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Just a quick post to keep you updated on Void work.


First of all, thanks for all your PMs, posts, feedback, tweets… I read EVERYTHING void and drop table related and definitely appreciate the effort that goes into your thoughts.


So here’s my summary of what you said to me:


  1. Too many keys as rewards, Sheldon!
  2. I’m still not able to get that piece or BP I want in spite of all your so called work.


And here’s my solutions:


  1. Reduce keys. (wow. That simple, eh?) I took a ton of the keys out of the tables and limited them to T1/Derelict mission rewards.
  2. I did another pass at the distribution across the void, but the more I looked the more I wanted to do…


…Prime Trading.  



That’s right, Prime Trading.

This means that you will be able to trade “Prime Blueprints” and “Prime Parts” with other players. Have 5 Ember Prime Chassis but no Helmets – find someone in the other situation and make a swap. Simple as that, using the same trading that you know and love from mod and key trading.



When’s it coming?


Just around the corner… and it’s a small small corner.



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Just around the corner… 

if memory serves "prime trading" was supposed to be included in original trading. i also recall you guys said that "you better keep these parts of a weapons" on a livestream.

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I don't like this whole "Trading Prime stuff" bit.


It adds inherent value to prime parts an you just know the community is going to gouge the ever-living sh*t out of everyone for new prime parts.


I will staunchly refuse to buy Prime Parts from any other user, and I will refuse to sell Prime Parts to any other user. In my opinion, these are things that should be earned, not bought.

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