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Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Railjack Balance Feedback Megathread


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I am sorry for saying this but you completly ruined all aspects of CO-OP in this game mode, it become completly solo focused, pilot alone can EASILY  win mission, killing 10+ enemies each time he uses ship abilities, rest of crew has NOTHING to do, pilot kills everything with ship abilities before gunners can shot them and while gunners can use  abilties of ship, its pilot who control direction of ship so he always is first one to use abilities so there is no point for gunners on the ship, ship barely gets damaged anymore and hazard very rarely happen and and only tickle the ship so being ship enginner isnt a role anymore, rest of crew is left with doing nothing,absolute boredom.

I want to point out that this problem already existed before railjack got revisted, pilot with really well geared railjack could already solo hardest missions, revist only made everything even easier.

Railjack game mode either has to be made harder, harder then it even was before, forcing players to CO-OP doing different roles on ship, or you need to scrap railjack as a multi-crew ship and give each player seperate  ship of his own, currently playing railjack feels more like flying with space fighter then multi-crew interceptor.

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I was happy with this but a recent change has made this much harder.

Before recent change I could solo a veil mission in 30 minutes. Now, more difficult.

So, there are the people that say they can railjack a mission in  3 minutes. Cool.

I can do a lot of missions quickly solo.

It took a lot of effort to get to the point where I could regularly solo railjack in 30 minutes.

Now the try hard crew has said that it should be more leet and it appears you've listened.

My kid says I should give it up for FortNite?







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First before anything - Fix the bugs. It is not really needed to repeat, but it doesn't hurt anyways.
Everything is in my perspective of the Empyrean's end game content ( Veil Proxima missions )

  • Time-To-Kill on Railjack Enemies
    • With some well thought equipment, even if they're spread out, they don't feel very troublesome.
  • Overall Health and Damage of Enemies
    • No comments. They feel reasonable.
  • Survivability of the Railjack
    1. Dull
    • A fully armed Railjack can hardly be dropped down to 1 HP, specially in a fast paced squad. The only thing that could make you feel the pressure is when you want to kill beside the Asteroids and their towers spamming hitting your railjack. But more than pressure, is annoyance
  • Difficulty of Boarding Parties
    1. Dull
    • The boarding parties are almost no different than killing enemies in a normal map. Details: ( When I first started playing Empyrean [a couple of weeks ago] I thought that the boarding parties would go straight to what I believed was the Railjack's Core, but... NO, they simply went to the hotspots and attack the railjack. They're pretty dull in my opinion. They can't do pretty much anything else other than Attack you, or "randomly" plant a bomb )
    1. Flying enemies (Sentients)
      • Well, shouldn't really be here, but since sentients can spawn inside railjack, I'll say it here. WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THAT A SENTIENT FLOATING ALMOST THE WHOLE TIME WOULD BE A NICE IDEA. And if it wasn't even enough, they decide to fly in heights like 8 meters , or even shamely fly over the voids of the terrains :facepalm:
  • Mission Rewards
    1. Devalue of Credits
      • So the credits rewards for one run ( At least in Gian ) is about 50k ( Maybe less, but it is pretty high imo ), Now because it is pretty much easy to carry anyone into the Veil Proxima, the credits farm becomes pretty much easier. It has even affected the value of the R10 mods, reducing its value by about 50-80 platinum. About 8-10 months ago when I was still playing, the highest a Legendary Mod R10 could reach was about 330 Platinum, now the average Highest price feels like 240-260. as for Rare Mods like Blind Rage it dropped from a minimum 160 platinum to currently a price of aroun 110 Platinum. To make a comparison, the Profit Taker, under the premise that no Chroma uses the double Credit Booster trick, Gian and Profit Taker S4 profits are pretty much the same (2-3 mins for ~50k Credits VS. 125k Credits for a 5-6 mins). But the main culprit for the devalue is that, in a decent case scenario, 2 persons are the bare minimum to finish Gian under 3 mins. And also due to Gian being a good place to also farm exp, the players can both grind their both Warframe and Weaks and still get a decent credit amount and Syndicates Affinity in return. I think having the credits rewards reduced to maybe like 5k or 10k, comparable to the other non-railjack missions would be nice. Profit Taker, Sortie and Index are the most viable Credit farms methods before Empyrean, but because These 3 farm methods you can't really hope to grind a warframe to max level, or even weaps with ease, the most "Profitable" credit farm method in my opinion is Gian, Empyrean.
    2. Is a good place to "grind" experience

