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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.4: NIGHTS OF NABERUS!


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Just want to voice out my opinion. Haven't played a few days (because some games already caught my attention with the playability), seen the Naberus event and thought I might come back to grind the event. But instead, what I see it's just Kaelli's new event shop. Where's the event mission? I kinda dissapointed. The only thing that is good from the shop is the Ephmera and that mobile doll thingy.

Where's the fun event? Is this going be the type of future event? Just event shop?

I think I'll just grind when event nears the end date. 

Thanks tho, DE. 2020 Warframe content is kind of dissapointing for me. It's really hard to love a game that you've invested in and it become like this today. 

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12 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Reduced Isolation Vault Bounty Toxicity phase from 3 minutes to 1:30 minutes.

An early change meant for Update Deimos: Arcana that was low risk to add now! Feedback alluded to this phase not offering much variety within the Bounty - so we’ve shortened it to get you to the meat of the Bounty quicker!


Why not include the drop chance changest too? they're still insanely low :P

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11 hours ago, -JT-_-R3W1ND said:

The problem is Mirage 3rd mechanics make no sence and outdated.

We already sacrifice simplicity (many years ago) and have several abilities on one button. Just let Mirage do her job. Whatever it is now. Just imagine you can develop games only in heavy light, and have a dinner at the dark. "Play" like this for a week if you disagree with me.

Tap/hold. That's it.

  Hide contents

Just a bit more rant.

It does not work in a trickster threme. Why mobile, ellusive unit should be so deeply attached to terrain?

It doesn't work with logic too. OK, you wanna be silent assasin, so shadow is your friend... Wait a second, that's mean you want be hidden and have damage buff. And, in the middle of the room, in lights, drawing attention it's kinda reasonable to have taunt/DR.

It doesn't work with gameplay. You already have a content tied to night! That alone should explain how silly this mechanic is. Should i ever choose Mirage over other DPS? No. It does not do her job then it really needed.

And even if Eidolons never exist. It still limit usage really hard. If i want use DR over buff, this mean i really need it. Just freaking imagine frame with "it die then light touch her skin". Is Mirage a vampire? And randomly lose damage is annoing too. Imagine in high speed game, with moving as a killer-feature, be tied to carefully watching your steps, or even "no, i will not go to this dark corner.. because of reasons".

P.S. Do you know why this take so long to fix this bug? Mirage doesn't have working UI even. Octavia have!

I personally view Mirage as more of a light manipulator frame then as a full on "trickster frame". Loki has much more obvious comparison to a proper "trickster frame", and the only thing these frames have in common is that their theme is vaguely inspired by beings known for their deceitful nature. Wukong is also referred to "having a heart of a trickster" despite, even after the rework, only being known as a crazy monkey that simply refused to die. This is probably just something they liked doing back when the game was more focused on the "space ninjas" part, rather then the "infested flesh made to destroy massive waves of sentients" part.

I'm not too sure why these buffs feel illogical to you. Having damage reduction in the shadows because you're hidden is a pretty easy argument to make for the dark buff. Evasion wasn't really a thing during this time, so damage reduction is the third best thing(first being straight up invisibility).

As for light, it can be argued that the only reason why an assassin would go into the light is because they know they can finish off anyone who spots them. Thus, they're willing to use more dangerous(and likely less stealthy) weapons to ensure that happens. It's also makes sense as a contrast to the more understandable dark buff.

I personally like Eclipse the way it currently is. The only real complaint I have for it is how the both the in-game description and the UI explain this ability so inaccurately: It might as well be lying about it. The ability isn't truly either "night" or "day", but rather a spectrum between these that give varying amount of damage and DR. This is basically the only ability that works like this, and it's one of if not my favorite thing about it.

Remember that the day damage bonus shown is multiplicative with the rest of your mod setup, so realistically you only need it at roughly 30-50% effectiveness to reasonably compete with other damage buffing abilities, and this gives DR ONTOP of that. The stats of this buffs seemed over-tuned specifically because of how inconsistent this ability is. I'd unironically be happy with this ability if all they did is give a proper UI and description to show how this is actually working. Sleight of Hand and Prism needs way more work then Eclipse does.

