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Tennocon 2020 drop issues thread

Message added by NovusNova

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Still waiting on all the drops. Honestly only want the Athodai since its the only MR item that's Twitch exclusive. But like every Twitch stream they've ever made, I never got a thing except the Stalker noggle because they forced it.

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Hello there,

I make this post (my first one btw) because I did not get the warframe placement from the last live (the Aug 20th). I saw on the forum that some players didnt get rewards too on different lives.

Is there a way to get the rewards or not ? Maybe should I contact the staff or something?

(Ps. : excuse my possibly bad english)

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On 2020-08-19 at 2:38 AM, (NSW)Kaine_Ignatius said:

Meanwhile, I was logged in and got none of the rewards, while some people got double. Thank you DE, very cool.

I'm starting to think twitch drop success rate is dependant on what region you are in...I'm from the UK so I'm in in europe region (brexit? what's brexit?), and I've never had trouble with the drops. I mean, give or take a stream ending a moment before I could get one. Even during tennocon, I got every drop on the night.

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