Verdict: Other than the devalue of credits, everything else feels reasonable

  • Bugs
    1. Host migration during an Anomaly mission
      It causes the squad to not be able to finish the mission - Details: ( I'm not exactly sure if there's any requirements to trigger the bug, but it has happened me twice in the same day when the host Migrated while our group was dealing with the Sentients. The first time we've finished all the "side" missions, and the second time we rushed straight to do the anomaly, skipping the "side" missions )
    2. Inexplicable black screens
      • Half Black Screen when entering the Front Artillery - Details: ( It sometimes you kinda descend like way too much, and hence you have a half black screen. It may sometimes fix by itself, but if it doesn't, you have to get out, and re-enter back again into the Artillery to fix it )
      • It also had happened once that entering into the front artillery made me to teleport to what I believe was outside the map's boundaries. I couldn't teleport to any nodes even if they appeared inside the L Command, and I'm not sure if teleporting to a player could fix it. The teleport from Intrinsic 10 doesn't work on any tenno that's inside the railjack.
    3. Inexplicable Foundry not being able to be interacted.
      • Details: ( Just as the subtitle says, the Foundry can't be interacted. Leaving the dojo does fix it though )
    4. Inexplicable Teleports
      • Details: ( It has happened twice to me while playing Earth's Posit that the Railjack would like teleport to outside the maps boundaries, staying stuck )
    5. Inexplicable Inside Objective's Railjack Doors being blocked
      • Details: ( The doors didn't even though you was near - This random bug made the anomaly run to be aborted because we couldn't finish the mission of destroying the Core )
    6. Inexplicable Enemies (Sentients mainly) spawning inside railjack
  • Other Points
    1. Enemies don't really chase you
      • The enemies doesn't really chase you, even though you've alerted them. It is a pain in the ass if you want to rush because they stay like 12km away from the you at where or near where you spawned without any sign of going to chase you even though you are/were making a mess out of their fellows ships
    2. Tether only dealing damage if you're the Host
    3. Make logistics easier to access
      • So me as a navigator of the ship(Host), knowing when there was a Front Artillery was pretty useful. The only way to knew it was if I opened the map before piloting the Railjack. Also, for the side towerist to know where's exactly the ship's cockpit would be very useful. there's a roundabout way by opening the map before entering SideTowerist mode though. This way you don't accidentally blow up the Captain's Tethers.
    4. Front Artillery stops receiving exp
      • Call me Lazy if you want, but After sitting in the Front Artillery ( If I'm not mistaken ) for some time I stop receiving exp. The only way to remove that "Anti-AFK" is leaving the Front Artillery and run a bit and then go back into the FA


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On 2020-06-02 at 1:50 PM, Culaio said:

I am sorry for saying this but you completly ruined all aspects of CO-OP in this game mode, it become completly solo focused, pilot alone can EASILY  win mission, killing 10+ enemies each time he uses ship abilities, rest of crew has NOTHING to do....

Considering what space games can offer I guess the one railjack mission we have in Empyrean is like the Simulacrum we have in Warframe.

We just need Railjack content for Warframe now. 🙂

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Hope my english would be good enought ^^'


I played exclusively solo with the intrinsics level 10 (except gunner which is level 9) on a RJ MK III (with all Vidar and Zetki weapons maxed out). I dropped 0 Lavan but i don't know if it's a bug or if it's a statistical aberration.  For the build, quite classic : Hullweave, Bulkhead, Cruising Speed, Conic Nozel, Ion Burn, Polar Coil, Hyperstrike, Predator and Section Density. Particle Ram for battle avionics and no tactical avionics.
I also did some tests with maxed Hullweave, Bulkhead and Hyperstrike on a RJ full Sigma MK0. It doesn't change much except that it takes longer to destroy the fighters.
All of this in the Veil missions with anomaly.


Time-To-Kill on Railjack Enemies

In terms of combat dynamism, it's much better. The new aiming system is much more comfortable. We are sometimes forced to over-anticipate on Apocs and to under-anticipate on Carcinoxs but we get used to it very quickly. The Pulsar lacks a bit of damage compared to the Cryophon and the Cryophon heats up a little too quickly compared to the other weapons (i suspect that you wanted to reproduce the feeling of a shotgun but there, it seems to use a Hek, it would not be bad to mount it at the level of Vaykor). Personally, i prefer the Zetki versions except for the Cryophon. Regarding the Lavans, no idea, I haven't dropped one yet.

