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Warframe Revised: Railjack Revisited (Part 1): Update 27.4


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20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Exodia Contagion projectiles ignoring Limbo’s Rift status of enemies/the player, letting it hit enemies across the Rift.

  • This allowed for Limbo to attack from a position of invulnerability, where normally damage cannot cross the Rift unless it’s a Warframe ability of some kind. We intentionally did not fix this until after the Scarlet Spear event, but it is a bug. 


Errr, attacking from invulnerability seems to be just fine for Valkyr, puddle Hydroid, current Mag, or a properly built Rhino, Nidus, Nyx, Oberon, Frost, Wukong, Inaros, Gara, or Trinity... insert tank/healer I've forgotten here. It seems to be just fine for Limbo when he's using stasis, and for frames a Limbo player may banish to use their offensive powers in peace...

I for one quite liked being able to help a bit with DPS from the rift when it's heavy going. Would it be possible to consider just ramping down the damage when the projectile is fired from the rift? Cap it at 75% or something, rather than remove it totally. 

Realistically, all this change means is that I have to equip rolling guard, or rely on shield gating, to pop out briefly and use either the arcane or any of my considerably more powerful weapons. Oh and it will make running SS in a duo that much harder, when it was already a 40min grind if you couldn't grab extra bodies. 

What I'm saying is it just takes away a little cool thing Limbo has and introduces a really mild annoyance. I don't see the point.

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37 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Vazarin - Protective Dash

5 seconds invulnerability

60% Heal over 5 seconds

No invulnerability

Heal for 500 over 5 seconds, can’t stack

Works at full effect

500? Like seriously?
20% over 5 seconds with No invulnerability, with can't stack is like totally better than what? 500?

By the way the update keep failing for no reason.

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Since the numbers on the Defense Target Healing seem to have seen no changes since initial proposal, my feedback also remains unchanged so I'm reposting it.

While the overall goal of allowing most healing abilities to interact with defense targets is good, there are a few issues I have with the current implementation:

  1. Low Heal over Time Values
  2. Low Damage Reduction Values
  3. Vazarin Nerf

Low Heal over Time Values

A phrase repeated 5 times in this post is "500 Health over 5 Seconds", which translates into 100 Health per Second. This seems to be the currently proposed "cap" to healing objectives and is incredibly low, as I shall demonstrate by comparing this to the health totals of Defense Objectives currently in game.

Loading into the lowest level Defense node on the Star Chart (Lith, Earth) spawned for me a Defense Pod with a total health value of 2750. Healing 100 Health per second on this pod means you would be healing only 3.63% of its health per second... and it looks worse for the top end of Star Chart. Loading into Hydron (which is tied for highest level Defense mission) spawned a pod with its Max HP being 47,630. Applying 100 health per second to this pod would be..... only 0.21% of its max HP per second.... rounded up. And this is only for basic Star Chart missions, this percentage will get even worse when level modifiers such as Fissures are taken into account.

This value is in dire need of an increase. My suggestion would be to apply a healing cap of 5% of Max HP per second to all static defense targets. This would mean that, assuming 0 incoming damage is taken by the objective, it would take up to 20 seconds to fully heal the target. (I would also like to propose 1 exception to this rule, which I will explain later)

Low Damage Reduction Values

While I am in favor of a slight reduction of Max Damage Reduction applying to objectives in exchange for having a variety of sources being able to apply it, I fear that the current values are a bit too harsh. Using Gara's live damage reduction on Splinter Storm as an example, any Gara build worth using will have this set to the cap of 90%, a value certainly in need of reducing. Reducing this to a cap of 50% will translate to a Splinter Storm protected target will go from taking 1/10 of incoming damage to half, 5 times more than what is currently live. I would suggest raising this cap to somewhere in the ballpark of 66%-75%, and if this is too much combined with the new ease of access to healing, we can talk about scaling back from there.

Quick side note; Seeing Ember's Immolated Radiance augment listed with this cap of 50% DR on targets is hilarious, as it cannot even reach this value. The augment does not scale with Ability Strength, meaning the maximum reduction it can provide to allies is 45%, and that's assuming you're sitting in max overheat, which you should never do. I'd take this as a sign that the augment needs to be buffed, but that may be a discussion for another day.

Vazarin Nerf

Oh dear, this is the big one... When it was first revealed a review was being done on Defense healing, my thoughts immediately turned to a review and subsequent nerf to Protective Dash, though I'd by lying if I said there wasn't good reason for it. I'll start by saying I am in favor of removing its ability to make targets invincible; having merely to Void Dash into the target every 5 seconds to make it completely immune is absolutely overpowered. That said... The healing effect change is a colossal nerf; using the Hydron pod with 47,630 Health as an example again, and using the 500 health over 5 seconds cap (aka 100 HP/s), it would go from healing this objective for 5,715 health per second to 100... 57 times less. And worse yet, this would remove what I would argue is the only use case of running any Focus School other than Zenurik in general play. I would propose instead allowing Protective Dash to heal objectives for 15% of their max HP per second (this is the exception to the 5% cap on abilities I mentioned earlier), and more importantly, launching a review of all Focus Schools for balancing.

