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Warframe: Study for 6 hours - play 1 hour - repeat.

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18 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

t feels like DE just want to rush content to confuse players.... And specialy the nightwave... Why i am forced to play Warframe as my 2nd Job just to get an umbral forma... And why the Nightwave missions are extremely unclear on what to do? And How to do it? Why they dont design Nightwave arround Content that Everybody can clear and understand?

i feel sorry that you end up thinking that way ... but you are approaching warframae the "wrong" way. And by wrong i mean it's the kind of approach that would get u burn out even if u can complete them.

the design around content part though, i do disagree. DE do design them around the content and not every NW challenge should be playable for every player at every progression level. 

After you reach the point where you can comfortably approach such challenge. you will know they are easy enough to complete within the first 1-3 day with like 1-2 hours of play time each at most. (and the 1-3 day is simply because we need daily reset to kick in for some of the challenges, like sortie).

in other words, they are one-time-cost to know and understand them. You don't need to finish them all, they can return next week. Just pick the one you curious and try. Most of the NW stuff is progression-based, not hardcore-based

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16 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

the guide showed me the map, where to fish, how to get fish bait and what harpoon i should use.. the guide didnt tell me with the Green Bait i never get a rare fish

Rubbish. What kind of guide is that where it shows you all the basics of fishing, but doesn't tell you what baits you need to get certain fish? Either you're being hyperbolic again, or there is a YouTuber out there who apparently is missing a part of their brain.

And you've also claimed you've spent "hours" on the wiki and still don't know what you are doing. Honestly, with the way you've structured your post and your subsequent replies, I'm really uncertain about whether or not you are just trolling.

16 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

for 50 waves defence or 90 min survival you dont need any guide... you know how those missions work cause of the story... This just takes time and a decent party that dont leave after 10 waves Saturn Helena...

This is why it is hard to take you seriously. You complain about Nightwave being a chore and then you put forward these insane proposals of opening 50 relics, 50 waves of defence and 90 minute survivals as daily challenges. No one would enjoy that at all.

16 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

Meanwhile just to catch ANY fish. i need to first unlock the Open World Content. then figure out where to get fishing rod, then i need to make dailys to push faction just to get fish bait and then i still have to find the correct fish... And i am not even talking about the fact that i need like 3-5 tryes for each fish catch...

Welcome to Warframe. This is a grindy game, where you need to grind to get things you want. Leaving aside the fact that you don't even have to do challenges you don't like, as previously stated, fishing is incredibly easy to understand and does not take hours of research to find out where you can get a damn fishing rod.

You are really not making people want to help you when you post these highly exaggerated threads/replies. The new player experience is garbage, there is no doubt about that. Just ask for help on Players helping Players instead of posting hyperbole on General Discussion.

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1 hour ago, (PS4)ErydisTheLucario said:

He says he been playing it since like 2015 or something like that, and he's still having trouble...I don't get how you can play a game for five years on and off and not know most, if not everything about the game. Thats what gets me, he's still having touble after 5 years. Thats nuts to me.

I'm uncertain if he's trolling or not to be honest. His opening post was utterly bonkers but his subsequent replies in this thread have just made me question if he's just doing this for the lols.

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23 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

Railjack missions (you need to know exactly what u are doing or you will fail)

Ermm, no, just follow the instruction and look at how others do by taxi-ing their RJ, it is simple. 

23 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

Nightwave 3 - The Clue Search/Puzzle game. Even with watching a video guide took me like 10 hours to solve the puzzle

For the first time, watched youtube, but still have to remember our own unique code, so not much help, so for the second puzzle, solve it myself, because more challenging. 

23 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

Nigthwave Any Weekly Mission.

  • Fish Rare fish... (I spend all my faction points to buy bait catched for 2 hours fish at the Lake every guide telling me... only to find out after 2 hours i still didnt got ONE single rare fish out of the 6)
  • Hydralist? Never seen one, Never fighted one, Dunno how to fight one.


23 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

Kuva Lich content.

  • still dunno how it works even after hours of video watching and wiki reading.

Stop reading, play it, and learn while playing.