The big flaw i find at the moment is that the battle tends to disperse far too easily. There are always 2-3 hunters who, for some reason, get lost 10-15km in the middle of nowhere and wait.  As a result, we are forced to go and look for them and, obviously, this triggers a new wave and we find ourselves finishing the extermination in the vacuum of space. So it's impossible to have a battle in the middle of the asteroids. Hunters would have to be lured to the RJ from much further away.

In conclusion :

  • reduce the heatup of the Cryophon
  • a little bit more damage to the Pulsar
  • activate the drop  of Lavan weapon wreckage
  • bring the hunters back to battle when they find themselves expelled several kilometers away


Survivability of the Railjack and Overall Health and Damage of Enemies

The main concern with this iteration, for my taste, is that there's no real threat to the ship during battle. Fighter's damage is negligible and can be totally ignored, crewship damage is okay and can't really be ignored when there are several of them. However, they can easily be taken out of play by simply destroying their 3 reactors and it's all the more simple as they arrive one by one and are calves. So it doesn't feel like we're taking the ships down because they're a threat but because there's a counter to satisfy. It lacks a bit of tension and matter. I remind you, we're in the Veil, it's not supposed to be Saturn and even less the Earth.

The fires hazard and catastrophic breaches are well balanced. They are a threat without representing an immediate danger (the fire because it interrupts the regen of the PVs and the shield in addition to its DoT, the catastrophic breach due to the countdown and the deactivation of the engines). On the other hand, the small breach and the electrical hazard can be totally ignored. Perhaps they should be played on other aspects, such as reducing the speed of the WFs + a slight DoT for all WFs on board for small breaches, reducing the mobility of the RJ and the firepower for electrical hazard (considering that the fire does both damage + interruption of regen, it seems coherent to me that the others have a double property also). And it would be REALLY necessary to increase the number of hazard according to the size of the crew on board. And, in solo, to increase the probability of their occurrence.
Note that the fire can be used to increase the RJ's speed/firepower since it makes the shield disappear every second and it's the passive of 2 MK III components to precisely  increase the RJ's speed or firepower every time the shield disappears. I don't know if it's intended but I hope you'll keep it.

The missile platform launcher does a lot of damage and is one of the rare elements that can quickly lead to a catastrophic breach, it's not bad at all, it makes it a real threat (the only one if I'm not mistaken if you exclude being deliberately pounded by 2-3 crewships without moving). Too bad that's not also the case for the anti-ship platform (which could continue to track its target while it's firing, have a much wider field of sight and an increased firerate), the crewship shed (which could send one or two Skold crewships in addition to the ramsleds, if you stay too close) and the EMP generator (I didn't understand what it was supposed to do, but I'm sure there's a way to make it dangerous).

In conclusion :

  • slightly increase the damage of fighters
  • change the effects of small breaches and electrical hazards so that they represent a threat without being an immediate danger, like fires and catastrophic breaches
  • increase the number of hazards according to the size of the crew, increase the probability of appearance in solo
  • make all the "points of interest" a threat, like the missile platform launcher
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I agree with the others that are saying that in the endgame, there's not much for the crew to do. As a pilot, I can kill 90% of the fighters on my own with tether, and the other 10% with my own turret. Crewships are a bit more troublesome because I have to jump out of the pilot seat to use the artillery, but its still pretty easy to disable the crewship and have all the time in the world. However, things only became this easy after I had a fully decked out railjack.

Railjack content is actually well balanced if two conditions are met: the crew know what they're doing, and no combat avionics are used. While I was still leveling my railjack, things were pretty much perfect. My friends and I completed the early railjack missions together while in a discord call, and it was the most fun we had with warframe in years. My railjack wasn't fully upgraded, so most of the content we were tackling actually required two gunners and we didn't have any of the good combat avionics. Enemies actually posed a threat, and revolite ran dry pretty often. Having to balance manning the guns, doing repairs, and repelling boarders was the right amount of challenge without feeling unfair.

This leads me to believe that the main cause of railjack missions being too easy in the endgame is due to avionics such as tether, void hole, and seeking volley. They replace the need for gunners completely, and they kill things so fast they can't fight back, which means no repairs and no boarders. All 3 of these avionics should be rebalanced. I think that for void hole and tether, their damage should be removed completely. They shouldn't be killing enemies, they should be immobilizing them to make the gunner's job easier. Seeking volley is in a decent place because it requires a munitions damage avionic to be useful in the veil, but it should have a heftier cooldown so that it can't be used every fighter wave.

