsylphy
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Hey @[DE]Helen, I'm grateful that the update finally made it onto the Switch! & even more so after running missions and preparing for Scarlet Spear, it looks like the gear wheel and scanners, etc. are working better than ever :]

(This may be the post which shedded light on it, I'm not sure if other people posted about it before me)

Although with various space aspects of Scarlet Spear in mind, I wanted to echo this topic I discovered with the PC version:

Last night as I was leveling Archwing things on Salacia, Neptune (That one node may not be a relevant factor in this), a few times I had to resort to using my Prisma Veritux. But in doing so, the innate target tracking it (& the normal Veritux) retained since before the Warframe: Revised update has changed just like mentioned above in the PC version.

The people in the above post have tested this in further detail than I have been able to, but I imagine the two situations are parallel to each other. In short, at least when using the Prisma Veritux, the target tracking now places you just out of arm's reach of your given enemy. If it's relevant, my build also uses the "Extend" mod. But even then I was unable to land a hit, unless the enemy moved into range coincidentally. In the event this can occur in some Railjack missions as well (I hope not), I think this needs to be fixed before Scarlet Spear launches, or at the same time it begins. That being said, I'm glad to hear a fix is already in the works for the PC version.

Hypothetically, maybe the rest of the Arch-melee weapons will be able to have their target tracking restored in the same way as the Verituxes once they're figured out (Unless there is some intended reason for them to not have target tracking anymore)! I'll keep working on testing both of my Verituxes in the meantime to see how they work in Railjack battles.

But above all else, safety first when it comes to what's happening around the globe! I mainly wanted to shed some light on this since it's also occurring on the Nintendo Switch version. Take care, and do what you can.


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