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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.4: NIGHTS OF NABERUS!

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So... you replaced plague star this year with this "event" that is literally just a single shop that uses family tokens... and no way to even get forma BPs.
Tell me, did Reb actually think this was a decent replacement for plague star? An event that even high MR players would participate in just for the forma alone? All you did for this event was a single shop. Literally gives 0 incentive to actually play if one already has mother tokens.

To call this an event is a complete joke. You would have been better off being truthful for once in many years and just coming out and saying that you didn't want to bring plague star back because people got too much forma for it and that meant less people spend plat on forma.

Welp time to go "enjoy" this "event" with a crap ton of mother tokens I already have. Wow so exciting I get to open the shop and buy everything I didn't really want in the first place! Definitely worth playing the game for!

Guess I should have known better than to get my hopes up when Reb said DE had something special planned for us. Yet another complete disappointment. Really thought DE would have learned from SS.

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2 hours ago, GreyRechard said:

I honestly thought that changing the timer to 3 minutes in the first place was a weird decision. It felt unnecessarily long!
A way I thought that would have added diversity to this phase would have been adding different objectives. For instance: Tier 1 vaults would have been the Mobile Defence Tox phase, Tier 2 is an Exterminate Tox and Tier 3 is an Assassination Tox of 3 Deimos Saxum Rex enemies.
There's a lot you can do with this phase to be less of a chore and feel more engaging for the player.

Oh and thank you very much for the update!
Much love!

Or we can expose and shoot 2 radiators so that we can destroy the hive producing those infested centipedes in the tox phase!

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Currently the Spinneret Ephemera (and corposant prime but this is only minor) don't have their passive effect functioning in relays, orbiter and sometimes missions when put on the operator unless it is re-loaded via the appearance menu, if this would be fixed it'd probably be the best looking ephemera to date

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Do staff read these replies? if so then please, PLEASE give us secondary energy color for mechs, it's so simple and easy to add i imagine and it doesn't make much sense that it's not there in the first place when even companions get it.

oh and excited for the spooky tales. keep up the good work and looking forward to next frame.

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse ability not functioning properly with Deferred Rendering enabled. As detailed here!

Can you take a look at Mirages first ability as well please. With the Enhanced Graphics engine activated the doppelgangers of Hall of Mirrors create some very bright and flashy lights that are realy anoying and hurt the eyes. This happens in the Deimos open world and i think the others as well. 






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And this is the "new content" instead of plague star?....skins are not contents. add things that are needed forma and deleted the only one thing help player once a year to do so, is not a good idea but don't let out punctual prime access every 3 month and do not overlap it at "massive" event like this is goooood -_-. Well done DE

By now 90% of the game is a set of bug,old game mechanics that are not good, 0 enemies balances,no contents and add farm only....and every update increase. Consequence of all this are simple the game is not fun to play,a lot of old player left the game...and you can see it very well by steam on most free to play game played. you cannot understand the status of the game if you don't play it. you have no time for this but for nerf......"FIX" things, are not working as intended or just for high % of use, yes a lot of time....for players is good and use it a lot...need.. OMG "FIX" NOW!

keep it up...2-3 years and the game die



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Oh DE, wanna ask about the menu bug, i dont know what triggers it but sometimes, i can't open full menu as if the animation doesn't even play, so i can't check what i got and go to options or even worse, i can't pause in solo mission. The bug removed after i extract or i just yeeted from the game but from time to time happened again. Pls fix this, this bug makes solo runs not save.

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5 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

The problem... We cannot guarantee that the results will be exactly the same using the two equations, but any difference should be negligible.

The problem is Mirage 3rd mechanics make no sence and outdated.

We already sacrifice simplicity (many years ago) and have several abilities on one button. Just let Mirage do her job. Whatever it is now. Just imagine you can develop games only in heavy light, and have a dinner at the dark. "Play" like this for a week if you disagree with me.

Tap/hold. That's it.


Just a bit more rant.

It does not work in a trickster threme. Why mobile, ellusive unit should be so deeply attached to terrain?

It doesn't work with logic too. OK, you wanna be silent assasin, so shadow is your friend... Wait a second, that's mean you want be hidden and have damage buff. And, in the middle of the room, in lights, drawing attention it's kinda reasonable to have taunt/DR.

It doesn't work with gameplay. You already have a content tied to night! That alone should explain how silly this mechanic is. Should i ever choose Mirage over other DPS? No. It does not do her job then it really needed.

And even if Eidolons never exist. It still limit usage really hard. If i want use DR over buff, this mean i really need it. Just freaking imagine frame with "it die then light touch her skin". Is Mirage a vampire? And randomly lose damage is annoing too. Imagine in high speed game, with moving as a killer-feature, be tied to carefully watching your steps, or even "no, i will not go to this dark corner.. because of reasons".

P.S. Do you know why this take so long to fix this bug? Mirage doesn't have working UI even. Octavia have!

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35 minutes ago, --F--NerevarCM said:


hmmm guess January is part of the previous year

by @(XB1)TheWayOfWisdom

Yeah and they said they would do it about every 6-8 months. But said they were cancelling this year's PS (Reb's own words not mine) and if you payed attention its obvious they meant for this time. Didn't you watch the stream?

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Might want to fix Latrox Une stage of bounties if you're going to have a month long event that is nothing but Deimos bounties. 

Latrox Une wanders one way and the shield goes another.

Shield drone does not regen shields.

Collecting samples can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 6 minutes.

Enemies can snipe the shield drone with gas clouds or an infested spike that comes out of the ground before you can react.

Bounty completion or bonus should not be dependent on one little shield drone IMO. 

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Love to hear the change to Iso vaults and been enjoying the October shop. Got me to do Deimos bounties, which I haven't done for possibly as long as a 3 weeks. Keep up the good work DE. It almost makes me feel bad about my continuing suggestion. Almost.

I still cannot use the search bar in the Helminth to find the ability I am looking for by searching for the warframe it came from. The only exception to this is if the warframes name is in the description of the ability. I'd really love if it could work like that, I do not enjoy typing the name of a warframe and it being a total shot in the dark if it works or not.


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