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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

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for players not into the plains and eidolons content designs, who are also not into pure cosmetics and would be playing shadows of war/mordor if they wanted that system... what content do you consider to be in the pipeline for them to look forward to over this year?

just sacrifice/apostasy and maybe some frames/weapons?(umbra is in the frames part of that btw)



with regards to the plains, why are the rarest mining resources used to an extreme degree(nyth+sentirum), while the rarest fishing resource(seram beetle shell) is barely used at all?

why does auron even exist? it is only used for EXACTLY four zaw link crafts yet its churning out of mining to a huge degree AND also the craft requires oxium. 

zaw disassembly is coming along when?

is the plan to reutilize poe resources when new planetary regions and communities are added such as venus, or is it going to be a yet another fresh planets poe type grind from go? if the latter will you consider seriously reducing the tiering up needed in these areas?

nakak and teasonai are massively underutilized, is this pure fill the giant cetus space or are more thing planned for their stocks?


when will there be pausing on the plains in solo only? doesn't matter if its time limited pause to "remaining day"/"remaining night" cycle duration or less, but it really really needs something to cover those little moments that sometimes happen where you.. well, need just a moment or two.


when will there be a visual effect to differentiate rare containers and sabotage type caches from normal containers to go along with the audio effect, to produce parity for the hearing impaired(there is now cache hunt on the plains and this STILL isn't a thing)? could you imagine octavia for the hearing impaired without the visual cues? this one is in that vein of why isn't this a thing.




beyond that, welcome back and happy belated new year. hope all your breaks went as well as possible.


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Hi DE, Hope you all had a good Holiday after such a busy year.


Since the topic of Mandatory mods has already been brought up i thought id add my 2 cents to the pot XD.

Instead of removing Mandatory mods from the game and rolling all the stat changes into the weapons and frame as they level to 30, as has been mentioned in a few suggestions, introduce something along the lines Mod Merging IE taking two already max ranked mods and merging their stat buffs onto a single Card at the cost of an increased capacity cost and possibly a decrease in strength of its stats EG: Serration(165%DMG) + Split Chamber(90%Multishot) = Some New Mod with (135% DMG && 70% Multishot).

They downsides to merging are shown obviously as you lose potency in your Mods.

-You could keep the item flags that stop player from equipping two of the same mod type present in the merged mods.

-The new mods could use the same item code that rivens currently use to generate the new cards, they are just player forced and you could only ever merge 2 mods together. No double dipping serrations either to try and keep some balance in the system.

- Exclude Corrupted mods so players couldn't merge the negatives out of them, Set mods as they already have dual effects.

The upsides to the system are an increase in build diversity as you would either have to spend along time custom tailoring your merged cards to each frame and weapon or generalize your merged mods to fit multiple builds.

- This would remove some of the "Mandatory mods" feel to modding as player could pick and choose how to build with the building blocks available.

-  All the systems are already in game , just not being used together, Riven generation creates an RNG mod card from existing effects, Merging would create a new mod card with a set amount of stats, so no random 201% damage database entries cluttering up space on the servers. All of it is based on existing mod cards.

- More Use of obscure mods, IE Steady Hands + Reflex Draw

-Gives players the ability to build their own custom elemental mods IE (High Voltage+ Infected Clip = Custom Corrosive mod)

- Custom auras and Exilus mods at the cost of less getting power out of them

You could tie the resource costs into the plains or open landscapes by having a resource drop from eidelons or bounties to merge 2 mods as a single use resource.

Less power creepy as their are more than just damage and multi shot boost mods ingame, and less work to implement than rolling all Mandatory mods out of the game.

Also it makes more sense than giving us more mod slots per weapon and frame. Unless your adding modifiers to ranged weaponry [EG:Weapon switch speed mod on a primary "Modifier " slot/ some sort of syndicate style proc after a certain number of actions ]which i think they need as to balance the mod slots sizes against melee(9 slots ) and war frame(10 slots ).


Thats my 2 cents..... Sort of XDXD

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As someone that is gay i find it offensive that the use of the word gay in the warframe chat is met with an instant ban for all chats for an unspesified amount of time.

Why is the word GAY black-listed in your game?

Do you not realise you are isolating an entire section of your player base and promoting homophobia by doing this?

Are there any plans to review the list of words in your chat filters.

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So i just finishend Survival, but there was a update still deploying. I was waiting, but my team didn't.

Now i lost all my stuff, plus a Ayatan Orta Sculpture that i found.