While I can agree that, even when knowing the mechanics of this ability, it's unnecessarily complicated and clunkily; turning this into a simple toggle ability would throw out basically any flavor this ability previously had. This is added on top of the fact that having these current numbers attached to on-demand damage boost/reduction would probably make DE realize that it's already competing with roar pretty dam well, and the only real reason why people aren't using it as much is because of how (mechanically) broken this ability is. If DE really wanted to do something about how Eclipse worked, they'd be better of reworking Mirage in general.

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28 minutes ago, Ketsok said:

In profile still show kitgun parts as gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DE introduced the Primary Kit-guns into the profiles finally. So we can track them and see how much we use them.

Try this it should be an easy fix.

Equip your MR 30 Primary Kitgun be the host and try it on Deimos mine worked on Deimos, go out the door and let it close and turn around and go back in and check your profile if that fails next shoot some enemies then go back in through the Gate. if it still doesn't work it sounds like a DE fix for those that it didn't work with.

It worked for myself and some others so far, they now show up as mastered in my profile so we could also use the gun in our primary slot.


How I worked it out I remembered back to the days of Orb Vallis when the K-Drives weren't showing MR in players profiles, we knew they were correct, to fix them we just equipped the K-Drive went out into Orb Vallis did a trick or two on them then back into Fortuna which made them show as Mastered in our profiles.

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So.....immediate feedback for the event.


You've probably spent some time on the Grandmother cut scene.  It's interesting, but she's less animated than when she pops up out of the infested mass.  That's an interesting choice of content....and it really isn't worth spending the mother tokens on.  Likewise, the profile icons are interesting....but largely about as interesting as the vector art they basically are.  Again, not enticing.  Moving on, the skins for Basmu and Gram are....oh boy.  I'm going to say basic.  I was thinking we'd get something similar to the Opticor skin, but find myself insanely disappointed.  There's maybe four areas of embelishment total.  It's really depressing.


Now, the Ephemera.  It's a copy paste of the previous bats....and I don't get why you didn't jut reuse that specific one.  Our other ephemera is much harder to see, and I don't think I'll be using it.  There's a difference between refined and subtle, and simply negligible to the point of being impossible to discern.  These ephemera are quite disappointing.


The Zaw and arcanes.....  Are we maybe going to get the arcanes de-nerfed?  I'm sorry, but at this point you've not upgraded the zaw arcanes.  The plague arcanes ate a nerf quite a while back, and they're not worth buying.  There's literally no reason to touch this content, unless you're a new player.


Finally, the missions and grind.  You still haven't fixed the Latrox Une mission requiring that we keep a shield drone alive.  This was a non-announced change multiple releases ago, and makes things functionally impossible to win by skill.  It's RNG spawns of parts, RNG whether the shield drone flies off to nowhere, and the shield drone ironically has no ability to recharge shields or health.  Moving swiftly pass that mess, there's no content worth grinding for.  No forma, no scintillant, not even some measly kuva.  I was worried about the middle of October release, but it didn't matter.  The content is so minimalistic that I've already got nothing worth doing after a single trip to daughter.  The new stuff is less content than a few hours of standard Deimos grind.




Topping all of this, I'm not saying thank you for the decrease to wait timers on Deimos.  You stated the initial increase to these timers was to "increase the challenge."  This was before you decided to publish the 0.201% mod drop chances.  It was before you admitted to the scintillant spawn being hugely broken.  It was before we all had a mech built, and did the math to find out that the 12 mod slots was a lie, because there was no way that you could use them given the mod drains, even if you used 9 forma and had every single slot polarized.  I guess the short of this is that thanking you for undoing a bad decision isn't something I endorse. 

Maybe when you finally release things without artificial wait timers, not bound to arbitrary time cycles, without garbage drop rates to bouy engagement, I'll thank you.  For now I'm just going to say it's been two months to get back to release state...maybe next time it'll be faster.  It's great to know that those test servers aren't experiencing any wear and tear...


16 hours ago, Walkingdud said:

What's a micro optimization?

A very small optimization to specific coding sections to increase their performance.  It's basically saying that they found a small bug in one specific area, and fixed it.


Looking at previous examples will help you understand a bit more.  Something like decreasing all mission load times is an optimization, while a micro optimization is something like decreasing the load times for a single vendor's inventory.