The general feeling I get is that the multiplayer experience was sacrificed in order to enhance the singleplayer experience. These combat avionics make soloing missions very easy and straightforward, but make multiplayer missions extremely trivial. It's simply impossible to balance the same content for all crew sizes, so balancing railjack in the future should put more emphasis on the upcoming command intrinsic to substitute crew members rather than giving the pilot OP abilities.

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I am not sure if this problem was there from the beginning or if it was patched in later:

Maybe that is the reason why the turrets needed to be buffed and fighter health adjusted. The turrets are just not buffed by any base-damage increasing avionics/components


@[DE]Bear this is game breaking and needs to be investigated


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I'm a solo player and I gave Railjack a try after the rework. First couple of nodes went well. Then it got real repetitive. Still liked it, but its all about feedback, so here are some pointers.

  • When I reached Saturn Proxima my railjack dealt so little damage that I had to get out and murder everything with my archgun. Got the primed damage mod for it today so now its even better. All the MkII drops that I've got were worse than MkIII stuff I've researched. And weapons that I've researched felt lacking as well. Its also weird that your big badaboom gun requires you to soften up enemies first when you reach Saturn Proxima, even though it requires you to abandon control over your ship for a long time(due to the charging required) and doesn't even pierce crewships. I don't care if there is some magic upgrade for it or something - it requires you to sacrifice so much that it better #*!%ing do its job properly without any fancy additions.
  • Intrinsics are a pain to farm and UI is weird because it doesn't completely block out combat options that are unavailable due to you not having enough intrinsics. It'd feel better if I had a huge X on something I can't do.
  • Speaking of UI, I got used to it quickly, but its still clunky when it comes to use of tactical abilities.
  • Many other things are clunky too, especially animations for almost everything. I play alone so I don't have time to look at fancy moves every time I try to get more CONSUMABLE ROCKETS for my damn spaceship.
  • Oh and what a spaceship I have. Its so precious, I can't help but babysit it. Ramsleds are #*!%ing disgusting. Who the hell thought that its fun, having to kill small batches of same enemies again and again, simply because you don't have any way to guard your ship from them when you're away? At some point I stopped giving a #*!% about boarding parties. I'd just let them roam around the ship, damaging it from inside, just so I could calmly do my own thing and deal with them later. Frankly speaking, they pose no threat as long as you know how to use the omni tool and are capable of either CCing or killing enemies like you normally would. All they do is annoy the player, force the player to come back to the railjack from the objective for some bland combat and thus prolong an already long mission.
  • It would also be nice to have ramsleds burrow into your ship exactly at their point of impact, or at least near it. It looks ridiculous when a ramsled hits your railjack on its left side, yet enemies somehow board it from another point entirely. And why do I have to deal with ramsleds after I killed literally everyone on the damn ship/base AND completed the objective? Does each base have a cloning facility that also builds ramsleds and arms newly made clones?
  • Exactly because of ramsleds I started thinking. If that Cephalon is oh-so-cool - why the #*!% can't he, lets say, control some turrets? Why cant I simply install some damn turrets and be done with it? Hide them behind some kind of progression or something, I don't care. Just let me get rid of that nuisance without wasting my own time.
  • Loot is a pain to collect. Either make it so that every drop on the map at the end of the mission is transfered into players inventory or at least make it so that we get a speed and vacuum increase after completing every objective. I know there is a mod for movement speed when there are no enemies around, but its not the same. Just add some damn QoL that even indie games have already.
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The problem

I think the railjack and its enemies need a huge health boost, the railjack health is disappointingly low such that it can be compared to a modded inaros which tells me that the railjack is pathetic paper ship.

When I see how hard it took to build the ship with the amount of resources put in I want it to be worth the expense. Visually you have done a fantastic job the impressive size, interior & exterior layout, thick hull and armour  As for its stats, for it to be compared to a warframe albeit a tank, really disappoints me and I believe others as well since its just a paper ship and nothing right now about its stats tells me its a tenno space interceptor (wiki description of railjack) and instead it feels like a tenno paper dropship from its size, movement and how it deploys warframes. 

When I compare it to the archwing it makes it more confusing and even less comparable to how a real space craft should be.