23 hours ago, Jannanomana said:

Elite Weeklys:

  • Survive 90 minutes in a survival mission
  • Open 50 Relicts
  • Finish a Defence Mission Wave 50
  • Kill 10.000 Corpus

haha, I laughed if only i have that much time to crack relics and 50wave or 90 mins, it is not I don't try it, it is the time. My playtime is about 3hours a day, srsly ? 

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14 hours ago, Happynuke said:

I don`t think I ever used Reddit to learn something important about Warframe and the Forums are usually more for the current "meta", bugs, complaints, ideas or easy ways to cheese something, instead of giving a complete instruction. Reading the Patch Notes and maybe reading the Wiki is usually more than enough for that.


That has to be exaggerated to the point where it is impossible to take seriously? I don`t even watch videos for guides! I watched some for some Mastery Tests and even that was because it was faster than just going to Simaris and trying there. Use the Wiki, it is faster in almost all cases and gets you prepared for anything new in under ten minutes. 
Appart from that, for the love of the elder gods, read the patchnotes, or new content will be confusing and cost you more time than simply reading how it works.


The Railjack mission are intuitive enough (after bug fixes), that I have seen very few people struggle with it, if they start where they are supposed to start and advance through the missions. 
Yes, the different actions (Omni-Tool, Forge, Slingshot, Ordnance) could be explained much better, but they are not hard to figure out or look up on the Wiki in a few minutes.
If you go onto someone elses Railjack, that happens to be underequipped for the mission level and has no idea what s/he does, and you don`t know either, then yes, you will fail. 
Which you are supposed to do! You don`t know what you are doing and are underquipped, you fail. That is the same in basically every similar game ever.
Railjack: This takes some time, if you haven`t read up on it. Use the wiki, for this.
In short: 
Upgrade the Railjack in the Dry Dock in the Dojo (Mods, Weapons, Shields..). Use the "Dirac" that drops in Railjack missions in order to upgrade mod grids and mods.
Don`t forget to build Energy, Ordnance... after you use it in mission again in the Dojo (or in missions in the Forge, after finding ressources in the same mission).
The Omni-Tool can be used to patch breaches and hazards or to teleport from anywhere outside the Railjack into the Railjack by selecting it from the gear wheel.
Kill enemy boarding crews.
Kill crewships with the gun behind the Railjack pilot, or fly to them with Archwing, and go aboard. Hack the panel at the reactor (if it is shielded) and shoot/punch it, till it bursts into flames and a timer starts. After that timer expires, the crewship is destroyed. You don´t have to wait onboard till the timer expires, so go outside and seek the next crewship instead.
Shipkiller Platforms and similar obstacles can easily kill Railjacks. The pilot might want to park somewhere, where they can`t hit the Railjack (Behind an obstacle, a good angle...).
At least one guy goes into the Platform and does what the instruction on the left tells them, one stays outside with Archwing or Railjack and destroys the things that are marked for destruction after the guy(s) inside the platform do their thing. Repeat. Done. 
With a fully equipped Railjack, a crew of 2 people can literally do any Railjack mission easily in under ten minutes (and that is for most of them generous), provided crewships don`t take too long to spawn. 


I admit, I looked that one up in the forum, because the post was already there and I spoilered myself. Took about 2 minutes to read, with pictures of the clues and an explanation how it works. I believe you, when you say, it took you ten hours, but only if that is almost exclusively the time to farm the Glass Enemies to access the puzzle and even then only if you took pauses, ignored them sometimes or failed the jump inside the puzzle several times. The puzzle is literally pictures and words you have to remember/write down and then jump to. That is less complicated than the game "memory". Low graphics or problems with sight might explain if you literally can`t see the clues, which could have been done more userfriendly, but appart from that, this "Puzzle" is a joke and the farming for it isn`t what you are supposed to be doing in one go. (And is pretty useless to do, because the Glass Enemy - spawn is on a server timer).


There is a fishing guide on the wiki. I forgot every few months how to do this NW-mission and had to read it again. It takes less than five minutes to read and less than ten minutes of nighttime(PoE) or the right weather (OrbVallis) to complete with the right bait, a indicated fishing spot, the right spear and maybe dye. Rare fish are NOT "rare" occuring fish of one species, where you can get common, uncommon and rare fish (that is small, medium, large), but are distinct species of fish (for example; ALL Norg on PoE are considered rare, no matter how small or big.).