16 hours ago, Alcatraz243 said:

And this is the "new content" instead of plague star?....skins are not contents. add things that are needed forma and deleted the only one thing help player once a year to do so, is not a good idea but don't let out punctual prime access every 3 month and do not overlap it at "massive" event like this is goooood -_-. Well done DE

By now 90% of the game is a set of bug,old game mechanics that are not good, 0 enemies balances,no contents and add farm only....and every update increase. Consequence of all this are simple the game is not fun to play,a lot of old player left the game...and you can see it very well by steam on most free to play game played. you cannot understand the status of the game if you don't play it. you have no time for this but for nerf......"FIX" things, are not working as intended or just for high % of use, yes a lot of time....for players is good and use it a lot...need.. OMG "FIX" NOW!

keep it up...2-3 years and the game die



I'd like to be snarky here, because I made this point about 5 years ago.  I took a two year break....and came back to the second dream, war within, and shortly thereafter the Plains of Eidolon.


What I mean to say here is that none of this is new, and it isn't a change.  The game is not going to magically die.  That being said, it's been three years for the once a year large content drops....and the financials are not speaking well.   If I wanted to make your point I'd suggest that DE's current performance was due to their focus on less content that is more concentrated.  It's not focused on fixes, but on putting more content out because that drives more engagement than fixing tile sets that are bugged.  It's not going to be the sole cause of the death of this game, just another contributor to its slow decay.  The frightening bit will be the focus on Tennogen as content....


13 hours ago, Rebore said:

Where is my forma bp at. I got to farm up like 700 mother tokens which takes what few hours maybe and the event lasts a bloody month, oh lord.

 ryan reynolds wtf GIF

I am in agreement.  If we look at the rewards table there are a grand total of 6 non-cosmetic rewards.  That's 4 plague zaw parts, and 2 arcanes.  The plague zaw parts are nice, but you really only need three of each at most (crit-status-testing builds).  The arcanes are rank 3 maximum, so you need 10.  The issue with them is that these particular arcanes ate a nerf quite some time ago, and aren't great anymore.


On the positive note, it's a bunch of mother tokens.  Bang through about 10 missions and you'll have 1300 at minimum.  I have the arcanes and zaws, so the "new" content was less than 600 total tokens.  It's mildly depressing that there's literally 5 good runs of the tier 5 bounty worth of cosmetics...and that the bat ephemera is a recycled one of the previously awarded bat ephemera....but at least it isn't Scarlet Spear levels of grind your face off.


12 hours ago, Falseliberty said:

Am I missing something? Did past Halloween events give forma? Why are people asking for it all of a sudden. BTW spider cosmetic looks great

What you are missing is that this event is supposed to be a replacement for Plague Star.  DE announced that the Plague Star event was not going to appear again this year, and that the rewards from it would be obtained from this new event.


While technically true, the Plague Star event rewarded built forma, plague zaw parts, rare eidolon gems, the snipetron, the ether daggers, and cosmetics.  People therefore liked Plague Star because a run or two could get them forma, which was infinitely better than the 24 hour wait (now 23).  With this event's rewards there was no forma, and really no reason to engage past getting the limited new cosmetics given there's literally nothing mechanically new to it.


1 hour ago, Ketsok said:

In profile still show kitgun parts as gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you maybe have two of the same parts next to one another, with one grey and one colored? 


I ask because DE finally added the primary kit guns to the MR pool.  There's no way to tell which is which, without opening them up.  As an example I have two entries for the Catchmoon, and I have no way of telling which is the shotgun and which is the completely ineffective smoke ring blower (the primary for this weapon is trash, and I'm trying to make a bad joke as a means of coping).  


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20 hours ago, ---Swaggi--- said:

Seriously DE why did you remove Formas??? It's something the game is all about and we have barely have the chance to get some ( i exclude fissures here since u get only Forma BP's which take 23h to build, i speak about crafted ones )

I have over 25 crafted forma from fissures, and many others have a lot more. So no, don't exclude fissures. All this time spent whining about them could of been spent getting them.

P.S: They were not 'removed' as this event isn't Plague Star. Until that returns again, we won't know if they've been officially removed.

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