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Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

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Welcome Tenno to the Umbra Discussion and Appreciation Thread [old V1 here ]

Feel free to join the  >>Discord Server<<

  • This Main Post contains items that have been discussed at length in the thread (old and new), items are condensed for quick access to allow those new to the content to quickly catch up on the basic topics discussed. Please review the content before posting, if your still unclear on some subjects please inquire in the thread or in a DM
  • Topics have been split and categorized in a section that can be opened via the spoiler button, so you can read its contents and sub section(s) at your convenience. 
  • Console players please note the topics can be spoiler heavy as can discussions , please keep this in mind when participating


Umbra Pol [FAQ:3/1719[Read Before Posting]


Please keep all discussions civil and respectful Tenno.

If you have any new [info/videos /pictures] on the subject please submit it to the thread.

if your unsure of your sources origins, please send it either one of the moderators or admins, or myself before posting 

Note: info provided must be authentic, please do not start/spread/discuss misinformation or datamined/hacked info

A reminder to everyone, to not troll or spread mis-information on Excalibur Umbra. We understand you want him. However spreading mis-information will only lead to posts being removed, please refer to the forum code of conduct:

"2a) LEAKED/DATA-MINED CONTENT- Please do not promote or share leaks or data-mined information in the forums. If you are concerned about leaks please PM the DE staff. Continued posting of leaks/rumors will result in a warning point if the action continues after initial contact. We want to assure all Tenno are able to share in the excitement of new content when it is released to public. Addressing speculation and rumors takes attention away from the crucial content, changes, and fixes that are prioritized to further improve the game."~NovusNova



Excalibur prime is the prime variation of Excalibur warframe, but its restricted specifically to founders, the founders program is no longer available and will not be returning due to exclusivity of the founders content.  

However the general public will be able to obtain Excalibur Umbra an available variation parallel to the prime on completion of the sacrifice quest.

What is Excalibur Umbra?

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Excalibur Umbra is an Excalibur variant based on "Shadow Sanctuary Sword Prime", otherwise known as Umbra Excalibur Prime, a founder's pack exclusive in Star Armor: WARFRAME, the Chinese version of Warframe. It is not a skin for Excalibur, but an entirely separate Warframe with its own stats and polarities, similar to how Prime variants have their own stats and polarities. the chinaframes founder system unlike globals is an ever open system available [examples below]



How do I obtain Excalibur Umbra?


You must complete all mainline quests prior to it, an example path is

natah->The second dream->the war within-> the chains of harrow->apostasy prologue-> the sacrifice



Will more Umbras come besides Excalibur umbra ?



the description of frames to follow Excalibur Umbra are called the Umbra Warframes

A darker side to the  Prime Warframes
 Lore connections : (Warped version of Warframes)
It was initially discussed that the umbra frames would be a limited series
it was stated Umbra warframes would be a limited series, some will get Umbra variants but not all , this ha not been reconfirmed however , so hopefully umbra will become a thing like primes
(every Frame will get a prime someday, but not all frames will get an umbra)

initially in dev stream 58 it was stated that UMBRAS ARE COMING TO GLOBAL, STARTING OFF WITH EXCALIBUR UMBRA

by sheldon , now in recent devstream 125 it was again confirmed more umbras would be in the works down the line

devstream 152 umbras are still to come, but shelved for other higher priority tasks/projects 



Didn't DE say that Excalibur Prime would never return?


Excalibur Prime is not returning.

Umbra Excalibur Prime has different stats from the global builds Excalibur Prime, and is limited to the Chinese version of Warframe which for all intents and purposes is an entirely different game.

Excalibur Umbra itself is going to be a direct upgrade to the standard Excalibur warframe that will be available to all tenno new and old 

excalibur umbra is not the same as its china counterpart as its free to all in the global build while excalibur umbra prime  is only available to founders of star armor 

the character models however are the same , and regardke

[Is Excalibur Umbra just a Reskin?]