The Hydrolyst comes after you take down the other two Eidolons at night on PoE.
Konzu has a bounty for the Tridolon hunt!


Yes, could be explained better in the game.
If you don`t get the lich system, it might help to check the wiki again, if you missed the patchnotes where they changed and explained things. DE kinda treats the game as if people read their patchnotes. If they dropped and you missed them, the Wiki is the safest bet, or you ask specific questions in the chatrooms or other players in mission, or even in the Forum. 
Short and dirty explanation for the Liches: If you run Grineer missions, there is a chance for a Larvling to spawn. If it does, the light changes for a short amaount fo time and a Kuva Guardian starts talking. If you want the Lich, you go to the Larvling and take down its HP. It will then show you in a window above it, which weapon (but not if it has an Ephemera) it has, if you kill it. If you still want it, you press "x" (or whatever button gets displayed) and you stab it automatically with your Parazon. The Lich will then claim territory in the star chart (the red fields). You can play those missions on higher levels and take out your Lichs Thralls, which make him "angrier" (=more likely to appear) and which come after killing a number of normal enemies.
In order to take the Lich actually down, you have to equip Requiem Mods in you Parazon in a specific order, which you can either guess, or wait for the "Murmur" you get for killing the Lich and his Thralls to reveal (though they don`t necessarily reveal the order of the mods).
You get the Requiem Mods by playing requiem relics, which you get by killing Thralls (they have a drop chance for them). 
After killing your lich with the right order of Requiem Mods, the option to vanquish or convert will appear. If you want him dead and his weapon in your possession, you vanquish him. If you want to have him as an ally or trade him, you convert him. 
This is not a complete guide, but i should cover the most important aspects. I agree, that this could be explained better in the game, and it was explained in DEs patchnotes. 


I don`t know and can only speculate on this one. 
I don`t think the NW missions are hard to understand, but why they don`t design it around content that everyone can and wants to clear...
Because then there would be little point to it? I guess, Nightwave is there in order to make people play mission, they otherwise wouldn`t.
Why reward players more for things they were doing anyway? DE took time and ressources to design Nightwave and some of the rewards (free slots, Umbra Forma, cosmetics) are supposed to be incentives to play more and other things you would otherwise. They don`t have much of a reason to invest that much to develop free loot for people who don`t play longer for it. They WANT you to play their game and maybe check out mission types you otherwise wouldn`t. 
Appart from that, even if you skip like 50% of the challenges, getting to level 30 shouldn`t be a problem. 


I agree with you on that one. 
Try doing the "easy and fast" NW missions, till they add Umbra forma back into the game for other content. 
We don`t know how long this NW season lasts, but it should be long enough, if you do the easy things and still get it, but yes, another way to farm Umbra Forma would be very welcome. 

Uhhh why are you quoting me? I didn't say those things.

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Meanwhile I want harder content. Things that make you think, and aren't explained outright. More challenge in every part of the game.

If you actually want help all you have to do is ask. I regularly will help people, and carry them through things till they get on their feet. 


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On 2020-06-16 at 11:12 AM, HeartPurity said:

me too, I hate tridolon, the lighting and visual effect of that boss fight hurt my eyes, I stop farming it a long time ago but now because of NW, I have to gone through that again. I purposely lower the light intensity and as a result I cant see the toxic rain or the thunder attack of the boss and I wonder how come lures die so fast only then I realize without that visual effect, I can't see many attacks & keep bringing the lures to the boss's attacks LOL

and also I just realize I can't see the fishing hotspot too, aint sure which settings I changed affected it. 

Effects intensity affects fishing hotspots too for whatever reason... DE really isn't the brightest lmao

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I would prefer a "Survive 120 minute in a survival mission" over the current mission.. i need to kill a guy, that i can't even try before Solaris rank 5... LOL... who designed this...

Kill Profit-Taker ....


So i have a dead weekly mission i never can complete.. so how can i delete the weekly and get another one...?

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