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Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6


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Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.6

As we inch closer to the eventual and inevitable launch of Fortuna, it’s a better time than ever to enable 2FA. It’s quite simple, hit that ‘enable’ on https://www.warframe.com/user and you’re all set after verifying it. 


  • Improvements towards Vomvalysts spawning underground while fighting the Teralyst and Hydrolyst.
  • Removed unnecessary error prompt when canceling a Catalyst/Reactor installment. 
  • Removed Platinum price being listed in the weapon selection screen when crafting a weapon that requires another weapon.
  • Updated terminology for the Power Donation Mod to read "Ability Strength" instead of "Power Strength."
  • Removed outdated Design Council Tips from loading screens.
  • Removed [PH] tags from Clan activities in Chat.

AI Fixes:

With our Mainline update, we refactored the Locomotion system (which is the code that controls how AI find their way around the level) - primarily to allow us to have AI switch between different movement modes (eg walking & flying). These AI code changes have resulted in multiple scenarios of AI struggling to respect current level pathing, which are the issues being noticed post Update 23.10.0. Below are improvements to the new issues and investigation continues into other reports (Arbitration AI, etc):

  • Fixed inability to defeat the Juggernaut due to no weakpoints opening.
  • Fixed Lynx not engaging or reacting to players attacking it.
  • Fixed Zura (Rathuum) not engaging players.
  • Fixed Palladino not engaging enemies during the Chains of Harrow quest.
  • Fixed Grineer Dropships immediately dropping passengers upon arrival in the Plains.


  • Fixes towards inability to match-make when selecting a Ghoul Bounty.
  • Fixed loading into a default Dark Sector mission instead of the intended Arbitration mission.
  • Fixed the camera doing a large movement after Auto Installing Stars into your Ayatan Sculpture. 
  • Fixed being able to skip selecting a Daily Tribute reward when using a controller.
  • Fixed a script error in certain Grineer Sealab Defense missions.
  • Fixed Set Mods having broken descriptions.
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Thank you for Arbitrations. More rewards in the future from the Arbiters of Hexis would be awesome, such as the Stratos-type Emblem proposed early on in development, but I am thoroughly enjoying the game mode. Enemy density could use an increase as well!

I am also enjoying the new Text decoration.

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Just wanna say thanks for arbitrations!

It's a really fun and refreshing way to play the game, and I've been enjoying them a lot since they came out.

The +300% buffs has actually led to some fun builds with frames and weapons I wouldn't otherwise use, and the rewards are really satisfying with the ABCCC rotation and all.

I'm really glad there's still attention being put towards making challenging content. It's not perfect but it's really damn good!

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*PLEASE FIX EMBER.. She didn't need the range nerf to stop people from going afk.. The way she is now, people can afk with her more just by switching into OE and Stretch and few other range mod...
*Also in the future, I hope Arbitration mission will have a mode where MR 20+ dont get the 300% buff. It is all fun to play with buff, but no challenge at the end, unless you try to use 0 rank weapons. ❤️

Also what would be more challenging and fun than removing the buff is adding friendly fire or sudden rad proc <3..cause WHO HERE WOULDNT LOVE IT 😄 ❤️

Also Pupacyst description says *cocoon at the tip of this staff* o.o but isn't it a polearm?? 

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There is a issue with Adaptation and glitched resistance icons appearing, no clue if they do something, but i was in eso right now and i died with ym valkyr in an instand with 3300 armor. That's either a eso problem or a Mod problem, it may add damage instead of reducing it. 

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