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Excalibur Umbra is a SEPARATE frame and is not a RESKIN of Excalibur like prisma or proto , but he can wear all Excalibur related cosmetics 

Per [DE]Danielle:

Hey Tenno, 
Although we appreciate the intrigue we have shared all available plans for Excalibur Umbra at this time on the Forums and in Devstreams #58#61#64, and #65. Simply put, we do not want to release Umbra as a reskin. Instead, we are focused on giving it systemic depth and integrating it as a unique component to the game. 
We will continue to update you here on the Forums and in the devstreams as we work to develop Umbra's overall concept. 
Thank you ^.^
How Do We Obtain More Umbras?
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the Umbra system was initially discussed by DE on this topic

  • This is referring to the actual implementation of how we of the global will obtain umbra(s) in game, similar to how we acquire prime parts in the void and derelict (via relics) or possibly via a quest like inaros and titania. 
  • Currently how we obtain the other umbras is not known at this time
  • Excalibur umbra is acquired via The Sacrifice Quest

Regarding to The Scarf Cosmetic]


Umbra Pol[Log&Index]


The main post is Updated routinely and is peer-reviewed to make sure all content is current and valid

This Log describes whats been changed in the thread by mako 


statue/shirt updates

adding umbra forma stuff

Index: a listed context of info and locations(indev)

0: FAQ: basic questions and info repeatedly asked 


Umbra warframes 
2: Discussion 

Discussions so far
Theories (frequently brought up)
3: Misc 

thread art challenge
fan section
umbra helm/color alterations 
misc images

[ The purpose of this thread is to help those new to the umbras concept, or looking for more info to easily get involved and prevent more Umbra question post/threads from appearing, keeping all info in one easy to access location]

I personally hope the devs can pull from the discussion(s) for ideas and gain new concepts for the further development of Warframe

~ Best Regards


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Appreciation art [megathread milestones ]


Umbra Pol[News]Umbra Pol2/26/2021




Umbra News:

  • Echos of the Umbra has been shelved for now (possibly being implemented later in new way?) 
  • with the release of NIGHTWAVES players are able to obtain Umbra Forma from this system (only way currently)
  • with release of EMPYREAN railjack players can earn umbra forma blue prints from railjack missions
  • Devstream 125 confirmed more umbra warframes would be coming to warframe in the future, currently discussed is non lore deployment 
  • Devstream 152 umbras are shelved for now as other tasks/projects have a higher priority and none are in development, but they are still in the plans for the games future 

We have had internal discussions about creating new Umbra Warframes, but there are no plans yet! It isn’t likely that any new ones would be lore dependent like Excalibur Umbra.


Umbra Forma 

  • Spoiler





Changyou Post & Translated 

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On the international forums, there has been a discussion led by Rebecca with regards to the Chinese warframe. This discussion has lead to confusion over what the Umbra Excalibur, Nikana, etc etc. Therefore, we have had a discussion with DE in that effect.

As Rebecca has mentioned, we will be release a series of Umbra warframes (not skins), it is possible that there will be an umbra Excalibur as the first of the umbra series however the "Originator's" (which means founder) umbra Excalibur prime will not be commonly available. The Umbra Excalibur Prime is an exclusive warframe developed by DE for the Chinese version of warframe and is only available to "Originators". This warframe will not appear in game to purchase under the market nor will it drop in game. We (Changyou) and DE has finalized and agreed on this and will not be changing our position on this.

In other developments, the Prime (samurai blade or Nikana) and Prime (drill/screw Kunai) will not be on sale in the market and neither will it drop for China warframe players. These weapon are also exclusive to China warfame "Originators".On the international side however, these weapons will be released under an unknown format (might be event? market? Prime Access or anything that DE can think up of) after China warframe's Originator's pack sale have concluded




Umbra Pol[Umbra Warframes]


Umbra Pol[Umbra Warframes]-dark and twisted versions of the warframes we know

at this time dev 58 and 125 has confirmed that more umbras would come to warframe

Umbra Polarity

The umbra warframes have their own specific polarity ,  Umbra - U (Anti-Sentient Mods) 

these mods are equitable on other frames but it seems only umbra frames innately have this polarity  (to gain this polarity on normal frames & weapons  it requires an UMBRA FORMA)

How did umbras start?


"How was the "umbra" series designed in the first place? what was the inspiration?"

"With Excalibur Prime on Founders lockdown in the Global build, we were tasked to create a version of Excalibur Prime for the China PC build...but it had to be different. Our Prime Warframes varied in Light and Dark colour schemes, so Mynki thought a dark version of Excalibur Prime would be cool. At the time, we were also working on PBR and newer cloth physics, and Umbra was an early test of that with extra shiny trim and a flowing syandana. The result was Excalibur Umbra. However...the concept for Umbra's design is not nearly as intriguing as our plans for it in the future. - Dave, Producer!"

