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Livestream Schedule: September 14 - 18

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2 minutes ago, Oreades said:

Why 15 of everything except the Son token?

They are giving 1500 standing worth of tokens each day. Son are worth 500 each, while the rest only give 100 each. Also Grandmother charges 10 of each token except Son, which she charges 2 of, per Grandmother token.

This ensures no one day is worth more than the others.

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hace 18 minutos, [DE]Helen dijo:


Tune into our working from home community streams to hang out with the team and enjoy some casual Warframe gameplay!

In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno!

Watch for 30 Minutes to Receive This Week’s Twitch Drops:

  • Monday: 15 x Daughter Token
  • Tuesday: 15 x Mother Token
  • Wednesday: 15 x Father Token
  • Thursday: 15 x Otak Token
  • Friday: 3 x Son Token

This week’s Drops are all about family!

Reminder: Make sure your Twitch and Warframe accounts are linked!

  Revelar contenido oculto

If you're having trouble, please unlink and relink your Twitch and Warframe accounts. First, make sure you're logged into warframe.com & twitch.tv with the correct accounts you want linked. Then visit warframe.com/user and under "User Information", check your Twitch Sync field. Refresh the link by choosing "Click here to unlink" and then choosing "Click here to link".

Those who have not linked their accounts before can do so here

Join us at twitch.tv/warframe for the following:

There is a Home Devstream scheduled for Friday, September 18 @ 2:00PM ET! Expect a post with more info in the Livestreams & Contests subforum later this coming week


Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

why mother tokens and not grandmother? mother tokens are the easiest tokens to get, you just need to do bounties

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4 minutes ago, FearHunger said:

mother tokens are the easiest tokens to get

Correction, Father's are the easiest to get, you don't even have to try to collect resources and you'll end up with enough to get you a fair share of Father Tokens. At least you generally have to try a little to get Mother's.

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Woudn't have exactly broke the economy to give 15 Son tokens imho... Or at least 10 or something... 3 is a little low for something that's such a pain to get since most ppl don't enjoy hunting and you still require quite a few tags to even get a single token.

As for giving 7500 Standing worth of tokens on a stream... It's important to remember that a Single Perfect Kubrodon capture on orb vallis gives 8000 Standing... So yeah, not breaking the bank by giving your playerbase 15 tokens worth 500 Standing once.. Also begs the question of why hell we need to capture upwards of ten animals for a single son token worth 500 Standing when you get 8K standing for a single capture on the previous open world, but that's another complain for another post... Just don't be surprised why nobody enjoys hunting in the Drift...

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30 minutes ago, General_Durandal said:

Mother Tokens should be removed, they are rewarded at the end of each mision.
Should be,
Monday: 15 x Daughter Token
Tuesday: 15 x Father Token
Wednesday: 15 x Otak Token
Thursday: 3 x Son Token
Friday: 1 x Gandmother Token

Agreed. DE, please do this! :D

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