The suggested fix with calculations

I thought very hard to determine how to make the railjack seem more ship worthy and used ratios to help show comparison and ideals. Using a max modded inaros (7000) for comparison and given that the railjack is comprised of 6 parts i.e. fuselage, propulsion systems, tail section etc at the minimum the railjack needs to have 42,000 health. Then given the railjacks size each part can be probably be worth a few max modded inaros lets make it 4 minimum meaning essentially the minimal helath that a railjack should have for it to be realistic is approximately 168,000 health. If I were to be realistic then 8 inaros per railjack part would be the minimum a total of 326,000 health.


Railjack enemy health boost suggestion

given that the railjack itself is going through a huge health overhaul the enemies should also be similarly overhauled as well as the railjack weapon damage.


Enemy crewship request

this is more of a request than a problem the request is to allow railjack weapons to destroy crewships, and not just the artillery. Since the railjack campaign uses different elemental damage compared to warframe campaign. My thought is that any railjack weapon can destroy the enemy crewships of course in later levels the artillery will be more useful, however normal warframe weapons can only weaken but not destroy crewships as their elemental damage type isn't effective against ships. Of course the archwing weapon is an exception.


I hope that you will consider my points it took a lot out of me to write this post clearly. Thank you warframe team

best regards Hefirey

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On 2020-04-30 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Bear said:
  • Time-To-Kill on Railjack Enemies
  • Overall Health and Damage of Enemies
  • Survivability of the Railjack
  • Difficulty of Boarding Parties

Railjack feels a lot more like Warframe now, where if you have top tier gear and it's modded correctly, you can breeze through enemies.  Crewships remain an obstacle, though, which prevents Railjack from being completely faceroll easy.


My only issue is that side guns are basically useless.  The only time a pilot can't clear out all of the enemies with a tether is when you're doing the Anomaly, and even then you don't really need a side gunner at all.  I propose removing their ability to use powers, because that can be the sole domain of the pilot, and then giving them a loot tractor beam or something instead.  Maybe a mining laser.  You'd have to add special asteroids that can only be damaged by it or something.


Also, consider giving Cephalon Cy some voice lines to use on people that just camp on the side guns.  If they keep uselessly shooting at a crewship that is already at zero health, Cy could tell them that they'll need to use forward artillery or board the crewship to destroy it.  I had maxed all of my intrinsics before I ever discovered where the forward artillery was, so let Cy light up the floor with arrows to guide people.  If they are just camping on the side guns and no one is doing away objectives, he could nag them about it.  The pilot shouldn't have to stop and type.

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Only a short comment - nothing new due to time constraints.

As other mentioned side-guns are pretty useless. The intrinsic that allows us to have full view/spin in all directions is big help, but in terms of fire power they do need to have some bonus stats. Also one suggestion - as we are mostly doing only shooting I'd love if we have some additional options for example to slow down time/concentrate or whatever you want to call it, so that shooting and aiming gives advantage over piloting. It's just sort of funny that a person can both drive and shoot and have the bigger advantage because he/she is in control of the flight plan. Gunners need to have better weapons, advantages or game plan initself to compensate for that and in turn deliver excitement and rewarding feelings to people (not I am so useless on those). Make them feel important, let their investing efforts - of painstackingly shooting down flies, while your pilot is giving you nausea - doing this solo job meaningful.

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So I tried to play this content with my ship solo and in the first free roam map there were no enemies, in the second map I was surrounded by like 20 ships constantly firing at my new ship and I couldn't do much about it, after some damages - I had no resources for repairs and after that some enemies boarded my ship which blowed anyway with the lack of repairs. I tried to invade the enemy ship but mine was destroyed in the mean time. So I dropped this content.

My wishes are:

- make more of starting maps where I can learn basics and I can do it solo to learn it - like it is with starting zones on Earth or the starting quest for archwings. 

1. extermination mission with a few enemies where I will learn how to shoot enemies, gather materials and repair my ship and I can go to it later safely and get materials for repairs easily.

2. invading mission with a few enemies where I will learn how to invade a ship and return to mine easily.

3. defense mission where I will test basic cannons when I will get them, but without invading any ship.


- let me have my own NPC crew from kuva liches, which I will use for repairing a ship and holding back boarded enemies while I am invading the other ship. 

Then I can atleast start playing this part of warframe. But how can I join someones mission if I have no idea what is there because I didn't test it myself?

I guess I will need some manual for upgrading ship anyway. 

