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Derelict Shift: Hotfix 28.3.2

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13 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Thank you for the hotfix.

I'm afraid this new UI needs alot more than music added (unless it's Piano Man by Billy Joel). There needs to be more information and smarter use of the screen real estate as mentioned in January from Pablo's thread. The screen should be expanded by default or atleast have a memory for player preferences. Having to expand a UI menu every single mission for a screen that was expanded for years feels just as bad as hover-overs. 😕

I 100% agree with this. I'd love to have the the ability to customize my own UI, especially if they're trying to add music, and make my own adjustments.

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En 12/8/2020 a las 22:20, Sir_Mustur_Spurclur dijo:

ty for the hotfix but goddamn, the new ui, it frankly annoys me it lacks old ones functionality, please for the love of god functionality over looks, you cannot see your weapon ranks anymore in the end of mission screen and the way ui displayed resources and damage dealt, ect. stats was better in  old one.  in addition, after doing a mission you used to be able to click on your top left icon and leave squad, now you cant. what is the point of the new ui if it adds extra unneccesarry  menu layers you need to click through and actually worsens functionality, been doing a few missions and it kinda makes me annoyed despite looking good

you can fix this but please functionality over looks or there is no point, you primarily use the damned ui, not just stare at it contemplating if you actually want to play

rest of the update is great though sorry for the rant but for the love of god dont make this worse


honestly this UI look and feel like a mobile game
Can't this NEW UI be added in customization instead of be forced as Default?

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Idk if its just me, but It doesnt show how much standing Im earning, not while in mission by pressing "TAB" neither after the mission.
Played sorties, syndicate dailies and ESO. It only showed progress on syndicate missions, so I guess what is not showing is the "extra" daily standing
29K In my case (Im MR 29). And I am indeed, gaining standing, I can see it on the syndicate's console. 

Also, removing the extraction loading screen was a mistake. A big one. We should get our orbiters dance back. 
That's how I celebrated a good run. 

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Might just be me but changing the color from blue to white when enemies show how much affinity they give after they die was not a good idea. My eyes hurt just looking at my the screen especially when I kill a a lot of enemies in one go.


Edit: Add an option into the interface settings so players can switch between old and new UI for mission end screen and checking progress while in-mission.



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Did you guys Shadow Nerf  Exodia Contaigon? Or is it a bug?

or is it an air quotes "Fix" that you forgot to mention?

From my testing it seems that it now has a base crit chance of 18% or 20%.

And among other things seems to have half the damage and half the crit damage as well according to another poster.

A potential problem could be that its using Unguilded stats, which might have broken with the recent update and the naming bug and what not.

Since naming is part of the quilding process, it might have broken something there.

In any case, please Fix ASAP :)  and not air quotes "fix" it with "unintended behavior" and what not as previously done.



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5 minutes ago, KunoUshinawa said:

Lynx turrets now shoot from the bottom instead of the barrel:


I don't know if this is true for other turrets

have been for quite some time...



DE please fix this soon! ;-; its been broken like this for literal YEARS and i cant complete my set of minigame posters because the narrow turret hallway right before the boss at the end is impossible to survive even if you somehow manage to get up to that point with all three lives intact

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Please give wukong his speed back by making sprint speed apply to his cloud again. This creates an interesting build choice and wukong has only been nerfed again and again every since his rework. Give him something back.

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