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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

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Yeeeeeey finally fixes here ! Thank you ! :)

- Yet still I think that the animal footsteps should be more visible, even make my eyes burn,but I can barely see them on some textures and it's really easy to lost the way ... Make them more colorful and glowy, I am probably not the only one who would appreciate that I believe.

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Thank you for the hotfix. Will K-Drives and Kitguns be added to the profile Mastery UI? Zaws had this same problem when they launched, and the visibility of what has been gilded/leveled helps players keep track of their Mastered items.

EDIT: After this hotfix, cave fishing still has a hitbox problem. Fish are unable to be targeted at times with no health bar or hitbox. 😞 


Thank you to @Senguash for the gif (after this hotfix) of this bug.
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Thanks DE!

Don't see any fixes for:

  • Mission UI not showing for Clients.
  • Minimap failing to load for Clients.
  • Host Migration immediately upon loading with friends for Clients.
  • Bullet Jump killing tranquilized animals in Conservation.
  • Some mining spawns have a mining point spawn inside terrain when spawning with 2-3 mining points.


Keep up the good work!

EDIT: Seems to be a bug with Clients joining session mid-game and then hunting. Black screen during the 'Capture Screen' resulting in game hang.

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New bug
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No vacuum or fetch fixes? Both of them disable other abilities.
Reverting back to pre Warframe centred would be better than it is now, as we have to choose between getting items or scans/buffs.

Thanks for the other fixes though.

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please increase the drop chance of the bonds

also can you please make it so the medium size spooders have a high chance of dropping  any of the three toroids please

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