Let me be absolutely clear with that last point: I am not just calling for a massive nerf to Zenurik. While it is highly likely Zenurik needs to be toned down and perhaps some of its abilities given to other schools (giving Inner Might to Naramon comes to mind), I would argue that by doing only that, using Focus at all outside of hyper-specific examples such as Eidolons would be next to irrelevant, especially with the massive grind that comes with accessing the Focus abilities in the first place. I believe ALL Focus Schools outside of Zenurik are in dire need of buffs, and given the Revised Update chain already going, now would be a perfect time to do it.

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42 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added ‘Incomplete’ tab/category to the Avionics screen in the ‘Configure Railjack’ panel, Mods Segment screen, and the Codex.  

  • Avionics, Mods, and Arcanes that are not owned are marked as ‘preview’ in this category and those that you own but have not ranked to Max are also in this category.
  • 53fa1e25a1d0b7e92c5ae3142eabfb78.jpg


love this feature

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vor 42 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Simulor/Synoid Simulor Changes:

  • We have made the following changes to the Simulor/Synoid Simulor:
    • Increased per stack damage for stacked orbs:    
      • Simulor: 20 to 50 
      • Synoid Simulor: 20 to 80
    • Increased damage of exploding vortexes:
      • Simulor: 75 to 100
      • Synoid Simulor: 75 to 240 
  • Increased the duration of active vortexes to 20 seconds before they explode (unless done so manually).  
  • Reduced the lifetime duration of a single Orb before it explodes. 
    • This allows single projectiles to be used offensively as they now detonate quickly and have had their damage increased significantly. 
    • Creating vortexes now happens rather quickly. Shoot 4 orbs in quick succession to create a fully powered vortex. With this we also added a max number of active Orbs to 4. 
  • Added a max number of active vortexes at a time to 3 and increased the orb stack count to reach a fully powered vortex from 3 to 4.
    • With the significant increase in damage and lifetime of active vortexes, and with the added bonus of individual orbs providing more utility, adding a cap to the number of active vortexes and increasing the orb count for maxed vortexes felt appropriate to strike balance with the changes. 
    • Once 3 fully maxed vortexes are active, the Simulor will now default to single-shot orbs - with the reduced lifetime of a single orb, there are now more ways to use the Simulor against enemies!
  • Removed the initial stagger on enemies that would occur on vortex creation. 
    • We removed this effect so that enemies aren’t pushed out of range of the vortex as much. 
  • Updated Simulor and Synoid Simulor’s FX! 


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2 minutes ago, Caliboom said:

Seriously, didn't you notice that people didn't like the Vazarin changes? And yet you changed anyways despite most people disagreeing with them? Thanks for killing Vazarin, DE.

Vazarin is far from dead and can still provide healing at will to warframes who do not have access to healing at all. It's still an incredibly powerful focus school. You just won't be able to heal objectives as insanely effectively as before without a proper team or the right warframe.

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"Update failed!
Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers.
The update will be restarted shortly..."

No hurry... I'll find something else to do in the meantime.


Edit: Well... 7th time's the charm, I guess.

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36 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

This means Archwings and their weapons will do more damage to ships, while also taking less damage from them.

Wasn't this the main issue when your released the first time. People ditched the ship for archwing only runs. Looks like DE went backwards here. I think they definitively need a defense boost because death was still super easy but... This is a railjack mission. The railjack should be the main damage dealers so people stay on the ship for combat.

35 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Doubled Affinity-to-Intrinsic Point conversion. You will now gain Intrinsics 2x faster.

Whelp I'm a little salty over the time I spent but still a good change for newer players.


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vor 4 Minuten schrieb LascarCapable:

Vazarin is far from dead and can still provide healing at will to warframes who do not have access to healing at all. It's still an incredibly powerful focus school. You just won't be able to heal objectives as insanely effectively as before without a proper team or the right warframe.

Sorry what are you smokin? Healing a defense target with 10k health now with a whoopin 100 health per second is not dead? Seriously... It was the only reason to use something beside Zenurik. All this nerfs in the past months to cater the mysterious "We want build Diversity BullS#&$" and then this changes which brings Zenurik in an even better spot as before?

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46 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Khora’s Spikes (her default back attachment) are now an Auxiliary attachment to give players more customization options with Syandanas.

can we have this for nova's exaust thingies?

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i am verry ticked off by this update my zetki hullweave bulkhead and some other avionics are gone
in the dev stream steve said you can now use mkI to upgrade mk III NO you cant you can only DOWNGRADE put the mk III into the MK I
i think this lets me abandon this shyt

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I'm not really sure how it's possible but my max shields has decreased from adding. Is it because of my previous railjack stats?


EDIT: I found out why. It was my Reactor. Any avionics space not used added to my shields. Sorry 😅

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Part one you say?


I'm really happy to see this new dedication to going back and fixing some of the game's issues. Whilst I don't feel like the game has pulled itself out of its problems yet, the fact of the matter is, you're pulling.

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Patch always failing~ it started good at first but after few seconds it goes to 90% from 2% then after that it will show Failed Screen.


after that screen it shows failed then repeat itself over and over.

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Added video link.
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