From: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/70c1b9/weare_warframe_developers_ama/dn21h86/


The Umbra warframes

the Sentient Slayer Strain , the darker side to the primes

  • at this time the Umbra frames have Innate UMBRA polarities 
  • the Excalibur variant has an AI specter feature when in operator mode (we dont know if this extends to other umbras yet) (echos of umbra was to give this to normal frames per item)
  • Umbra frames posses a Innate debuf to sentients it seems via a special alternative power in their power set (in Excalibur Umbras case it is radial howl)
  • the weapons of umbras also contain umbra polarities built in (as in skijati)


Umbra PolExcalibur Umbra[ released june 2018]

  •  revealed in stararmor as Excalibur umbra prime per their founders program, it made its way to the global build as "Excalibur Umbra" the 1st of the Umbra warframe line
  • Excalibur Umbra was originally a human, an Orokin Dax soldier who was punished by Ballas for attempting to interfere with his betrayal. The soldier was deliberately exposed to the Infestation to become an anti-Sentientweapon, a "miracle" that requires "sacrifice", then psychologically tortured into rote obedience by forcing him to kill his son, Isaah.
  • As a result of Umbra's torment, he retains most of his sentience and is capable of acting on his own without the Tenno's control, even initially rejecting the Operator's Transference and going rogue. Umbra also carries the memories of his final moments before transforming into a Warframe, which the Operator discovers to contain codes that unlock Ballas's Vitruvian recordings of the Sentient's betrayal, the creation of Warframes, and the Tenno.
  • After seeing all of Umbra's memories, the Operator reassures Umbra that they will fight Ballas together. Upon seeing this act of compassion, Umbra calms down and finally accepts the Operator's Transference.
  • comes pre -equipped with Umbral Intensify, Umbral Fiber, and Umbral Vitality 
  • unlike the other excaliburs with Radial Blind, Umbra has Radial Howl, which not only blinds enemies, but also removes any active damage resistances from Sentient units and Shadow Stalker within range. However, this comes at the cost of having a longer casting animation.
  • excalibur umbra also has a unique exalted sword model 



Featured on tenncon 2017, e3 2018 and pcgaming show 2018 

is featured in the quest "the Sacrifice" 




Umbra- ?




Umbra- (PH)




Umbra Pol [Discussions ]


Adacafa2 6a23 470e bcc2 1015eb5145d3

Please NOTE all concepts provided are conjecture and speculations which are theorized by participants of the thread, not solid info at this time, all info that has been provided by DE can be found in the [News] section & when its made available in FAQ 

Most topics here are a generalization of many repeated topics discussed in this threads incarnations. V1, V2 V3(current), there has been a LOT of topic so these generalized themese were merged

spoilers due to discussions 

Current Speculation(s)



to the current lore understanding umbras were a branch off from the primes, per the vitruvian many people were turned into warframes, those became the primes (orokin then used cheap resources and materials to make the vanilla frames) , this was stimulated from the "infected gardens" as well as test subjects (volunteer or not) 

the resultant warframes were created as an attempt to use these altered warriors in combat, but they all turned on the orokin and were put to lockdown and sealed away per rhino primes lore it was only a crazy scientist who realized that transference could be used to control the warframes an us as the pilots (while dreaming) our minds calmed and soothed them making  them usable 

  all frames are clones of some original person who was turned into one , the foundry is able to perfectly replicate frames and even those with memories (umbra)  so it should be thought that all frames are a clone (prime) and a altered clone (vanilla) weve seen orokin have clone tech via grineer  but unlike the grineer (built to be flawed) the bodies of frames or cloned flesh is perfectly replicated along with memories




rhino p 


Red lights flashing on stark, white walls. Davis is running ahead of me, dropping his notes. We're running for our lives. The fear gives me a strange perspective - I'm out of my body. I've forgotten how I got here. I don't recognize this place.
Davis and I slam pinned against a cell door and he shouts at me. I give him a dumb look. I can't hear him, the sirens, anything, only the muffled throb of terror in my head. I turn away from Davis down the hall and I see it. The hulking mass, flickering red, glinting like steel and fresh blood. Its skin changes, flowing like mercury when I'm blinded by the sudden muzzle-flashes. They do no good. The beast surges forward and the security men become crimson mist and gore.