Can we please have a new Exit system, where everybode can get out by them self.

Espesialy Defense and Interception, you now those guys, that go out of the game last second of the start countdown.

Then your standing alone in Defense.

I know that it's Host based and that this will make problems with the connection, but i still would prefer that to the ongoing troll mania right now.

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Honestly I don't know what to ask and even then this is the first time I decided to send some questions to you guys defore a Devstream, so here we go.

1 - There's one thing that I've been wondering a little about the use of the Cist. If I recall correctly you probably mentioned that there'd be a way for players to get reinfected if they wanted and that it would have more uses, but so far the only way to get a new Cist after curing a warframe is by building a new one and hoping get infected and it takes 7 days for it to be fully matured. Is there any plans for that and for the whole Helminth thing? Not only that, is it possible to have an upgrade module for the arsenal to prepare new frames for the cist so that it takes lest time to mature?

2 - Another thing that i was wondering about involved the changes you're going to do to the damage system. You mentioned that you'll be talking about the changes to the Elemental Damage type of the game since that they will be changed along with the IPS so that all of them can scale and stack in the similar fashion as the slash proc. I was wondering if the changes to the Elemental Damage type could help in with the possible reworks of some warframes that depend on those damage types like Chroma and Zephyr. In fact I have to say, I love Elements of Nature in all kinds of media and the fact that the Elemental Damage types can be combined to create new ones just opens to some impressive results, even more with some tweaks that you guys mentioned. Not only that, frames like Zephyr makes use of the elements on her tornadoes to make it so these ones only deal the damage of the type of element you shoot them (I'm not sure how you can "shoot" air but hey, it's just a game after all), the thing is that Zephyr, and others, need a rework and I've already seen how Zephyr plays currently after I've got her. What are your plans about this whole thing?

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How is the progress on the Kingpin system?

Anything new about archwing? And why we doesn't have any inertion in space, but in the Plains inertion is so strong, that once we have reached full speed, we can flight around whole Plains without any buttons pressed? And the only effective way to slow down is to crash into something solid.

And, we have only mods "fire elemental damage and status chance" for archwing weapons, but doesn't have other three elements since forever.

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What will you do to make Excalibur's radial javelin ability better? As of right now the only use I see it having is clearing low level enemies. Also, will the Excalibur 8" statue ever be available again? My birthday is in a month and I wanted to get one as a milestone for hitting 18 but sadly they are no longer available

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About the Apostasy Prologue...

First: WHAT!

Second: THE HEK!

Seriously, the Quest left us more confused than anything else!

We found an Orb in our Quarters, how did it get there?

Transition to Lua without notice!

Why did we discart our Warframe when we found Lotus' chamber?!

Was it a dream?! A... THIRD Dream?! Because it would explain why we were COMPLETLY IGNORED by Ballas and Lotus, but it doesnt explain how we have her helmet.

Just... what?!

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Il y a 22 heures, [DE]Rebecca a dit :


We’re back this Friday with our first Devstream of 2018: #104! 

Who: The crew is back! Join Rebecca, Steve, Scott, Geoff, and Sheldon on the NEW couch!

What:  We have a new streaming space! We’re going to break it in with our first Devstream of 2018! We are well rested from some overdue holiday time off, and are bringing you updates on the plans for Warframe as it enters it’s fifth year! We’ll be having plenty of conversations about Warframe’s progression and direction, and we’ll be answering your questions! 

Prizes? We will be starting the year off with lots of prizes, including another Twitch Drop for the Stream! 

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

When: Friday January 12th at 2 p.m EDT (convert here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/)   

If you have questions for us please post them below! This thread closes at 10 a.m EDT on Friday, January 12th!  


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 Cetus has the bounties, fishing and mining to help increase standing on a daily basis. With the Quills we only have the cores. So my question is this, have y' all considered adding some other type of quests or jobs within the Quills to offset the ordeal of having to collect cores and turning them in to increase Standing?


I don't know about the other players and veterans out there BUT I have found that the only way to increase the standing in the Quills is by turning in so many cores that the process of collecting them has become very monotonous compared to the bounties and other activities offered in Cetus to increase their local standing. 

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Will us Kubrow/canine fans get a themed frame or premium skin for an existing frame in the near future? Catbros will have *two* frames (Valkyr and Khora) to our none! 

Also, with the precedent set by Nidus-the first frame based on an enemy faction (the infested)-will we maybe see a frame somehow based around integrating Corpus technology? Perhaps to come with the new Venus content?

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