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Having some pretty annoying issues with Tether when there is more people on guns or pilot (I think it's a known problem). I think most people spam it or don't know how to use it (don't blame them...), but currently it's - activate -> it blows right away -> does nothing -> flux usage gone -> rince and repeat. Communicating isn't helping as often (at all).

Here's how I've been using it and suggest to be changed like that.

When I use the ability, I wait a couple of seconds and shoot it with guns (you can detonate like that as well - aiming at base/center of it) - which makes it explode. Remove the option to detonate with re-cast. This way you don't have to make spins like - giving it a couple of seconds of inactive ability usage, so it doesn't get wasted.

At first I was thinking if gunners shouldn't get a separate resource/fluxes list of their own, that are independant of pilots or opposite gunner (why to begin with abilities are connected/mutual to different other memebers - I know why, but you get it). That though might defeat a bit the cooperation part and resource management (with only 4 forges). Still throwing the idea.


Something else I wanted to mention (not sure if this is the right thread), but titanium on veil mission is a rare commodity. I did 3-4 missions lately and barely budged out of my 13-15k. Might be a lore reason or it's intended but I feel I was getting more on Earth or Saturn in the pass. It's still a bit weird considering Veil is the current end game for Rail.

On this matter, 20 intrinsics for 20-30 minutes (if you go with Anomaly) of veil is just insult. I'd say 60 is great but will agee on 40-ish as well. At this point if you want to maxed them, you better do Saturn/Earth (still a chore but at least it will move faster with shorter, speedy missions - one of the main fortes of WF in the end).


I did play some with void hole as well and... it's (more than) underwhelming. Can't say how it was in the past (heard it was freaking sweet). Range seems small, it sucks some ships and... nothing dies (on Veil), it actually feels like it tickles. I heard you use Tycho into group you caught, it still isn't killing much fighters. I swear in my mind (maybe before it was like that) this looked much more - cooler, effective, amazing, awesome. Well it's not. At least it's one of few abilities you can use to cluster enemies. The best I can speak about it.


Speaking of Tycho Seeker or ordnances, milati is meh as well (should like as shotgun or something?) it tickles and have short range with small amout of ammo. I tested Galvarc but red it's bugged it also felt terrible (maybe I wasn't using it properly, looking at description - fire continues arcing hitscane laser - didn't see that at all).



Ok, I've been thinking about tether exploding right away. Could it be because it was shot down by allies? Them constantly shooting the guns? While I was thinking they spam the ability instead haha. This turns the picture at a different angle if that's the case. Then I guess you have to remove the option to shoot/deteonate with turrets due to accident out of our control, and force - re-activation with a bit of down time, so it's not blasted by the ability button as well. Hm.

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On 2020-09-24 at 8:20 AM, (PS4)f_r_e_e_b_i_e_bg said:

I did play some with void hole as well and... it's (more than) underwhelming. Can't say how it was in the past (heard it was freaking sweet). Range seems small, it sucks some ships and... nothing dies (on Veil), it actually feels like it tickles. I heard you use Tycho into group you caught, it still isn't killing much fighters. I swear in my mind (maybe before it was like that) this looked much more - cooler, effective, amazing, awesome. Well it's not. At least it's one of few abilities you can use to cluster enemies. The best I can speak about it.

Void Hole works best at unranked - the duration is longer but the range is slightly less.

Pre-nerf Void Hole pretty much gathered everyone and they all came together, like a bukkake.

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I'm late to the party, just got back in. Railjack was easily my favorite update of all time, bugs and all. Going from one planet to another, finding that I'm suddenly the underdog and needing to really find what worked for me and my ship was great. I had a crew, they weren't crazy about Railjack, but I did my damnedest to make sure my Jack with top of the line so we could always push the boundaries of any battle zone. 

I wish I had more time, might even come back and edit this when I do, so I'll keep it simple:

With the changes to hazards, I as the engineer of my railjack crew no longer have a reason to exist. Boarding parties are wiped away in a jiffy(they were overly spongy before, but now they feel like just some more gooneer marines) and don't even need a specialized build to lay them out anymore. The limit to hazards means I really don't have a reason to hang out around the cargo hold except the occasional making of more dome charges. I'm also not running from keel to stern patching up breaches, putting out fires, and grounding electrical damage. Basically, I'm not engineering at all anymore. I guess I'll finally master the shawzin.


Thoughts are scattered, not a lot of time to lay them out.

TL;DR As an engineer I no longer have anything to repair, forge, or repel.

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