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Then tell me why it is a good change, if the loot isn't relevant, regarding your own words.


Not the one you quoted, but let me write it the way I see it: Because it doesn't require you to be bound by the rules of a mathematical algorithm that generates a random output.


Farming for some of the stuff in this game is *not* fun. That's the issue. I like to play Tower missions, I like to help people go through them and earn the stuff -- but having to run 45 times a mission to get one single part is not fun, you feel obligued and tired. And that doesn't mean that I have less right to get a Prime item (as a whole) someone's been able to get in 10 runs because they were lucky.

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Well, now I wish I'd kept all those Braton parts I got from grinding for Fang blades.


Thing is, I'd be giving them away now. I've literally got every Prime except Burston, Mag and Ember, and the frames don't interest me. I started with Mag so I'm not replacing her, and I'm informed Ember has no actual advantages over the normal frame.

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Oh, wow. Really, just direct trading? Huh. Well, that'll probably encourage the platinum market.

I have to ask: What made you prefer direct trading over any other method, like crafting or clan-based 'forge' stations? Not complaining, just curious. (Also guessing Stalker stuff ain't included in that.)

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Wouldn't it be better to modify loot tables within tier to fit purpose?

Make T2 keys only obtainable in T1 and T3 keys within T2.

Give small cash bonuses for each wave - this will be rewarding to stay longer even if they didn't get what they wanted.

ex. T1 Def

wave 5

Fusion core (50%), Keys(30%), Cash (20%)

wave 10

Fusion Core (15%), Keys (15%), Blueprint (35%), Forma (35%)

wave 15

Keys (15%), Blueprint (45%), Forma (40%)

wave 20

Keys (5%), Blueprint (55%), Forma (40%)

wave 25+

Blueprint (60%), Forma (40%)

This will reward players for staying longer, and they will not be pissed after doing 60waves and getting fusion cores or keys.

Please note this is example but it would work just fine. There shouldn't be blueprint trading.

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I'm not him, but for me this is an amazing change because the grind for, say, firechicken prime helmets was too intimidating. I used about a dozen T2 ext keys, didn't get my firechicken helmet and decided to swear off further attempts because it's too demoralizing.

So this change actually makes me more likely to play since there's a chance I can get what I need.

I just hope the stuff's not plat tradable, else we'll end up with the same situation we have for mods - all anyone outside the clan wants is plat. Considering that DE actually makes money off prime access, I'm hoping they'll restrict plat from prime gear transactions.


While I understand the issue of rng, it could have been solved otherwise.

Like trading three or four (or even ten) duplicate parts for the missing one with a scroll or blueprint you could have bought, something like that.

There are a lot of possible changes or directions one could have taken to avoid that said problem occurs. This might fix it, but it is on the expense of people who spend possibly a lot of time for it and it makes the whole content redunant, if you are willing to spend money for it (let's be honest, they will allow trading them for plat, we both know it).

With the amount of people who have spare Prime parts and the people who would actually offer plat for it, I doubt they'd even be expensive in any way, which is another problem. The ingame shop kinda circumvents inflation as people are often not willing to buy something without either a discount or more money than the majority here (or willing to spend more of it), with the player as seller, the prices will drop down to 10 plat or less per part.

You can choose then, you buy a prime x for 40-70 plat, pay additional 20 for the reactor and are still better off than buying the non-prime counterpart out of the shop, the weapons would be cheaper than the ones in the shop, it will, in the end, force them (on the long run) to also lower those prices.

Why would you buy a weapon in the shop, if you are able to get one for 50% or less, which is actually better (a general statement, obviously not valid for every slot/preference etc). Why would I buy a Burston for 125 (?), if I can get a Burston Prime for let's say 50 or 70? Even if I rush it and add the potatoe from the shop, I am off at the same price.

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Why would you buy any gun for plat? That's what crafting is for. Point remains. Don't like the system, don't be part of it. Don't like plat never buy any, craft all your guns and wait for alerts and invasions. You can get by 100% plat free and earn everything in the game. I've never understood the mindset that someone buying it makes the work someone else put into obtaining something less valid. It's not like you're forced to make so many plat trades with other players a day.

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Oh awesome! Hey while we're at it why don't we add regular weapon trading? Resources? Potato trading? I mean the sky's the limit let's just remove the sole reason why people play the game for the grinding of weapons so in the end there's absolutely nothing to do in Warframe you can just buy your way through it and not even have to play the game anymore buy weapons at rank 30 with all the forma you want as well as buy whatever fully ranked mods you need.

It's probably the step Warframe is headed in apparently and I would be all for it because I'm not being forced to trade stuff but when the point of the game at moment is grinding to beat RNG well you see the obvious problem.

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Sheldon... It took you work to figure that out?... I was under the impression that you had that idea when you decided on having Trading in your game from the beginning. Like, i assumed that it was just a matter of coding and some tweaks to make sure people don't exploit some sort of Net Coding that i could not hope to understand, not that you have never though that maybe we would want to trade the excess parts we have with someone that needs them.


Hell, in a way i though you'd want to work around Prime Selling, since it will only be a matter of minutes since we are able to sell Prime Parts by Platinum, since it works on the same trading system. (I also though you were working on some way to exclude Prime Selling and just allow Prime Trading for some insane reason...)


Don't tell me that the next thing you'll figure out is that maybe we would like to trade stuff that does not comes from the Void, such as Detron Parts, Alert BPs or Stalker Weapons... Seriously, don't tell me you haven't figured that out yet, i'd like to have hope...

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