I'm a statue, a cornered animal. A gate opens inside me and recognition floods in. I have seen this monster before. I have cut its shell and eviscerated its brothers. I have given it pain and measured its response. I have crafted then rejected countless like it. But I've never seen this beast so close, without the shield, without restraints. I have never seen it... free.

I know I will die so I just watch with curious acceptance. The beast squats down, shovelling a heap of gore into its mouth. It is watching me with vague eyes, a sense of recognition, ancestral memory. It knows who I am and what I've done. It rears up like a bear and roars, shattering the lights and casting us into darkness. I can hear it lumbering toward me, its metal fingers rending the walls, but I know I am dead. I close my eyes and stand ready to pay.

I feel the pull on my arm and realize Davis got the cell open. He tugs me into the cell beyond and I fall on my back. I see Davis standing at the open door, waiting, as the monster tears towards us.

Suddenly I could live through this I shout, "Davis, close the goddamn door!" - But he shakes his head eyes wide as moons. He shouts, "Watch!" over the roaring and rending of metal.

Then silence. Davis is panting, laughing? The beast fills the doorway, inches from him, dripping in blood, but still without violence. It stands there, looking at its hands. Davis whispers, "No one would have believed me."

I crawl up the wall to stand, opposite the door. I've never seen this cell, a cold place with an array of shelves. A morgue? "Where are we, Davis?"

"This is where they keep them. The ones from Zariman." I'm thrown, what was the Zariman? The ship that never returned? "Davis, what's going on?"

Davis turns to me, a smile forming - "What's going on is..." he turns back to the beast now silent and calm.

"...big, fat promotions."

it seems operators even unconscious could eliminate these frames madness or bad memories, as see in the rhino p lore and the sacrifice when awake operators can choose to keep or remove memories from frames to calm and subjugate them , this is probably what led to mass frame production once enough units were made passive 

Now the umbras themselves were it seems a side project that ballas was looking into, frames more specialized in sentient takedown, as we saw with Excalibur umbra the body developed a weapon and umbra mods unique to it so perhaps the growth of new mods was goal as well given we have prime mods ( perhaps this is how mods are made?)

the current Excalibur umbra was test subject 9 that we can see per his lore loadscreen  , and was fitted with a transference bolt so ballas could speak to him mind to mind. the creation of the memory so umbra retained his mind was Key to making it through the changes that are described later.

 lets call primes batch A, the virus that turns people into warframes

Now if you dont know a virus can inject and rewrite dna to say anothers, though usually the viruses dna/rna, but in this case its an altered specified dna , this is something modern science is trying to use) 

now Batch B is the umbras , weve taken the strain specifically from a Batch A unit and tweaked it to be more specialized for sentient combat , this modified batch B probably is lower on success then A, as it require compatibility with the A warframes genetics, injecting failed at least 8 times before current Excalibur umbra candidates possibly and then succeeded due to the memory and possibly a kinship to the original excalibur prime , as his dna accepted the changes but retained his mind, meaning his dna was close enough to the changed dna it accepted the dna edits naturally as its similar  

 so then Excalibur Umbra was created by altering an Excalibur primes genetic code to be geared to fight sentients more effectively , subject 9 retaining his sense of self and not being consumed by this foreign DNA restructure , merged with his own dna and created what we call the Batch B warframes aka the Umbras (sentient slayer specificc frames) given this methodology it matches umbras were in production to make more derived batch B genetics, but then we will have to find them , by which either a full umbra or someone who can become one by injecting with a syrium of batch B altered virus that are a close enough of a match to the original human turned into the prime variant or vanilla 



 as seen in the sacrifice a medical apparatus is used to pump the umbra strain of the infected virus into the dax and as it empties he becomes a warframe 


another thought is the vitruvian we obtained in The Sacrifice will be used to unlock more info about the other umbra strains and their possible location and obtainment 


-man in the wall changes ,



on completion of chains of harrow they appear as a separate entity that vansh when looked away, most notably though the eyes are more intense and they appear randomly about the liset doing various actions 


during chimera prologue the twin has the lotus helm so we cannot see its eyes but emits dark energy effects and spawns shadows of the lotus similar to rells shadows in chains of harrow03a81913 0f2a 48c3 b319 cd1bb1c92102

