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Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.0 + Hotfix


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4 New Bounties: Ghoul Purge! 

Ghoul threats have arrived! These recurring bounties feature the Ghoul monstrosities. Help defend Cetus and destroy the Ghouls.... but their destruction may not be permanent! Expect the Ghouls to re-emerge regularly. 

Ghoul Purge will introduce these new Grineer Ghoul Enemies and Variants:  

Known colloquially as the 'drill sergeant', the Augur is fast-grown into its enhancements. As with all Ghouls, no regard is given to the proper development of its higher functions. Cantilevered leg augments propel the unit toward the fray at speed, while over- and under-mounted extendable drill carriages magnify both reach and penetrating power. 

Whether through aberrant cognition or sheer brutality one specimen always moves to the front of each pack. It is from this individual that the other units take their lead. 
Vay Hek's personal favorite, the Devourer is a maximal terror unit. Draped in shreds of the diapause bag that birthed it, this gap-mawed monstrosity barrels toward prey with furious intensity. Wrist-mounted hooks are welded to elbow joints and hyperpowered by a myotechnological winch system for maximum impact-and-pull. 

The Expired are Ghouls who have succumbed to malnutrition or environmental poisoning during the early stages of development. Their backup nervous systems continue to drive them forward, however, making them ideal suicide troops. 

Why this emaciated monstrosity chose to abandon its pack remains to be seen. 

So named for its terrifying leer, the Rictus (AKA 'the Sawman') lives to divide and conquer its foes - literally. 
This specimen shows evidence of advanced cognitive abilities and greater, if rudimentary, situational analysis. Cold blooded and ruthless, t is easy to see how this specimen led its pack so ably. 

New Tenno Weapons: 

Deliver a massive punch with each blast of this shotgun, or launch a round that explodes mid-air knocking down nearby enemies. 

Find this weapon or its Blueprint in the Market today! 

Lacerate attackers with two razor sharp warfans.

Find this weapon or its Blueprint in the Market or Tenno Research lab today!

New Stance:

Fans: Slicing Feathers! Twirling acrobatic slashes with a refined touch! 

New Grineer Weapons: 

Annihilate targets with four simultaneous shots from this high-caliber Grineer rifle.

Find this weapon in the Market or from Ghoul Bounty rewards today!

Inflict rapid-fire bursts of pain with this Grineer submachine gun.

Find this weapon in the Market or from Ghoul Bounty rewards today!

New Grineer Cosmetics: 

Victory over the Grineer, draped across your shoulders.

Grineer plate, trophies from battle on the Plains of Eidolon.

New Grineer Bundle:

Make a devastating entrance with the Maggor Assault Pack. Includes the Quartakk quad-barrelled assault rifle and hard-hitting Stubba submachinegun, with matching Maggor armor and syandana.

Invite Players to Your Orbiter! 
Warframe’s shared-world experience now expands to your Orbiter with the option to invite your friends to come aboard! Players have been requesting this feature ever since we introduced the Landing Crafts back in Update 14. If you played back then, you’ll remember cabin space was very limited, but it has expanded over the years. To make room for your squad, we’re expanding your Orbiter further by adding the new Personal Quarters! 

To receive the new Personal Quarters Segment Blueprint, you must complete The War Within. Players who have already completed the quest will receive the Blueprint automatically in their inbox. 

Customize your Personal Quarters! 

Vignettes: Choose the centerpiece of your Personal Quarters from the following 8 Vignettes. Each Vignette adds its own ambiance and flare to your space.  

  • Earth Vignette
  • Aquarium Vignette 
  • Cephalon Vignette
  • Europa Vignette
  • Eidolon Vignette
  • Mars Vignette
  • Kuva Fortress Vignette

Purchase Vignettes individually from the selection list, or all of them from the “Vignette Bundle” located in the Market. 

Stencils: Add some color and theme your Quarters’ walls with Stencils! 

  • Corpus Stencil
  • Grineer Queens Stencil
  • Grineer Stencil 
  • Ostron Stencil
  • Tenno Stencil

Purchase Stencils individually from the selection list or from the Market. 

Aquarium: Bring home the fish you’ve caught from the Plains with your own Aquarium! Simply select “Customize Quarters” to pick the tank you want to house fish from your inventory. Fish will be removed from your inventory, but can be retrieved at any time from your tanks.

Warframe Display: Put your Warframe on display! Choose from your loadouts to showcase your best look in full scale. 

Somachord: Add ambiance to your Orbiter with the Somachord! Unlock songs by locating and scanning Somachord Tones scattered throughout the Solar System. Find them all to complete songs!

Increased Decoration Capacity:

To accommodate all the new decorations coming in Update 23, capacity has been split into 4 different areas (Transference Room, Helminth Infirmary, Personal Quarters, and everything in between) with a capacity of 1200 EACH to hold all your ship’s flair. 

