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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.1.2 + Hotfix

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Yes! Thank you for the Helminth Checklist.

Edit: Also, we need the cap on Nightwave Prestige extending, casual players who have only been doing weeklies are now reaching the cap and are unable to get creds

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Still no fix for Necramech/Excalibur umbra bug? When you look at Excalibur Umbra in his specter form and use transference when in the Necramech, you get put into his specter and can no longer; use any abilities, activate transference to escape, use archwing or k-drive, etc. the only way to escape this bug when it happens is if your Excalibur umbra takes enough damage to die. unfortunately I have had to abort several missions due to this bug. It's quite a major bug considering it could likely trigger the afk system and prevent you from being useful to your team.

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Almost a month of Deimos and the status of helminth resources changes are still: "Looking into it" despite of a month long of detailed feedback on what is wrong with it, and what could be changed..

Fast on the trigger to nerf MfD, but cant swap some numbers around for bile/railjack resources.

Keep looking into it 👍

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7 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.1.2


- Disabled Ordis Transmissions while in the Helminth screen. Our trusty Cephalon must be shielded from this room. 

- There is now an ‘Incomplete’ tab on the Helminth to show you which abilities you have not Subsumed. 

- Increased the audible distance of Xaku’s weapon sounds in the Grasp of Lohk ability use.


- Numerous micro-optimizations for Deferred Rendering have been added to the game! 


- Fixed T5 Bounty Rewards on Deimos sometimes giving lower Mother Tokens than T4 Bounties.

- Fixed incorrect Vendors having the Velocipod K-Drive Skins.

- Fixed incorrect Bounty UIs after a host Migration.

- Fixed ‘Botanist’ being missing from the Codex and unlinkable in Chat.

- Fixed an issue with the sound of casting Roar on a Warframe that has the ability Infused.

- Fixed Railjack Avionics not being displayed correctly in the EoM screen. 

- Fixed the Ability screen not updating after using Helminth until you go into a mission or use the Arsenal. 

- Fixed the Boar not having a reload sound.

- Fixed an issue where the Vault extraction marker can appear above ground after finishing a Vault Bounty.

- Fixed the Entrati Audience Chamber room not being an option to be set as a Spawn room for Dojos. 

- Fixed Audio ducking staying on if you enter the Arsenal as an Operator.

- Fixed some Sentinel and Moa Weapon types not getting affected by Magazine related Mods (notably Helstrum). 

- Fixed Antigen recipes having underlapping text in the Foundry. 

- Fixed many weapon Components having ill fitting text in the Foundry.

- Fixed an issue where deploying a Desert Skate does not remove the prior deployed Desert Skate. 

- Fixed an issue being unable to leave Conclave missions using the ESC button. 

- Fixed recolouring the Arquebex changing colours of attached Necramech in preview.

- Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a squad while someone else is fishing. 

- Fixed a script error that could occur with Khora and Venario.

- Fixed the Corinth Prime Blueprint using the wrong icon for the Corinth Prime Stock.



any chance of extending nightwave tiers to a standard of 999 or something like that (or removing the cap all together)?
we are at cap since last week and not even at the last glassmaker stage

this "cap reached" issue seems to pop up at every single nighwave season so far

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Friendly reminder:

Zymos swarm of bees from time to time decide to not do damage, just tickle the enemies and proc a status effect, still had not found how to reproduce it consistently but it keeps happening

Necramech and K-drive look link remains broken beyond meme, just link your favourite k-drive fashion and you will see the same box with tiny boxes glued to its side every time

Also Mod Config, seems broken, numbers of stats like range actually belong to the build you are looking, but when you pass over each ability to look at it's individual numbers it displays numbers as if your own mods equipped at that moment in your own warframe affected the display, please have a look on that. It has been like that since release of that feature and still no talk about it

Cortege max ammo way below usability in ground missions since it drains it quite fast, also no point of using it in archwing due to low range of its flamethrower thingy.

Venari's healing action from time to time causes her to stop on her track, instead of following the target of healing, just take out the command of "stay" on her healing and let her roll trying to catch up who ever she's commanded to heal


All in all, finally Quassus bug been fixed, I'm quite happy to read about it

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7 minutes ago, -IE-DragonZero- said:

Many thanks for the hotfix.

A strange happened with my profile, 4 of my primary kitgun got unranked, I am pretty sure I have gilded and rank up them for mastery, hope this new hotfix fix this issue

This is happening to me too.

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