Old Speculations


Theories: frequently brought up ideas

There has been ample theories posted and discussed , these are condensed variations of the more frequently proposed theories 

Lost Warframes

This Concept came to light as a result of the second war within trailer 

in the trailer we see a lone operator climbing the steps of a old stone/snow covered temple (similar to inaraos in some ways) 

in this theory the Umbra series are frames that were sealed away due to their unstable powers, and due to the war within we possibly require their power to aide us in the coming battle

thus we strike out to find them , maybe loosing our current frame in the process making it more a necessity to locate  the umbra frame(s) so that we may survive the coming battle 

some ideas of this is that the umbras frames are

  • power suits operator wears
  • autonomous (like a specter)
  •  (based on rhino primes lore) is savage and requires taming 

Black ops Theory 

This theory revolves around the idea that the umbras are infact black ops type frames developed by the orokin for doing missions that were to be covert 

Suggested concept is that the Umbra Warframes would be the "new" Frames discovered by quest and do not have an Immortal skin such as Mirage, Limbo, Chroma, etc. They had jobs that took them out from the war glory that Mag, Volt, and the rest did. They were not immortalized but live in the shadows until we the tenno rediscover them. as the umbra line is limited it would be a squadron dedicated to carry out these tasks  

Possibly this would allow for a new series of trials of becoming Umbra

.Metamorphosis Theory 

there has been a few variations on this concept, discussed early on and recently ,  the common premise is that a warframe (vanilla) changes to the umbra variation 

permanent change is the premises , but a temporary variation was also discussed , some variations include

  1. a story line quest that triggers the metamorphosis (specific to equip the vanilla variant) 
  2. a series of trials (in stages) that must be completed in order to acts as a catalyst to morph the standard to the umbra variant  (discussion of equipping an umbra catalyst "item" like inaros urn in trials)
  3. in mission trigger (enemy, boss) that causes the change via cinematic change and battle 
  4. a sequence of events that lead to a rebirth 
  5. utilizing sentient Tech or combining it with orokin tech to create umbras
  6. reverse engineered prime orokin technology 
  • with this concept in mind, instead of grinding for parts of umbra variants , it allows for player an engaging trial to achieve the umbra variant.
  • which may make it more fun/worthwhile while also removing the need to delete vanilla variations many currently poses, and use them to gain the umbra variation.
  • thus limiting them to gain one per the standard variation used in the trial/mission/quest. thus further allowing for expansion of umbra warframe pool to be brought on as trials are discovered, revealed 

Transference Theory

there have been many speculations revolving around the link between operator and warframe

some have theorized that the umbras are an autonomous warframe variations like the stalker , others have thought the frame is wild , or that they could be something new all together

either way the concepts relies on the basics of the transference theory

per emptydevil 

Transference and  link system: 

So what would happen to the operators "consciousness" if their own body was lost while in link to a warframe

 as we understand it  the standard transference works as such

Standard Transference

operator body <neural interface> Surrogate body

this system is best displayed in the movie "avatar"  featuring similar surrogate body manipulation

 with this we can still access the original body and even control the warframe while awake (second dream operator is awake/aware and controls frame from orbiter) 

now let us reflect on a subject of the how an autonomous warframe would be possible

Full Transference( Forced full integration of operator consciousness into surrogate body) 

operator body <neural interface> Surrogate body

U19 Silver Grove info

The very first tests of Transference probably resulted in some Tenno/people having their minds permanently stuck into the surrogate body. Which prompts Margulis to make something to keep the remnants from affecting the future users of the tech:

"This will stop the voices from taking hold. You will have to dream, my angel..."

Another interesting bit, is the presence she felt when she transferred her mind into Titania:

"These past weeks, I've been secretly testing Transference on myself. I can only survive short bursts - linking to Titania the way only Tenno can stand. I've never felt anything like it. A tortured presence, like an evil ink, staining my mind. But... it worked. I'm going to use this wrong to make right."

