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Hotfix 19.0.5

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Its that time again



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I can see that you're fixing a lot of bugs, including those in the Conclave, so could you at least fix the bug with Conclave's associated syandana, the Celestia Syandana, that's been going on ever since its release?




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When will the JV trial be fixed?

  • In part 1 and 3 you can spawn without arcwing so you have to run everywhere which makes pushing spore really annoying
  • In arcwing in general the roll button (alternate hotkey #2 for crouch) doesn't work anymore
  • When you enter the inside part in the first stage you most of the time spawn falling through the ground, unless you are fast with a bulletjump upwards you will spawn back at the beginning of the map (in arcwing) and the door will be locked
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Damn, that's good and nice and all, but I honestly was hoping for Riven mods/Kuva farming changes as I'm holding on both trading and rerolling until then!

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I know TWW is here since only a week and you guys deserve some rest, but to be fair on our side too, the changes you are about to do could have really been implemented from the start!

I love the Riven mods idea and I'm sure it'll turn out being a really, really good mechanic if you keep focusing on it(yea, unlike with focus), but I can't honestly believe that you truly thought that implementing a system with a RNG component comparable to Diablo could have been a good idea.

I like to think you simply didn't have time to test it further and release a more reasonable version, but still!

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Thanks for fixing controller support (havnt tested it). Would love to replay TWW withouth  looking like a total buffoon. 

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Tweaked Endless Fissure rewards element to show all currently active Boosters and their current values.

i have currently a ressource booster but keep getting amounts like 15 or 27 traces... this shouldnt be possible... Give me my traces xD

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5 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.5

You can now replay The War Within quest! As with the Second Dream quest, you can find this ‘Replay’ option in the Codex. 

  Hide contents

Note that choices this time around will not overwrite your first time choices- enjoy! 


  Reveal hidden contents

Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where health orbs created from kills with the Broken Scepter would respawn after being picked up in Conclave.


  • Added a Transference Disruption HUD icon for when your Operator dies during Transference. 
  • You can no longer use Transference in Mastery Rank challenges.
  • You can no longer use Narta Emotes as the Operator. 
  • Operator can no longer pick up stolen Warframe weapons. 
  • Transference has been disabled for the Second Dream quest.
  • Removed Kuva Siphons from some Uranus tilesets due to tight geometry. 
  • You will now be prompted with an error when trying to equip a Mod that does not meet the Mastery Rank requirement. 
  • Kuva Siphons will now disappear if a Host Migration occurs. This is to prevent the Siphon from absorbing Kuva while the players are waiting for the session to continue. 


  • Fixed a case where Riven mods with ‘- Damage’ could possibly underflow Mag's Magnetize  damage over time, causing billions of damage as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/720655-potential-exploit-1m-damage-riven-mod-interation/
  • Fixed the Operator not being in the chair if you select to customize the Operator by using the pause menu. This also fixes some cases where the Operator's head would not be recentered.
  • Fixed stack type HUD buffs not showing the proper values when switching back and forth from Warframe to Operator.
  • Fixed the Operator not having an item pickup animation. 
  • Fixed extracting as the Operator causing no Affinity to be gained.
  • Fixed the Assassination icon remaining on the minimap after completing a Kuva Siphon. 
  • Fixed Operator not being able to use Navigation after returning from somewhere.
  • Fixed using weapons/powers + Focus ability, resulting in a crash on the Landing Craft after defeating the Queens in The War Within quest. 
  • Fixed Transference not being usable after casting it in succession. 
  • Fixed the Broken Scepter not draining enemies if it is the only weapon equipped.
  • Fixed Transference Static debuff sometimes appearing blue.
  • Fixed cases where the Queen’s Guards could become invulnerable. 

Thank you!

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