And since we know some of you really enjoy personalizing your Orbiter, we will be overhauling decoration placement to be more streamlined in 2018! These currently unreleased changes (discussed in Devstream #103) will include grid snapping, placing floating decorations, and much more!

New Orbiter Decorations! 

Warframe Articula: Posable scale models of your favorite Warframes are here! To place, open your decoration tool and select “Warframe Articula”. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, customize by selecting from your existing loadouts, choosing a pose from the “Warframe Gun Pose Set”, and swapping weapons! Due to their complexity, Articula take more Capacity than most decorations so placement will be limited. For example, you won’t be able to place a large number of Articula like you can with Noggles. 

Trees, Planters and more!
Explore a new line of decorations including some plants and decorative toys for your Companions! 

New Operator Animation Sets!

There is a new Operator customization option available: School specific animations! 
Zenurik, Naramon, Unairu, Madurai, and Vazarin have their own set of idle animations. These are freely for the school of your choice. If you unlock each school, each set becomes available for your operator! 

Captura improvements: Archwing & DoF!

  • Archwing can now be deployed in Captura! 
  • Added a Depth of Field toggle in Captura! As opposed to the current Depth of Field slider, the toggle will completely turn it on or off.

A note on intent with announced Changes:

As noted in our 2017/2018 Roadmap:

We are not shipping Damage 2.5 changes simply because we'd have less than a day to Hotfix issues. This applies to Volt changes too. We do not want to ship something that we are unable to Hotfix for more than a week. 

We have plans to make 2018 kickoff with long overdue reviews. Enjoy your holidays with some new gear and more while we enjoy ours, and we'll return in 2018 well rested and ready to rock! 


  • Fragments in your Codex are now categorized based on their origin (Cephalon, Cetus, Gara, and Ghouls).  
  • You can now replay Bounties for Standing!
  • You can now use Emotes in your Orbiter! Deep bows all around.
  • Mirage's Hall of Mirrors casting animation has been changed to match the style of the Mirage Prime trailer! 
  • Removed reticle animation when sprinting due to feedback. 
  • Improved sound ambience and performance on a Grineer Settlement tileset door. 
  • The body tendrils on Nezha’s Yaksha Tennogen Skin is now tintable and will take tints from the tertiary slot. 
  • Lieutenant Lech Kril changes: 
  • Lech Kril will now prioritize using his ice abilities instead of melee when he can.
  • Upon destroying Lech Kril's backpack, his ice abilities will have their cooldowns reset to reduce time spent waiting around.
  • Changed Lech Kril's Ice Wave ability so that it doesn’t halt the fight when players are meleeing him. 
  • Added FX to Lech Kril's weakspot that changes tint based on how much damage his backpack has taken to help make the objective clearer to new player. 
  • Very slightly tweaked hitbox location for backpack to try and achieve more consistent damage. 
  • When Decorating your Dojo, your selected Decoration will now be deselected if you type into the search bar and the Decoration in question does not appear on the results page. This should help prevent players accidentally building the wrong item!
  • Ambulas is now immune to Viral Damage. This will fix issues where Ambulas becomes unhackable.

Bounty Fixes:

  • Fixed a timing issue where Konzu's Bounties would not refresh properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD wouldn't update when accepting bounties.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Bounty Accepted' transmission wouldn't play when taking on a new Bounty.
  • Fixed an issue where you'd have to leave Cetus and return to see a new Day's bounties. 


  • Fixed Nova being able to Worm Hole her way out of the Kuva Fortress tileset on Dakata. 
  • Fixed Operator Vahd Greaves overlapping with other styles of Operator suit causing it to clip. 
  • Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing if they are on the ground and another player joins the session. 
  • Attempt to fix a progress stopper in Sealab Sabotage when killing Tyl Regor’s Project specimen before it steps off the platform.  
  • Fixed Client Zaw stats only showing Strike stats in the Simulacrum Arsenal instead of all components. 
  • Fixed Punch-Through projectiles hitting multiple times against Drones/Ships.
  • Fixed a Rampart spawning inside of a wall in the Grineer Shipyard tileset. 
  • Fixed Mirage Prime’s Eclipse applying only the basic textures.
  • Fixed Tusk Dargyn hovering above its target instead of flying around. 
  • Fixed Ferrox primary projectiles sometimes not appearing when in Limbo's Cataclysm and Stasis.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not playing the proper idles if an idle set is equipped. 
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones inheriting customizations they shouldn't have in Conclave. 
  • Potential fix for Bounties overlapping in the UI when talking to Konzu. 
  • Fixed crash related to fighting Teralsyt. 
  • Fixed Clients disconnecting from host when trying to load into a Captura or Simulacrum session at the same time as the host. 
  • Fixed inaccurate and broken mini-map in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
  • Fixed animation issue when charging an arrow immediately after firing a shot using Bows.
  • Fixed mods like Quick Return and Power Throw not applying when dual wielding a throwing melee weapon.
  • Fixed missing textures on Diriga during the purge sequence of The War Within. 
  • Fixed Survival UI for clients changing between two languages if their selected language is different than the host’s.
  • Fixed Tusk Heavy Gunner using the incorrect textures.
  • Fixed Reactant counters not showing properly for Squadmates if the Operator is out.
  • Fixed various rocks in Cetus being unaffected by Rain.
  • Fixed the Glaive consistently circling around the player. Sorry we know it was cool but not intended!
  • Fixed an issue with the Varykor Sydon's Radial Blind looping its animation.
  • Fixed an issue with Octavia customizations being overridden. 
  • Fixed an issue with Equinox's night form not playing nice with Archwing customization colours. 