 It is likely that Stalker's Operator is trapped in it's Warframe body with the original body being lost. The Stalker may have been one of the original test subjects for Transference as per the silver grove info

this may partially answer the stalker and hunhow discussion in the second dream

"All your dread-long life, you've waited for this moment. But you're asking yourself, 'Was I one of these wretched things?' You know the answer. You still hate them. You still hate yourself."http://i.imgur.com/y02qlAz.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/mkjeBQX.jpg




Umbra Pol[The Vault]


This is a storage vault for images/video/ect reference for participants of the thread and others to use

The Sacrifice 






[Stalker And Umbra ]



Due to many Discussion this has images and reference sources 

One of the biggest topics discussed in the thread is the Stalker in relation (directly or indirectly) to Excalibur Umbra

 U18 info

Exaclibur Umbra prime and Shadow Stalker design similarity

 has been noticed by many Tenno, with slight changes in the ornamental parts 

some discussion on the stalker being an umbra base, prototype, or that the "Umbra Excalibur" might very well be a playable stalker warframe were discussed

possibly redemption or salvation of the stalker was also discussedhttp://i.imgur.com/zAYEexc.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/IMEvU6T.jpg







Umbra Pol [Misc ]



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Hello All!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for a moderating/server mix-up that occurred earlier this morning. During a routine merge, a server hiccup interupted the process and ownership of the original Umbra Megathread was changed to @Dark5eiD, whose thread I was attempting to merge. Mistakes were made and I am grateful that this thread's OP was so understanding. 

Needless to say, sometimes a refresh is needed and although it was never intended to serve as such, I hope that this thread will be used just as well as its predecessor. Please join me in congratulating EternalDrkMako on his continued dedication to Warframe, its community, and for making this remarkable thread.

Thanks and apologies once more,



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1 hour ago, (Xbox One)EternalDrk Mako said:

well we were at 100 ... so technically 300 pages ...so 350

aka 50 pages xD

Your dedication is, if nothing else, admirable.

Here's hoping it'll come through for you in due time.

Good luck with the reboot.

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So we all know we got that dope teaser at the end of the last devstream and that got me thinking how this could be applied to Umbra with a sacrifice. 

So what is an Umbra? we know it will be a new frame variant so what about its history? Im thinking that UmbraFrames are completely new unlike PrimeFrames. These would be the newest model created by some powerful force such as a Sentient or another living Orokin.

And now how does this fit with the concept of a sacrifice? I personally think that Helminth and that part in the back of his room will the sacrifice. I think that the UmbraFrames will be so different that the Tenno can not actually use one and through some conflict requiring the control of one the Tenno has to turn to Helminth to reprogram Him/Her/It biologically to be compatible with the UmbraFrames causing an alter in our mental state, physical state, or both.

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10 minutes ago, KubrowTamer said:

So we all know we got that dope teaser at the end of the last devstream and that got me thinking how this could be applied to Umbra with a sacrifice. 

So what is an Umbra? we know it will be a new frame variant so what about its history? Im thinking that UmbraFrames are completely new unlike PrimeFrames. These would be the newest model created by some powerful force such as a Sentient or another living Orokin.

And now how does this fit with the concept of a sacrifice? I personally think that Helminth and that part in the back of his room will the sacrifice. I think that the UmbraFrames will be so different that the Tenno can not actually use one and through some conflict requiring the control of one the Tenno has to turn to Helminth to reprogram Him/Her/It biologically to be compatible with the UmbraFrames causing an alter in our mental state, physical state, or both.

this sounds like a lot more plausible umbra theory than another thread i was just in. I feel Helminth will have a big role. And it could very well be a role in umbra content. it may not be in the manner stated above, but its a good guess.

i'm still unsure of whether or not umbra will be shown at tennocon.

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8 minutes ago, lukinu_u said:

Also consider that this teaser may not be related to Umbras.

Its just a loose theory on how the trailer could be applied to Umbra

In all honesty my first thought is that it could be a teaser for day night cycles and dynamic lighting / weather changes. Idk why but that is what i thought at first. In all honesty it could be anything but considering people think its umbra and there is some evidence to support that a theory or two is not harming anyone.

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I heard that Void Glitch's account got nuked, if that's a sign for anything. It means that the SPOILER must already be in the global build, and DE doesn't want Void to find out, datamine it, and then release to the public. 


That's why I changed my username recently. 

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16 minutes ago, Umbrapocalypse said:

I heard that Void Glitch's account got nuked, if that's a sign for anything. It means that the SPOILER must already be in the global build, and DE doesn't want Void to find out, datamine it, and then release to the public. 


That's why I changed my username recently. 

Hehe, it is inevitable :3

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