  • Reset Dynamic Resolution back to off by default because on some systems it seems to malfunction.


  • Fixed chat tabs being all crammed together.
  • Fixed collision in Personal Quarters.
  • Fixed scrolling in the Somachord
  • Fixed using Gunsen's default attacks when using it without a stance.
  • Fixed bounties sometimes losing track of which encounter is the active bounty stage during migration.
  • Fixed Ghoul Extermination Bounty not showing complete screen after host migration.
  • Fixed error in Orbiter decoration limit check when buying or gifting a bundle.
  • Fixed Plains water at night permanently reducing Shields. 
  • Removed some incomplete Zaw tips that had shown up in the Codex.
  • Fixed some session problems when joining squads roaming the Plains.
  • Fixed several popular crashes.
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Thanks and happy Xmas!

P.S. Fix some other bugs too please:

  • Minimap position (Overlay map) resets to top left after "leave/stay" screen to default position. I find it more convinient for me to use minimap in right side of screen and has appropriate setting on, so why does it reset?
  • Kuva amount is hidden in mods section until one selects riven mod. Either show it or hide endo too.
  • Crafting: reduce amount of owned blueprints by one after crafting process has been started. (ex. I have 2 BPs of forma, I craft it and when it's built it still shows I have 2 BPs. I press "claim" and suddenly it becomes 1 BP. It's confusing.)
  • Mirage and Zenistar. Aren't Mirage's doppelgangers supposed to copy all things she do? When Mirage releases Zenistar's disk, then casts "Hall of Mirrors" and then does charged attack, Zenistar's disk returns to player, while doppelgangers throw 4 disks.
  • Sprint detection: holding shift while standing still will break Ivara's Prowl (just why, it should be SPRINT-modifier + walking to count as Sprinting);

Red text!




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*Its amazing how we went from sitting on screen having the planetary system below us to running around in ship to having operator and now to having a room for us XD is just wow. GG DE :D.

*Woooohooo personal quarters! some where to keep my love ember prime <3.... 
*Well can u bring the glaive thing again just without the damage , cause maaaaaaaaan that thing looked fcking awesome.... *hinting for nice idle animation with glaive*

*o.o Luminous dye was bugged before so I hope it got fixed on this patch. :D

*the operator recharge delay bracer got bugged 

*Chroma's fury isnt working 100% times. There were moment where I had the buff but it's effect didn't work on the weapon.


*Excal(blue/white) oberon(grey) ember(orange/red) chroma(green) rhino (black/red) fighting against stalker to save the poor rabbit in front of Orokin tower in my room!!*

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Edit- Just wanted to take a moment and say a sincere Thank You- to Digital Extremes for making this game that's now become a home away from home, the founders for making this amazing game possible, and to you- the community, for being a family to me through the two years I've been a part of this crazy space ninja program. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Years; with all the success and happiness you could ever wish for in 2018. Thanks for playing, developing, and supporting this amazing game- I love all of you.

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Could the unbounded overlay map have a review? It was awkward before, but it's painful in PoE.
Mini map is too small, overlay map is too big. We need the ability to set map size, location, and bounds - or to provide a 3rd map option that's 2-3x the size of the mini map.

Kuva placement and visibility problems on infested tiles needs some attention

Ability use should not be blocked while fishing spear is equipped

Other issues:
* Range for melee weapons should be listed in game and on wikia.
* Gara's Splinter Storm should not break corpus windows when you run past
* JV docking errors still occur
* https://forums.warframe.com/topic/886896-warframe-abilities-should-work-on-firbolgs-and-bolkors

QoL improvements:
* Ambient ship + dojo sounds need a separate volume setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Message beep volume should have a separate setting (currently controlled by sound effects)
* Trade interface needs multi-select, similar to selling for ducats or credits. Current interface is awkward

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With all these 2.0s and 2.5s (Focus and IPS), when can we finally see the rework Arcanes deserve? They are quite underwhelming over the majority, and only a minority are useful. I propose we see buffs and changes across the board to make them more interesting and increase. Aura Mods could also use this treatment. I made 2 posts outlining possible changes:


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